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    I miss the old class deeds

    I really miss the old class deeds. They were something we did to achieve specific rewards and when we competed them we got what we had been working hard for, whether it was a skill or a bonus/buff that we were really wanting and was why we did the deed in the first place. Now with the new deeds what do we get when we complete a deed after (for some deeds) 2000 uses of a skill? One third of a skill point! Whooppee, it's so exciting that my apathy knows no bounds. Come on Turbine, how about giving us something that is going to interest us enough to make actually doing these deeds something we want to do? Something class or skill related. Even if it's only the title, "Deed grinder extraordinaire!" maybe even just "Muppet stupid enough to bother"

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    I agree with you that I'm finding very little interest in deeding anymore. It just isn't the same when you are doing all that but getting nothing tangible at the end of it. I know intheory we get more skill points by doing the meatdeeds, but I haven't bothered even assigning all the skill points I already have as I'm pretty indifferent to most of the new skill trees. I'm still only using the free general skills mostly because I don't need anything else these days with the game in the state it's in.

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    I agree. When they changed the class deed rewards from specific traits to trait points, the developers destroyed one small quirk that added to my enjoyment of the game. It isn't a huge deal in the whole scheme of the game, but when things like this happen, a little magic is lost.
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    Undo the U12 class changes. The trait trees were, are, and will always be a bad idea.
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