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Thread: F2P Challenge

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    F2P Challenge

    Would anyone like to start out as a pure F2P and start a play group? Looking for a couple of people...max of 6....we play on these toons together set up times and what not. I think it could be very fun...grindy...but I am up for it.
    Server can be any as we would be starting new but I am open to suggestions. Will check back later to see if there is interest.


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    Hoping to start tonight...msg me on forums

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    No one huh.... sad face.....

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    Sep 2010
    I was wondering when I would see people trying the free to play challenge again. I didn't see this when it was first posted but I think I'd be interested in this. What server did you want to play on? What time did you want to play (and what time zone are you in)? I'm in if I can get on when you want to play

    This is a pretty fun challenge, I've done it before for a while but my friends got impatient and bought things ha ha!

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    Server doesn't matter. I'm in MST timezone. I'm good for a couple hours easy every night. Have Sunday Tuesday Wednesday off and am usually done work by 7pm on the other days.

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    I'm in the CST time zone so I'll be an hour ahead of you. I don't know exactly how long I can play each night but I can guarantee at least 1 hour when I do play. Tuesday and Wednesday I can give you 2 to 3 hours (maybe more) earlier in the day if no one calls me for work.

    I was trying to find a server to play on, but I don't know which will be best for F2P. Brandywine is the most populated I hear, and I think that Landroval had a healthy amount of people and it's RP encouraged if you're into that sort of thing.

    Choosing a class will probably take the longest. I've played them all at least to level 30 or 40 and they're all plenty fun.



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