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    Volley proc question

    This is a slightly odd question so I'll attempt to be as concise as I can be.

    The proc for Volley while traited blue that gives you a 15% chance for your next induction skill to be instant cast.......I'm wanting to use buffbars to set up a notification for the proc when it goes off. That way it's just more visible than looking at my vitals the entire fight. However, I'm having trouble pinpointing the proc. I've had no trouble with other things like Needful Haste or Swift and True, but for some reason Volley is giving me a lot of problems.

    Is there anybody that has had success setting this up or knows more information about the effect that triggers? Thanks all.

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    No problems for me. Perhaps you forgot to change the search criteria from debuff to buff. I made that mistake before when I was organizing the buffs I receive in the Ettenmoors.
    (crummy Imgur, suddenly forcing me to register an account)

    (ignore the part about Fleetness, somehow typed red instead of blue)

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    Hey thank you. I don't exactly know why I was having so much trouble with that particular proc, but after simply copying what you had it's working now. So thanks again. I was really annoyed playing that trait line without having that proc set up.

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    I can see it on the buff bars section but not in the triggered sliding bar. I tried everything you suggest, nothing come up.



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