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    First Age lvl 95 Legendary

    I have never own a first age weapon before and was excited on buying Helms Deep Expansion and finally getting one, but I was told "There aren't any level 95 first ages in the game yet." Will you guys wait for them to be incorporated or should I spend all my resources on improving a second age weapon? Where do you find scrolls for special damage for lvl 95 legendaries? Thanks.

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    We have no eta on lvl 95 1st agers. Or if there will be any

    As for damage scrolls, the ones available from Snowbourn Rep Traders are still about the best ones in game
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    As Malindruel said, there are no level 95 1st Age LI's in the game yet, and no announcement yet from Turbine about when they will be added to the game.

    As for damage scrolls, it depends on exactly what damage type you are after. Some LI damage scrolls are only available from specific locations/specific vendors. Just because you have a level 95 LI does not mean you have to get a damage scroll from a level 95 area for it. A damage scroll from Moria will work on any LI weapon in the game. A damage scroll from Helm's Deep will work on any LI weapon in the game.

    Personally I still get my LI scrolls from the level 85 scholar instance in Hytbold. About 10-12 minutes all up to travel to Hytbold, run the instance, get the scroll and get back to where I was.
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    First agers will come in due time, and yes many of us that focus on end-game are waiting and preparing for them by building up relics and scrolls and such.
    But why on earth does that mean that you shouldn't all-out indulge and overpower your second age?



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