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    Dúnedains of the South

    Hello all, (rank 2 kinship so far)

    first of all wanna thank you to all players which so far joined us. We are new kin, we started 30. 12. 2013 and we hope we ll grow as fast as we lvl up . We are mixed kinship which just strated recruiting so you all are free to join us. We will do soon kin runs (instances, deeds etc.) also reputation runs. We ll have also competitions every week, not just month wher u can win 10 or more gold as a reward. Once a year kin will vote for most helpfull player in kin and he can win VIP. Also we will need new officers (if have someone an experience, more then welcome), also we ll have class master trainers, guys which will study on forums and understand to each class and can guide other players in kin. We will have also economist in kin,guy which will focus on AH only (still looking for one). We have kin mule, and we earn every week from each player 100 silver coins minimum. Leader and officers aswell. So we save kin money for kinnies needs. There will be more coming but we need you , new players. Hope you will join us and you will like it here. Wish me and this kin good luck, we ll need it.

    We have in kin some rules:
    1.- help ur kinnie as much as u can
    2.- be democratic and have no other rules

    Competition of the Year, where u can win VIP will be only once a year, 4th May every year. Kinnies will vote for most helpfull three kinnies. 1st. will win VIP, 2nd one will win new region if f2P, if vip TP points (600 is enough i believe), 3rd one will win tome of *stat* he need.

    We ll do also month competitions for each class. January will be possibly burglar class month so we do for example Hide and Seek challenge in Archet. ) Winner takes 10g.

    "Pick of the Week" challenge is also based on vote. At the end of the week kinnies will vote for most helpfull kinnie and for winner , every single kin member must do something, craft him new gear, if not for lvl he is atm, then to future , for his future lvls. Buff food or more stuff, etc.

    "King of the Hill" chanllenge is once a 3 months and it will have tree like tenis (quarterfinals, semifinals, final) and it will be on Weathertop in LL. Winner gets 20 gold and gets also more rewards from kinnies.

    "Craft of the month" is a new crafting challenge for guy which will craft most stuff for kin will get reward 10 gold, so we help him with his crafting too.

    We are open to new ideas, so let me know asap if u want to join, sedm email or tell to

    Klaraghorn - leader

    Thank you all.

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    good luck with recruiting

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    South Africa
    Makes no sence the name as the dunedains were from the North never the South lol and too close to other kin on server name. I am asking you to reconsider the name pls.

    E-strolling must be made in South Africa.

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    I would also encourage a rename as "Dunedain" is already plural. "Dunedains" is incorrect. The singular form would be "Dunadan"
    MINSTREL and member of the vocal minority

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    good luck on recruiting.
    Krom Of Laurelin.



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