I have been sitting around in these moors now for quite some time. And I have noticed that there are quite a few new small tribes arising out of the ashes, and that the Fallen is no longer the only active tribe beside The Blood Hand and MB around.. And I was wondering if there was a few tribes (1-2 ... possibly 3) that would be interested in a tribal alliance between a few tribes ... a few things this would mean.

1) We would set up a desperate chat channel.. like a glff ... were all 3 tribes could communicate.. this could also lead possibly to a shared mumble vent sect..

2) This is not a tribe merge... I am not expecting other tribes to merge with mine, or even mine merge with yours... rather I am looking at having greater PvP dominance through the alliance while still retaining our own tribal identities .

These are just a few points we can talk more in depth if any of you guys are interested

Founder and Leader of THE Fallen