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well... its quite different in my case.
im tanking far better than captains since they can only tank 1 target.
You've been playing with fail Captains then. They have a trait for a 6(?) target force taunt among their other AoE's and the 3x threat multiplier in yellow, or the "godmode" tree.

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i am currently tanking with agi gear and around 21k raw morale (around 25 with buffs i think) and i am doing good. i dont die i hold agro and i do #### ton of dps.
in my opinion the key is keeping NS always up and using DC as much as possible. if not, its a med armour class you dont have lotsa options there.
Go into BG and try tanking Durchest in that gear, or any other main scaled t2 raid boss. 3-6 mans don't really count, because you don't even need tanks for the majority of those. You didn't say what instances so I am just assuming that you are talking about 3-6 mans / skraids because anything else t2c is unrealistic, with what you said.