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    2.5.5 Defence of 21st Hall Final Boss

    I have a 65 burglar with a warrior soldier (rank 21, skills at 18 and training at 20). The burglar is (I feel) reasonably equipped. The burglar has morale of about 4,400.

    I have just failed the final battle in the Chamber of Marzabul (solo) when Motsham (whatever it's name is) and then, of course, Wili died so fail. This was my first time in the skirmish form of 2.5.5. I didn't put down any banners prior to the fight though I had an assortment of whatever had been available. I wasn't quite sure of the sequencing of these last events and then there was no time to do it. The boss came in, the fight started, I saw its minions come in, then as I was trying to fight, I was gone.

    Obviously, I didn't do things, even things I might otherwise do in normal play. When things get hectic, I tend to forget or get pre-occupied.

    The prior fights in the skirmish were not a big problem. I had a couple encounters that I did though one was one I had thought I'd avoid if at all possible. It was this last mainline fight that got me and I was kind of expecting trouble -- a friend tried it solo and got to the same point then was defeated and failed, he had a LM. fyi, He had set the skirmish 2 levels lower and I had set it 3 or 4 levels lower because of his experience.

    I would appreciate if players who took a solo burglar through the skirmish could make some hints and suggestions about what I should have done or could try (everyone's playstyle may not compatible). Even some hints and tips about how to survive in the presence of or to deal with such a mob would help since that would help me know what to look for in my burglar.


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    Re: 2.5.5 Defence of 21st Hall Final Boss

    The banners make a big difference, I don't have a high level burg but you can stack multiple banners in the final room, before the last fight. One of the banners regen %5 health per tick and you can have a couple at the same time. The last boss is strange he managed to kill my rk in a few seconds, my other characters rolled him effortlessly.

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    Re: 2.5.5 Defence of 21st Hall Final Boss

    I've done this on many toons, I just DPS the main boss and don't worry about the adds. Make sure you're not trying to fight him in the doorway. Take him back to the other NPC's (dwarves with bows in back) and he falls pretty quick. Once he dies, you win.
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    Re: 2.5.5 Defence of 21st Hall Final Boss

    In all 3 of the 2.5.5 skirmishes, you are activating hard mode if you refuse to use at least one banner. Or use a banner and do not keep the boss with in the hot spot - area where the banner is working.

    My recommendation is to save one of each color banner. Put em all down. The trolls are Moria trolls. They wind up with a buff called Momentum. You got to reset that buff via a stun or a mez. You let them both wind all the way up to five Momentum. You are going to see Wili die in a one combined hit from the two trolls. Remember the Trolls have AOEs.
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    Re: 2.5.5 Defence of 21st Hall Final Boss

    Thanks for the advice. I haven't tried it again, yet, just got home from work.

    I watched a couple of videos of the Defense of 21st Hall and I can see that being in the doorway was illadvised to be sure. I'll be sure to stand back. I was unsure of exactly what was happening though I knew the boss troll would be there with adds following up shortly thereafter.

    I'll definitely put down banners. I understood that I can carry one of each type and actually had five I could put down including one each for morale and power HOTs.

    I'll also stand back. I am concerned that Motsham has Mortal Wound and I know that I had it on me when I was defeated. For some reason, probably because the color seemed ambiguous and usually I was thinking "fear" I hit a fear pot so they were all on cooldown when I went down. I'll be more careful about that.

    Is Mortal Wound an AOE? In one of the videos I watched it looked like it was. The maker was an LM so could clear wounds in an area by herself. I know I can save myself with a pot but have no way to clear it off other npcs and my soldier. I assume it is not an induction skill but one can hope... yes? yes? sigh.

    I encountered Momentum back in Way of Smiths. I had that troll encounter in the entrance hall. I know about the spores but completely forgot about momentum so I got popped real bad. Too bad the final fight in the WoS was in the entrance hall. I completed it then the encounter troll got me. Yes, I am not too good with these kinds of trolls.

    Still, thanks for the posting. I'll get past this one way or another.

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    Re: 2.5.5 Defence of 21st Hall Final Boss

    Yes Mortal Wound is aoe, a nasty bleed you don't want Wili having on himself. I believe it is the only induction attack on Motsham so it should be easy to interrupt when he attempts it. When the adds come in hope that Wili decides to engage one of them instead, then pull the troll a little ways apart; I'm not sure if he has any 360 degree attacks but better be safe than sorry. Remember that he has no CC immunity so if you need a breather you can put him on hold while you do your stuff.

    And if you're a hunter (or RK I reckon) you can always make sport of trying to kill Motsham before he reaches you. With six banners thrown down and a trap, very doable if you get some lucky crits in.

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    Re: 2.5.5 Defence of 21st Hall Final Boss

    try to pop touch and go and kill it asap and if it takes more than 30 sec, reset the timer on T&G and try again

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    Re: 2.5.5 Defence of 21st Hall Final Boss

    took me 3 tries to get it myself. I finally realized there just wasnt a way without using every banner available. I put them all in the center of the room and stood by them. Then as soon as I could I burned the boss with everything I had and he died like a punk. The flags make it easy otherwise it is too hard.
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    Re: 2.5.5 Defence of 21st Hall Final Boss

    Quote Originally Posted by Vhael View Post
    I've done this on many toons, I just DPS the main boss and don't worry about the adds. Make sure you're not trying to fight him in the doorway. Take him back to the other NPC's (dwarves with bows in back) and he falls pretty quick. Once he dies, you win.
    To go with this... make sure to remove the troll's corruption. And make sure you turn him so the friendly npcs are on his backside.

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    I tried to solo this skraid (soloing T1-T3 skraids being the only challenge actually ), but I failed at boss : Failure - Battle Of The 21st Hall
    So, if other players wanted to solo it, it doesn't seem possible (because of Fear)...
    (btw, I don't understand the meaning of "Cone Fear" in combat log (I just understand Fear of course but Google Translate (into french) doesn't translate "Cone"...))
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