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What I'd do:

Slow down combat pace with increased Migitations
For Freeps that means Rank 1 Audacity should provide 20% Fell-wrought and Orc-craft Migitation. Introduce Jewelry Sets like the ones from Big Battles with the same stats, but with 4% Fell-wrought and Orc-craft Migitation on the 2 set and 6% Fell-wrought and Orc-craft Migitation on the 3 set

So fully equipped that's 50% Fell-wrought and Orc-craft Migitation

Increase Creep Base Migitations vs all damage types, not sure how much is needed, but definitly more than Freeps get, so that "% of Morale reduced per second" is roughly equal

Fix healing:
All direct heals are too strong, all Hots too weak, healing in general is too strong
Heavy nerf to Minstrels
nerf to WLs
RKs and Defilers are too weak in the current environment but will be fine once the damage is slowed down
I agree with alot of this, but not the WL nerf, WLs gained sod all in pvmp, everyone assumes they have the R14 trair, ###. If the WL raids then yeah there protty good, however they still suck if a burg/champ is on you, small groups against big hitters the WL is always / always targetted first and he will die, my WL is R11 with zero bought store items at all. While i agree the commander stance heals are nice, not everyone is OP and we still have to deal with inductions, not always but we still have them.

Turbine should first reduces the raid sizes in the moors, these 24 man raids are pathetic and not required, if we want better action, reduce the groups then fix the macros from wrg/burg/reaver. Obviously the freep items needs introduced, but not 2nd agers or 1st agers, these should never be included again in pvmp.