Is there some trick that I need to be doing? My duo partner have tried this fight again and again and can only seem to get
gold in this fight. Has anyone got platinum in this side quest since 12.1 came out?

We start our setup with putting down barricades and double ballista at the hole in the wall. My partner mans the ballista
and I position myself in the center of all the debris clusters in preparation to move to whichever one pops first. I am
traited for quick trap removal and heal order cooldown and always target the debris pile with the NPC to heal first.
I am usually done with all four groups of three debris before the timer, but not all of the soldiers that were healed have time
to get to the Hornburg for an additional bonus before the 9 waves of adds are killed. What are we doing wrong or is
this like the overall Hornburg/Spders metals coming up gold instead of platinum when everything otherwise is done perfectly?