One or more net twits has been spamming LOTRO forums with links to streaming video for sports events. Some of these posts use a tool to generate English-like language to disguise the content of the posts in order to avoid detection by any automatic spam detection filter. These spam posts almost always contain amusing text. Since the thread gets deleted, the good stuff is lost. If you'd like, you can preserve them here.

From Jan 2 General Discussion at 7:23 I gleaned:

-- ... you are housebound in a tranquil advertisement on the divan.

This sounds quite pleasant, especially as I am being socked in by a blizzard at the moment. After lunch tomorrow I'll be housebound with a tasty mocha java watching DVDs. After dinner, it will be a coffee and a shot of Drambuie.

-- ... if you are a hophead of apostolic M, ...

I think "Hophead of Apostolic M" is a great band name. Hmmmm. My first thought was techno, but on second thought, more likely jazz.