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    Warden moors build. Creeps, take note.

    How to make everyone believe you are a shield warden...

    Lets start with left hand corner. As you can see I am full red with all 7 Red icons on the left side of your traits window are lit up. I would go into detail about what I am actually traiting in red but if you are warden you can work it out and if you aren't it doesn't really matter.

    Blue line sub-traits, I will go through these specifically so that creeps don't start getting all confused.
    Starting from the top:
    - Persevere - +15% Persevere gambit line healing, +10 persevere gambit line damage.
    - Careful Shield-work - +384 Persevere block rating, +576 Safeguard block rating.
    - Bane of Shadow - +20% Light-type damage.
    - Unassailable - +2% to Desolation miss chance, +10% to Surety of Death rating.
    - Counter-Attack - On an Evade or Partial Evade, your Gambit Masteries' cooldown will be reset. You cannot gain this effect more than once every 15s.
    - Indefatigable - +10% Restoration base heal, +10% Celebration of skill block rating.

    The most important thing in the moors today is Critical Rating and B/P/E. After that if Finesse, Resistance and Critical Defence. And after that is Incoming healing and morale. Mastery of any kind is a waste of time and so are Mitigation's (Seeing as the new gear buffs us up so much I cap without any effort really).

    My stats:-
    Critical rating - 21.4%
    Finesse - 18.4%
    Resistance - 30.1%
    Critical Defence - 65.7%
    Incoming Healing - 19%
    Block - 22.3%
    Parry - 25.4%
    Evade - 23.5%

    Might jewellery is not a bad thing for wardens.

    Moors Armour:-
    Obviously vary situational.
    Though, my usual build-

    Spear Helm
    Spear Shoulders
    Vigi Chest
    Gloves of Sol
    Vigi Leggings
    Boots of Sol

    As you can see - Stacking that 3,540 Crit D.

    I am not going to into Legacies and Relics because they are right there in front of you. But as you can see Heavily weighted towards B/P/E and Critical rating. Mainly block because it is a pain.

    For Educating Purposes:

    Now, I am rather tired of the same old 'shield warden' label. So listen close to the buffs to look for when you are up against a shield warden.
    - 15 Second Heal pulses.
    - 16 Second DoT Pulses, namely - Surety of death, Brink of victory, Desolation
    - 16 Second Bleeds, namely - Low bleed, Medium bleed, Big bleed.
    - 24 Second Morale taps...

    Dont lose me guys...

    - Defiant Challenge - A stacking mitigation buff that lasts for 12 seconds and has a reflect. Can stack 6 times.
    - Desolation - 25% chance to fear the target for 2 seconds.
    - Shield Mastery - Changes with your legacies, base stats are +1919 Block, +1919 Evade, + 1919 Ranged Block Rating. Lasts 1 minute.
    - Shield Tactics - 10 Second stun immune, +1582 Tactical Mitigations.

    In conclusion, I would like to thank the creep community for inspiring me to make such a post and hope there will be more wardens out there capable of dealing crazy dps whilst remaining almost untouchable. And of course, this is my build there may be better ones with different sets of gear, but this is just my attempt at being a warden in my opinion the best way. I have probably forgotten things and miss-spelled things but who really cares :P If you have any questions or have found something that works for you it would be awesome to see it posted here.

    Thank you!
    Botek - Warden - Arkenstone
    Kickkback - BA - Arkenstone

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    Quote Originally Posted by hahawhat View Post
    Really long post that glosses over the fact that any meagerly competent "spear" warden (or Assailment) can still outheal many creep duos
    Botek confirmed rename of Haliburton, conrfirmed rank farmer and known shield warden.
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    Haliburton, confirmed as Hanzell, known macro-exploiting warg in addition to rank farmer. Confirmed transferring to BW after failing on E.
    Those who can exploit and get away with it, do. Those who can't, are in ANV

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