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    Highest Critical Hit Ever?

    I'm a level 75 hunter, and the max damage I have ever inflicted was about 7000. However I saw a level 100 champ fighting a training dummy for over 10 000 each hit. What is the highest damage you have EVER inflicted on any mob? I'm speaking to level 100s in particular and want to know the limits that buffs, armour, LIs, essences, virtues, etc can push you at the very end game, currently.

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    If you're asking for highest hit ever you'll get completely bogus numbers as this will differ greatly based on the enemy at hand. During RoI my champ was scoring a 25k dev hit with RS which would be insane in most cases, but if you consider that it was in Draigoch Phase 3 (where he has +200% incoming damage) it's not that impressive anymore, level 100 chars might reach 50k or more in that situation now. Training dummies on the other hand will limit your damage potential as you can't get all buffs/debuffs normally available in a raid for example.
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    A hunter did 141k on a dourhand mender, but they have +50% ranged/tactical damage debuff. That's biggest hit afaik.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sm91 View Post
    A hunter did 141k on a dourhand mender, but they have +50% ranged/tactical damage debuff. That's biggest hit afaik.
    Which is about 120k more damage than that mob's morale (at the time), ie completely wasted. DPS, and particularly sustained DPS (ie disregarding your initial upshot with +25% magnitude) is often more important at least for raid bosses etc. 1-shotting creeps in the moors will earn you lots of hate and rage-logs. Using upshot in spars is also seen as unsportsmanlike.
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