Beacuse the game after HD has no challenge at all,
Beacuse Skirmishes are old and the period they used to be run (after every expansion until instance cluster came out) by everyone has been remplaced with Big Battles, wich are broken, boring, no challenge and you dont actually play your class at all,
Beacuse Scaled raids and instances loose their challenge and difficultie ones they are scaled (they are scaled wrong anyway, i mean to the point we know the mechanics of the instances already = fun period for players dont last long enought),
Beacuse we are tired of leveling to top level and once we are there theres NOTHING to do...(And no, dailies are not a solution either...)
Beacuse Housing, inventory and festivals are NOT something that will maintain players plaing the game or a reason for them to leave either..
Beacuse Loot system atm is a mess, and the free gear policie is killing the game. (This has to be fixed to = AKA get back to old system, its simple no effort no loot)

PLEASE! give us information if a NEW challenge multiple boss 12 man instances is coming SOON (not Turbine soon, i mean by March...)