hey, today im gonna speak about the 1v1 that took place in gta .
while doing 1v1 for like 2-3 mins , a boxing hunter escorted by a mini and a burg had joined the 1v1 . so the rule here is, from what i`ve seen and know, if u gang someone (as a creep for ex) all freep from gta will attack the ones that are ganging.So the boxing hunter attacked all creeps that had low hp from the 1v1, or the ones that were coming from lugz rez. So, the creeps at gta attacked the boxing hunter that was ganging everyone(only the boxing hunters). Every freep that was at gta , saw what happened, (even when the boxing hunter attacked and killed every low-hp creep) but they didnt care(because prb they were receiving renow aswell) so they started killing the creeps one by one.
Fine, mors is a open pvp area, but dont enter with your creep and say in ooc, stuff like 1v1 gonna start soon , and after like a couple a mins u start ganging and killing every creep there.
I`ve posted today because this isn`t the first time happening and i`m tired of this s**t
Please, if u need renow that much just do the daily, kill creeps normally, but dont ask for 1v1 and then gang everyone.