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    Jun 2011

    connection failed , server full

    Does anyone else have this problem?

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    Nov 2013
    yep, about 30 minutes now

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    Jun 2011
    I'm in now, keep trying?

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    Confirmed. Issue continues.


    Login needs reboot.

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    still not letting me in.

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    Angry Error Still persisting

    22:05 South African time - and I can't get in..... This is getting to regular if you ask me......

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    Oct 2013

    Back in !!! :)

    Seems to be up again!

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    Not a good way to start 2014.... Still bombing out looking for a Logon server. If it does work for some people then Maybe someone has a capacity issue on their servers.....

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    Yup, same problem for me too. Connection failed, server is full. :-( Come on, folks -- it's a holiday! Want to relax and play some LOTRO :-P

    EDIT Also, happy 2014 everyone!

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    Jan 2014

    server full?

    I was playing when i all of a sudden got disconnected from the server and now i can't log in again:-( are they doing anything about it? would be nice to log on again and play:-) i've been unable to connect for about 45 min now! happy new one!

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    Red face Seems to be back up

    Ok - Just managed to log in again..... Lets see how long this lasts for.....

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    i cant get in right now, same error, 22:42 gmt

    May the light of the star of Earendil be with you.

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    Jun 2011
    This is the third time this has happened to me (each time I've been eventually able to login after about 5 attempts) - I hope that this sort of thing is covered by the year of fixes that 2014 is purported to be.
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    Now its 3 hours I cant get into server since first atempt.
    Is it happy new year wellcome from Turbine And WB?

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    I just got in after about seven attempts. I'm guessing it's exactly what it says it is: the server is at capacity. I was on earlier today and went to the crafting hall in bree. I could hardly click the NPCs because there were so many people. And of course, New Year's is maybe the only day that everyone in the computerized world has the day off and sits around doing nothing and playing video games.

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    Jun 2011


    Same problem here.

    lotro´s death ?

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    It is not possible to connect

    It is not possible to connect and when it connects several times are disconnected during the day from yesterday

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    This is BS - a lifetime VIP membership and I cant play cause of the freebie for public? Isn't there supposed to be like a reserved slots for VIP logins?

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    Jun 2011
    Same issue right now. I thought a lot of people left the Evernight server. How can it be full?
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    Dec 2012
    Also having trouble logging in here, I was online no more than an hour ago, I went afk for a bit and came back to see the game had closed and I couldn't get back on. Hopefully the problem gets resolved soon.

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    Jan 2011
    White Mountains NH
    this issue is not due to the server being full, I suspect .. because I cannot even get authenticated.

    when the server is full, it usually goes through the 1-20 trys to connect.

    Thus a VIP status is not in question.

    It is always best to let the people at Turbine know directly there may be an issue by using the "submit a bug" tab in the forums or "submitting a ticket", if it is a technical issue.
    They don't keep an eye on our chatter, via the forum, to see we are having trouble.

    Have a great New Year everyone.

    When in Danger, When in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream & Shout

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    Day no2 still can't connect nice.....;s

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    I have the same problem ....Have tried for over an hour to get back on line ! Sorry to be a moan but what the heck are we paying a subscription for ????

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    Our server is the only one that cannot connect that happens it did they spoil again them of always or that? Please that happen to connect it

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    Same here , unable to conncet since yesterday , i tried in another servers without problem , so i assume is a problem of our server only , im dissapoint that turbine havent said nothing about this yet ...



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