I have launched a new Character that is an Armourer. He is not yet in my signature, but his name is Anancite (which happens to be "steel" in latin). I was considering some ways of jump starting his Crafting, fast ways of leveling up. As always the issue is time. Time to gather Ore, time to process it, etc.

So I have the following offer:
If you help me with materials, I will give you an armour. The full set with Critical Success, if wanted. Any level that I can accomplish.
When writing this I am still at low levels, but even new players need good armour. Help me gather Ore (Barrow-iron is most relevant right now, but Rich Iron is just around the corner) and find that armour you like.

You have a list of available Recipes here http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Metalsmith look up your level , I may need the Recipe for your Armour if it is not among the basic sets, make sure I get it. Check the Minimum Level, that is the level you need to be in for the Armour to be usable for you. I can not tell you how your Armour will look like if I do not have the Recipe, or are able to do it, but as I progress I may post screenshots here. There may be images available online if you search.

Now, in order to organize this a bit, I must ask that you POST HERE. The ingame Mail system is not good enough to handle this, only use it to send me Materials. Progress will be documented here, no where else.

Lack of replies or posts here, will render this effort void.
The offer stands until: Thursday 20:00 GMT (Thursday 14:00 EST New York, Friday 06:00 AEDT Sydney, Friday 00:30 IST Delhi , examples only)

LEVEL Staus: Journeyman (I am expecting to be Expert within 24 hours)

NOTE: This is not related to Cosmetic Stuff. Make sure you are wanting the REAL STEEL thing. Go to Lailas market for the plumes and feathers...