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    [NEW KINSHIP] I' Hosse | RP | Elven | Recruiting!

    I' HOSSE

    "Open war is upon you, whether you like or not" - Mithrandir

    The Summer of T.A. 3018 was leaving the lands, being replaced by fall. Rivendell grew quite busy and many folk from distant lands arrived in the Valley, seeking council, bringing messages and looking for shelter. But three Elves did not notice this at all, for they were busy making daring plans. They had helped defending Rivendell for many long years, but they felt that the time had come for more drastic measures. Surely, the warbands of Imladris all had their hands full, yet Evil never sleeps and every Elf could feel it; darkness was brewing ever more. The three went to Elladan and Elrohir and presented them the idea of a militia; all those who so wished, could join the trio to brace themselves and the North for what may come. Alas, they were told to be patient; all would become clear after the Council of Elrond, their father and Lord of Imladris. The trio was confused as they did not know of such Council yet, but they followed the advice and waited for the twins to return with more news.

    Later, at the Council of Elrond, it was decided that Nine Walkers would set out on a quest, but more they didn't know. These Nine weren't the least, so they heard, but good news came from Elladan and Elrohir later that day! They had been tasked to scout ahead and to observe every single threat in Eriador, so that these Nine Companions could safely leave on their quest. Now was the time for daring ideas to become reality, the twins gave their blessing and called upon the trio to recruit the remaining warriors under one banner; I' Hosse was born.

    A Company of Warriors, that seeks to aid the Sons of Elrond and the Rangers of the North, was born and Lodreth took up his responsability as the leader, his brother and sister were his closest advisors. Many Elves joined up, even some of those that had come from the Woodland Realm! I' Hosse made up camp in Thorenhad and from there they coordinated their actions. Its members scattered across Eriador, keeping eyes and ears open, eliminating all threats that they can possibly find, investigating troubling rumours. Some went to Ered Luin, to see what the Dourhands were up to. Some went to Bree and listened to the tales of drunkards, as those may hold many truths. Some wandered along the East Road and some guarded Thorenhad and the Ford of Bruinen.


    We are a new kinship, that seeks to aid the forces in the North. The tales of Tolkien may focus on the events in the South and East, but there were many battles to be fought in North too! Some Elves felt the need to act and the elder ones blessed their cause! We are a loose, military-based kinship. We are united under one banner, though our members are free to go where they please, as long as they remember their task and the goal of the kinship! We will roleplay our roles as scouts, warriors in the say channel throughout Eriador, wherever we are as long as it fits our philosophy. We will have meetings, in Thorenhad our HQ, and they require a uniform, which will be provided by the leaders and generals! The uniform will be required when we meet with the kinship, but in the Wilds, do as you please. One little remark for our roleplaying is that, for example archers, will have to wear quivers or we will roleplay that they are without any arrows. We plan to roleplay close to lore, we have no need of Gods or Hero's, we have need of Elves (and some Men, that are close Elf-Friends) that are willing to fight and that are willing to aid the cause. I' Hosse contributes and aids the greater cause.


    All Elves are welcome! Knowledge of the lore is a good thing!
    We accept Men, as long as they can fit in the philosophy of Elf-Friends, so no common farmers from Archet, sorry.
    Willing to wear a uniform at the meetings. All classes are welcome.
    Roleplaying is strongly encouraged! Only the kinchat is OOC, rest is IC!
    No foul language, all the Turbine rules apply, no swearing, play your role decently.
    Please make it so that your biography or something like that fits the above tale, that you met us or heard about us and joined etc etc ...


    We are a company of warriors, all volunteers. Spread across Eriador, we are all free to go where we please to go, but we remember what cause we serve. Roleplay like you wish, but if you join, you will have to slay foes, scout around... And at some point we will gather and see what we learned or did. We all send you out, solo and far and wide, but we expect you to remember I' Hosse and why you are in it! Feel free to meet with fellow members, feel free to organize a meeting, feel free to gather us all if you feel the need to! Seek us out for roleplay, be it quests, a drink or whatever reason! We are a militia, a company of warriors, united under one banner, but we don't act like a bombastic, parading, oathswearing and drilling unit.


    Simply announce it, real life has its demands, we all have them, so don't be afraid and share it please.
    We won't kick anyone if they leave for a month or so, we respect that. Of course, let's say a year or so, you get the point.


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    Good luck with the new kinship Tanathon, your concept sounds very similar to our long standing Warband of Imladris which as the name suggest is based out of Rivendell and like your own idea combines elves and chosen menfolk in its ranks. Your kinship being based around Thorenhad in the Trollshaws may encounter some of our patrols as we patrol from Rivendell to the far side of the Lonelands with Thorenhad and Candelleth being two of our way points.

    I look forward to any encounters we might have.

    Khalis Imieran
    Warband of Imladris.
    Khalis - A Captain of Imladris and Maethor of House Vanimar

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    Just wanted to add that we have a site on enjin at... : http://www.ihosse.enjin.com/

    Oh, and I also wish to add that Aeluta has been deleted and has died IC. She is no longer, too.
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