Reaver "to do" list
and some other to do's

Its important that you understand the role of a Reaver as defined by Lotro/Turbine and stay true to that role when jerking around with skills and such as a developer.
A Reavers role
Savage, brutal and deadly, the Reaver is at home on the field of battle - and few places else.
His swift attacks and ability to dual-wield weaponry make him a formidable foe. When pressed, the Reaver is capable of tapping the strength of his blood to become a frenzied warrior who rains blows on his enemy with frightening speed.

Primary Role: Damage (Burst)
Secondary Roles: Damage (Sustained)

The List
-There is still a delay in Charge.It goes through the animation first with arms spread like some have said already(Please fix)
-Resilience is buggy.Its supposed to shake off stuns and dazes. Truth be told I find myself getting dazed/stunned to death frequently with no inkling of Resilience being present(Please fix)
-Blood of Fire should be percentage based to reflect.Ie the higher the fire damage you take as a Reaver the more you reflect. Scale it. Right now its a flat rate of 56 damage.(Please look at) Thats not a tall order considering there are mini's that can do "call of fate" for 19k and some of the other damage outputs Freeps can do. Hello balance?
-Jagged Cut, Serration,Thrash, Mutilation are lack luster. Eliminate Blinding dust and add its effect of +20% Miss Chance to all Reaver AoE amongst ranks.
-Improved Gut Punch, combine Upperhand with it into one skill?
-Impale isn't always instantaneous for me. There is a miniscule delay there.Maybe its the range or animation.Seems you have to be right on top of someone to use it opposed to other skills.
-Captains....It takes every single creep online to bring down a Captain.(whats up with that?)
-Warden Bleeds, they can stack too many; too quickly. (Longer delay between bleeds?)
-Restore sudden strikes delay back to what it was for ranks 0-8 only. At Rank 9 its not important because we get impale. But from 0-8 its detrimental to dps and survivability. Especially after 12.1 patch
-Dying Rage could be more useful if you removed the death aspect of it Not sure how long would be good for it to last for though. Add a longer cooldown(1 hour Cooldown fair?).Is this much to ask considering Captains can use last stand and take a walking tour of the moors with 20+ Creeps beating on them.
-Autoflips of keeps needs to be looked at.
-Address Macro'ing(the legal loophole of the moors)
-Make the logout timer longer to eliminate battle logging.
-Make it 30 minutes or so that a player can go between Monster and Free people and vice versa
-All Npc's need an overhaul. Some are bugged
-Monster trainer skill descriptions are not all there.
-Keep Pvmp fresh regularly the same way PvE is kept fresh with expansions. Make it happen.
- As a Reaver I don't have a problem using charge to go head into a large group of Freeps knowing that ill die but I should be able to atleast take one to death with me. Since 12.1 as a rank 9 reaver , that is borderline impossible even with all the morale.

Would appreciate input from other Reavers as well as Freep and Creep classes that need help. Be nice to see everyone happy with their classes both Creep and Freep side.

Ps- some might not agree with things in my list and that is fine. What are your ideas? Currently...Freeps out heal Creep damage ,and out damage Creep heals.