Hi guys,

I started playing LOTRO during Shadows of Angmar.

I hadn't played since then, but today I decided to get back into the game. I purchased the 'Expansion Quadpack' on the store for $39.99 AUD - no worries.
I also purchased 60 days of game time via the store, for $29.99 AUD.

The $39.99 AUD & $29.99 AUD is exactly what I was charged via PayPal.

When I go to purchase the Helm's Deep Premium Edition expansion via the store, it tells me the price is $29.99 AUD, but when I actually click on 'buy now' and enter my account details, then click on the PayPal payment option, it tells me the game is $59.99 AUD. Why the extra $20 once I actually click on 'buy now?'

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.