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    Oct 2010
    Czech Republic

    Congrats Uglymf on r12!

    I wanted to wish you Ugly, so I'll founded thread!
    I know you play a lot warg now, but your defiler deserves a thread!
    Good luck in way on r13!
    /// Inquisidor Blackarrow R15 /// Klausheimer Reaver R15 /// Kyklop Warleader R12 /// Chirurg Defiler R12 /// Specnaz Spider R11 ///

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    Nov 2010
    Khoblún Utot, Enedwaith
    Congratz Ugly!
    ~ The Hobgoblin

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    May 2010
    Congrats, Ugly! You're an awesome defiler, man.
    Hromgar, Captain
    Wardens of Numenor, Landroval

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    haha about time. grats
    ~RETIRED~Burglartarget rank 15 wl, rank 12 spider, rank 11 warg, rank 10 ba, rank 10 mini, rank 8 defiler, rank 8 reaver, rank 8 runekeeper, rank 7 hunter, rank 7 burg

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    Grats Ugly One!
    Pouncival Azbiter- Plucky Comic Relief of the Ettenmoors-
    The Warg of The Dance
    DO Not Meddle in the Affairs of Wargs
    For you are crunchy, and taste good with bacon.



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