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Thread: The Hornburg

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    The Hornburg

    Ok, Me and a kinny have been working on the hornburg awhile now, and ever since the fix that makes it possible plat plat the hornburg, we cant finish the second quest before the instance ends....
    Just now it ended exactly 1m and 7s after the bestowal.

    [03/23 09:54:17 PM] New Quest: The Final Blockade
    [03/23 09:55:24 PM] Awarding Medal Reward Points for completing The Hornburg with a Gold Medal:

    So I was wondering, how to prevent this?
    Sabian- Hunter85
    All warfare is based on deception

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    It could be that you're taking too long finishing the BB and it shuts down due to reaching time limit. Are there still enemy squads on ground shortly before it ends? They'll do this march forwards to the wall and pop out of existence thing one after the other when server decides to shut the BB down. Normally, a sidequest pops up when first two squads of a wave have been completely killed, so in theory you should have more than enough time to finish the sidequest if you're not running against the hard time limit.

    Since you are duoing, both of you should man the catapult at the beginning of both waves and bomb them. Upgrade both speed and damage right at the start. First deal with the catapult(s) and then use the wide triple shot to hit both columns at once. Use the powder which damages the mobs "while they march" as it will kill a bunch of them before they can even reach the wall. Spread out your shots backwards and forwards along the columns so that every squad gets a taste of the powder. If you just maul the front rows, a sidequest fires as soon as two are toast and you have to abandon firing the catapult for it. If you're both rank 6 engineers, a good spread decimates them before the wall assault, and by the time you are done with a sidequest there's just a piddly amount of mobs left to clean off.

    In total it should take bit over 10 minutes to be done with Hornburg with maxed engineers. (Edit - that's assuming you have DPS to blaze through the sidequests quickly. For example a tank duo probably won't be that quick.)
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    Might be the opposite, maybe you kill too many mobs with catapults.

    Clear the two first packs of each wave with the catapult, it will make the quest pop up.

    You should have more than enough time to complete both quests.

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    THis is the hornburg, not deepening wall, No enemy cats.
    And we arents using the catapult at all, just keeping the wall clear of ladders and hook, AI set 2H with Sapper Prio. Have tried them 1H but no difference really

    As for the end, the wave is defeated, thats why it ends, its like the wave is attacking to quickly
    Sabian- Hunter85
    All warfare is based on deception

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabian49 View Post
    And we arents using the catapult at all
    As mentioned in other places, the catapult is where you can make an easy change to workaround the timing issue.

    • When every new wave begins, use the catapults to quickly kill the formations of NPCs that are marching toward you until the side quest begins, then do your quest.
    • As long as you use the catapult to expedite the arrival of your side quests, you should have plenty of time to do them before the main quest timer runs out.

    It's not great design in my opinion, but not using the catapult at all is what is slowing down the appearance of your side quests. This same problem can occur in Deeping Wall, and the same workaround works for both instances.



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