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    Congrats Jimmycake on Rank 11

    It's about time my friend!!

    Congratulations on hitting Rank 11.
    Pouncival Azbiter- Plucky Comic Relief of the Ettenmoors-
    The Warg of The Dance
    DO Not Meddle in the Affairs of Wargs
    For you are crunchy, and taste good with bacon.

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    Grats Jimmy!

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    Aug 2009
    This one definitely deserves a grats! I remember when I was a wee little baby cappy Mr. Cake educated me me on how to play my class. After he inspected me and slapped me on the back of my head, I learned how to trait properly lol.

    Still good to see you out hear oldman (in toon only)
    [B]Freep[/B]-Wilranthir R12, Wilgarr R8 [B]Creep[/B]-Webbenstein R12, Beelzebubb R8

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    Congrats Jimmy. Don't know you long but you always have fun on the mic and I appreciate that. Good luck on the road to r12.
    The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.
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    I logged on the forums to check on the LMB film thread and found this. Thank you all for the kind words. I was hoping to sneak my way from rank 8 through 11 without any congrats threads, curse you Aedon! I never thought I would make it this far after so many years at 10. Never even had the chance to enjoy rank 9. A week after achieving rank 9, Turbine had the first adjustment to the renown system including glory rank costs which auto leveled my toon to almost 10.

    It's been an honor leading raids and representing The Free Peoples for so many years. A big thank you to both freeps and creeps for making this possible!

    Here's to another year in PvMP *cheers* /smoke
    been in moors too long... Jimmycake
    Better to be noticed by actions than words.

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    Jul 2010
    Grats, you probably have the coolest name on landroval lol

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    ~RETIRED~Burglartarget rank 15 wl, rank 12 spider, rank 11 warg, rank 10 ba, rank 10 mini, rank 8 defiler, rank 8 reaver, rank 8 runekeeper, rank 7 hunter, rank 7 burg

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    Dec 2007
    Charlotte, NC
    Yay JimmyCake!
    Fellrotten - Rank 12 Battlemaster LM - Zero Stars. Survivor of the Barrow-Downs. Ivar's Champion. Embarassing Completionist
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    Rahey - 93 Hobbit-Hunter
    Anniemal - 92 Elf RK
    Pueblo - 77 Cappy!

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    Grats Jimmy
    Wiltoms (Lm 95 R11),Sickwoody (Hunter 95),Ninedhell (RK 95)
    L'alliance Des Survivants

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    Dec 2007
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Congrats Bro!
    Chokes R11 WL
    Choked R9 Captain



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