Recently I made some purchases from LOTRO in-game store. THIS IS NOT A CRITICISM!!!

I made a foolish mistake, detailed below, but received kind assistance, which proved to me that LOTRO and Turbine are committed to quality customer service. But I was told that the important thing to do was carefully look over what I planned to purchase before buying something. Now, that might seem quite obvious, but I know that sometimes I get into "hitting buttons" too soon.

So, just passing this on to you, as a helpful message.

What did I do?

* Remember the three pages of TRAITs? One is for "Virtue" Traits, one is for "Class" Traits, and one is for "Race" Traits. These are not interchangable. When you're new, it takes a while to acquire a Race Trait. I play as a Man, and didn't open one until about Level 27.
The Virtue Traits unlocked sooner for me, so I went into LOTRO on-line store to purchase those slots so they'd all be open. There are five, known as "Trait Slot: Virtue/Corruption". There are five Virtue slots (as far as I know at Level 27). I don't plan to play as whatever a Corruption Trait slot would be needed for (a monster?) so I accidentally bought "too many" Trait Slot: Virtue/Corruption. And I was really sad and felt sorry for myself because it seemed like money down the drain. (As of this writing, Trait Slot: Virtue/Corruption is TP (Turbine Point) 95.)
What I had intended to purchase instead was "Class Trait Unlock". Even though I am Level 27, I have only really unlocked perhaps one or two of the Class Trait Slots. But I felt I could go ahead and buy the rest of the "unlocks" as I'd always use them down the road. (Class Trait Set Unlocks, as of this writing, are also TP95.)

* I am telling you this so you "look before you leap", making sure you are buying something useful and what suits your playstyle.

Happy gaming!

Calimendil Calastir