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    Happy New Year and Welcome to 2014

    Happy New Year, Crickhollow!

    As a gift to the server, I'm opening up my housing chest to the server for about two weeks.

    The address:

    4 Long Street, Goodstoke, Breeland homesteads. Look for a house with a trained cave claw and a glowing red rock. It's across from the Winds of War Kinhouse, with OD Housing Trophy (the pile of rocks).

    In the housing chests, you will find all 11 maps of Moria for your Moria deed (worth 10 turbine points), and all 23 maps of Eriador (worth 10 points). I also left some flowers, fireworks, random items, and pipeweed.

    Moria maps can be found in the chest, labeled 11 maps of Moria.
    Eriador maps - labeled 23 maps of Eriador
    Gifts for visitors- obviously labeled for Visitors.

    In a few days, I will be removing the maps and replacing with the fortunes (from the Spring Festival) so you can finish off your fortune deeds.

    Happy New Year!

    Kisses and love,

    - Ve

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    Hi again,

    The housing chest will be temporarily closed while I replace the maps with fortunes from Spring Festival. Once the housing chest is open, I will post a note.

    kisses and hugs

    - ve

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    The Housing chest is open again to the server with collection of fortunes from the Spring Festivals. While there are no turbine points tied with the fortune deeds, you can get some titles from completing the deeds.

    The fortunes are organized in tens, Fortune 1-10 in first chest, Fortune 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, and 41-50. I also left gifts in the chest labeled, gifts for visitors. Please feel free to stop by to complete your deeds.

    The housing chest will remain open until the Winter Festival ends (January 14th).

    Kisses and love,

    - Ve
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    Thanks Ve!

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    Greetings everyone,

    The housing chest is now closed to the server. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your titles!

    kisses and love,

    - Ve

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    Thanks Ve - got some of those pesky map quests complete because of you and hope everyone enjoyed the spirit in which the open access was given.

    I'm a scholar so you get a free stack of scrolls when you want it!



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