I recently posted about joining an elf RP kin, but I had no luck, so I thought I would make my own and create a forum post, for all to see...

Recruit post:

'I' Hosse, or The Army, in Sindarin, is a brand new, medium-heavy elven RP guild. This army is led by Aegardhros, a man who wishes to enlighten elves in the minds of Men by assisting in war. Message me for invite, or if you have any questions. Elves and, rarely, Elf-Friends, only.'

Guild Backstory:

Aegardhros Arodhel travelled to Rivendell, straight after the end of the War of the Last Alliance. He soon became Defender of Rivendell, and for a few thousand years, he was. A few years after gaining this title, a blade was forged for him in Lindon, after a request had been sent. Maeduin, Sharp Water, was forged for he who defended the Bruinen. Some say the colour would go 'as blue as the water that flows through the Ford when orcs are about', indicating that it is made of mithril. Aegardhros' life soon became 'dull' in the eyes of some. Waking up early, travelling to the Ford by horse, waiting til late, and returning to sleep and to then start again the next day. In recent months, Aegardhros asked for one hundred years off of his service, which was approved, and so he went on to mustering an army of Elves and Elf-Friends to enlighten the eyes of the naive. Aegardhros planned for the acts of this army to always be morally good, should that be slaying orcs, or assisting in war. However, only time will tell if the army has it's uses, or if it is even raised.

Guild Purposes:

To change opinions of elves IC,
For some fun RP,
To create a guild where there are many potential outcomes,

Anyway, this is all I can think of, for now. If you have any questions, leave a reply to this post, message me on here, or mail me some IC ((Or OOC)) mail.