I just got back on my LM that I started before the Helm's Deep update, and found out that for many of the skills, my staff wouldn't appear in the animation. Rather, my character would still be wearing it as the animation is performed, and he'd be holding an invisible staff. I know some skills like Burning Embers are supposed to be performed without the staff in hand, but this happens for skills such as Staff-strike and Lightning-strike as well. I played around with it, and figured out that it depends on the skill rotation. If I were to initiate the attack at a distance, the staff would stay on the character's back for the entire duration of the fight, no matter what skills I use. However, if I were attacked first, or use skills such as Fire-lore or Frost-lore, my character would wield the staff for the entire fight (even during skills like Burning Embers and Gust of Wind that are not supposed to be performed with a staff.....before the update, the staff would be put back during these skills, and taken out again for skills that require it in their animations in the same fight). I'm not sure if this is a bug, or just a change to the animations, but it looks pretty buggy to me...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!