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    grats Inquisidor on rank 15!!

    grats to my good friend Inquisidor on hitting rank 15! =)

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    grats man!!!
    Wiltoms (Lm 95 R11),Sickwoody (Hunter 95),Ninedhell (RK 95)
    L'alliance Des Survivants

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    Thumbs up

    Grats!!!! Good job! !!!

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    Congrats Inquisidor on rank 15!! Such a huge accomplishment.. Now you can go enjoy life and stop playing a game. kthxbai

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    Congrats my friend!

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    Gratz again Inquis!!!!


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    Wow! Nice! I'm happy for you!

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    Congratulations Inquis!!!

    You are a force of nature.

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    Gratulujeme k prvnímu Rank 1-15 Creep na Landroval.
    Byl jsi úžasný kmen kolega a p?ítel, protože jste se p?ihlásili na Landroval.
    Ignorovat všechny haters tam p?ipít se všemi svými slzami.
    Vzpomínám si m?l EPIC Rank 13 závit napln?ný nenávistí. Up?ímn? doufám, že to jednou nedopadne jako, že i
    když jsem si užil drama.
    Dal jsem to v ?eštin? protože vím, že je to váš rodný jazyk, a budete vždy muset smí?it s naším již hrozné angli?tina.
    Op?t grats Bro jeho byla úžasná cesta s vámi doufám, že tu z?staneš a za?adit jiný s námi.

    This is Czech if anyone needs to translate.

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    Congrats my friend enjoy Tyrant status you've earned it!!!

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    Congrats Inquisidor

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    Congrats, Inquisidor!

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    'grats!!!!! You were very gracious when I was a wet behind the ears warg-pup and hadn't a clue how to play.
    [COLOR=#800000]Various Hobbits, Thwilda the dwarf lass, and Gnersk, Stalker[/COLOR]

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    Thank you all so much.
    I just want to say that this game kept me up until now virtual friendship.
    Despite the language barrier.
    When I had left old tribe the Dark Blades nor I never thought that I would play this game lasted a long time.
    It has been a great and pleasant surprise to me when Necksnappers invited to the Black Death.
    He made the first step that gave me direction.
    Neck gave me very helpful advice.
    For this he deserves my sincere thanks and I'm sorry that he reached rank 15 front of me.
    He deserve it!
    Neck meant that I could play with such amazing teammates.
    I lived through the Black Death in a lot of entertaining moments and met other great players.
    Whether you play for any side and not to play with hatred.
    A little emotion is fine. :-)
    It's still just a game.
    Deep respect and admiration I have for our leaders.
    I remember my first fight with a group Maggotsew .. it's been so long and I was amazed by all this greens ranks.
    I played even if only for reaver and was the seventh rank
    Of course I will still go on and play for both Ba and my alts.
    I wish you all much success and happiness in personal life and a lot of fun in the Ettenmoors.
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    Congrats Konfi!!! What a huge accomplishment.

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    Congrats on a great achievment!

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    Nice, grats on that Gigantor rank

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    Gratz as well from the mini that gave you the last 19 infamy!!

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    Thumbs up

    Gratz Inquisidor for your rank 15 see ya in the moors

    Bouddharan / Tibouroune /Minibout / Yetabout

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    Grats Quis



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