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    Melee weapon legacies and bridle relics

    Hi fellow hunters.

    I am in need for some suggestions and inspiration.

    What legacies do you use on your melee weapon?
    What legacies are you using for your bridl? I am using a light bridle
    What relics do you use in your bridle? I seem to have many options, I do wonder if it matters that much these days.

    Kind regards,

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    AoE Targets
    Beneath Notice CD
    Needful Haste duration
    Precision Stance crit magnitude

    Low Cut bleed
    Merciful Shot crit multiplier

    This is what I've gone with.

    The Needful Haste legacy isn't really necessary now as the buff is almost permanently up anyway (when traited red), so I will probably change that one to a +10% Strength bonus for stance dancing. It's hard to break old habits.

    Can't remember exactly what my bridle looks like. Probably:
    Evade / class dismount / wrath crit / ws endurance / ws armor / ws strength
    Setting of Clout / Gem of Acumen/ Insignia of Impact (hunter class dismount relic in the rune slot) / some guild gold relic
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    Precision crit magnitude
    Aoe targets
    Find the path movement speed
    Press onward cooldown

    Bridle.. I use the slot for farming relics. I pretty much ignore the warsteed part of the game. I love it when it doesn't lag, but it lags too often for my taste.

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    For Light Steed Bridle I use the following:

    Light Steed Legacies
    Motivation Through Aggression Heal Chance
    Wrath Critical Chance
    Rider Evade Chance (temporarily trying this out... I normally have Class Skill Damage Over Time)

    Bridle Minor Legacies
    Maximum War-Steed Endurance
    Red Dawn Skill Direct Damage
    Rohirrim Skill Direct Damage

    For Bridle Relics I use:

    Bridle (Eastemnet/Riddermark) Setting of Aggression
    Bridle (Eastemnet/Riddermark) Gem of Acumen
    Bridle (Eastemnet/Riddermark) Rune of Protection
    Bridle Emblem of the Rider

    There are 3 levels of the first three relics - 75/80/85. Level 75 relics are the easiest to make and cost the least amount of shards. There isn't too much of a bump going up in levels so it's perfectly fine sticking with the level 75 ones. You mostly just want the -Attack Duration buffs from them.

    If you want to go all out you can also have a swap-in bridle with a Kill Shot Dismount relic, Class Skill Dismount Chance Legacy and Disengaging Strikes Dismount Chance Legacy. Use this to try and dismount to particularly hurtful mounted warbands.
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    I stay in blue line.

    Melee legacies:
    Precision stance Crit
    Imp strength of earth
    AOE mx targets ( although changing back to Beneath notice)

    Strength stance Damage
    Merciful shot crit mult.

    Damage over Time
    Disengagiing strikes

    Red dawn direct damage
    red dawn power cost
    Steed power

    bridle relics:
    Riddermark setting of aggression
    Riddermark gem of alacrity
    Rune of Perseverance
    crafted- Emblem of the Rider



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