Something that annoys me about modern sword movies, (Although maybe Kurasawa started it in the seven Samurai) is the driving of swords into the ground, basic sword training should teach you this will break the tempered tip of your blade, especially the stony ground round Erebor Thorin was ramming his blade into, (they may have been rubbish man made blades but you would think dwarves would be more respectful of metal craft especially if you break the tip of your sword all you have left is a cleaver which limits your options). I'm sure the martial artists who choreograph these movies must point this out as clearly there was one on the desolation of Smaug as he taught the Thranduil actor how to do a mean Chiburi and Noto after beheading the Uruk captive, (although maybe it was a stunt double as he performed it with his back to the camera), any Iai practitioners out there who recognised the style the Chiburi belonged too?,