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    Happy new year dear PVPers

    Just wanted to say happy new year to my great friends and enemies who gave me awesome fights these holidays, and to the old players who aren't with us anymore. I love all the wonderful people I have met along these 3 years that I played this game.


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    AFK in Dol Amroth
    Happy New Year!

    And stahp debuffing me from stealth plz kthxbai
    Fellowship Hadacar: I now have a mental image of a little pea with a NE Patriot's logo painted on it.
    Professional AFKer.

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    Happy New Year!

    I love all of you creeps!

    Karm, keep shaking those fleas off on everyone!… and keep being my fluffy, bunnywarg daughter! /bunny_poke
    Jasiak, please carry the bunny king title this year with equal amounts of pride and humility…
    Shap, may you lead the 2014 moors to unprecedented greatness!
    Kami, get your green coconut head back over here!
    Smelly, I love you.
    Trilogi, ummmmm… yo.
    Ak, may you heal 2014 so hard that the year never dies!
    Veenom, get your ugly butt back online! It is disturbing only playing with half of myself…
    Arakaz, you'll never read this… but don't make me start KazWatch 2014.
    Luna, see above.
    Don, you sure know how to set the OOC on fire! You'll always be my BA pal regardless!
    Luggy, you're awesome.
    Razz, why you leave me alone in Chaos? ): Did you know: Scalpel usually always agrees with you? lol Happy New Year, bud!
    Gatar, you make silence deadly… :3
    Thunder, you never see my chat in lotro… but you always see it in gw2. May you see my lotro words in 2014!
    Iorynn, I hope you make contact on the other side of whatever black hole you fell into.
    Orcbooty, may your name cheer up all 365 days of 2014.
    Karg, /angry /angry /angry /angry /angry /angry /angry /angry /cheer /cheer /cheer /cheer /cheer /cheer /angry /angry /cheer /cheer *dead*
    Nerd, I have no king to kneel to in 2014.
    Omnom, who ate you?
    Bbat, thank you for contacting me in gw2. I thought I was going to go all of 2013 without talking to you lol. May 2014 bring much congo!
    Wolo, I shall win /tickle war 2014.
    P2W creeps, thank you for supporting Turbine for another year!

    As for you freeps…

    Evo, you're one of the few freeps I am not ashamed to love. Good luck in NZ!
    Brandic, you're the funniest person alive. May you make 2014 a fun year for everyone you know!
    Zub, thank you for teaching how to use then and than. What would I do without you? :3
    Lunch, you need to stop skipping second breakfast to heal freeps. It is unhealthy.
    Jacbo, wherever you are… shut up and /dance.
    Doomsie, I don't know where you are right now, but I do know you're killing everything in sight.
    Ata, Silvermoon misses being your primary target.
    Bromton, thank you for giving me my first widely-used nickname.
    Ainur, may you continue to not exist.
    Xellor, you said you were converted to creepside. LIES! KILL! KILL!
    Guido, being fatherless is horrible. You have scarred my life forever.
    Ohpra, my reaver ranked to 3 in a group with you… I want to rank to 13 the same way! )':
    Caspur, I still have your mustache comb. I pet it at night like Frodo pets the ring.
    Xaniax, in our everlasting war over Karm, may the best noob win.
    Sno, I still love you.
    Ash, you make the moors so much fun! :3
    Pat, you are one strange pea.
    Torq, did you and Doomsie attend the same minstrel university?
    Fantos, may you send me some creepy, life-changing tell in 2014.
    Card/Aces, you were my reaver's first kill… it is an intimate connection that can never be severed... *cries*
    P2W freeps, thank you for supporting Turbine for another year!

    I know I missed people… if I missed you, I still love you.
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    Chieftain Rayzr of Dwarrowdelf (Reaver)
    Footman Sakeri of Dwarrowdelf (Captain)

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    wow wow wow

    smellyfail says he loves me???

    i dont know how to handle this feeling

    razyr im mad you didnt include me

    edit pronto

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormshadowking View Post
    smellyfail says he loves me???

    i dont know how to handle this feeling

    razyr im mad you didnt include me

    edit pronto
    Ninja..don't feel bad..he didn't mention me either and I was a member of his warg army at one point..and I try to dance with him at every opportunity...even if all the new creeps won't let me.

    I never hurt no Creeps.



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