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    Traiting For The Ettenmoors

    Was curioius how fellow captains were traiting in the ettenmoors.
    Currently I'm running yellow line mixed with red. I play on a small server so there isn't much RvR anymore.
    So please post an image of your Trait Tree Panel if you don't mind or just give a rundown either or is fine just curious and would like to work on some different builds
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    I trait red for solo with points in yellow for noble mark, bleed damage and a bit of blue for reversal. When grouped up I trait yellow with some red thrown in for telling mark etc.

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    Why does it matter?
    If you're on a small server, I would strongly suggest against yellow.

    I personally for groups run all the way down blue, and then enough into red to get telling mark. For solo I do the opposite, all into red. Then enough into blue to get revealing for 1v1s(reavers mostly).




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