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    Red Line Hunters - Strength vs Precision

    I want to know what you guys think. When traited mostly red, strength vs precision. Which are you using and why?...and in what scenarios. Moors? Solo/Group? Pve? Trash mobs or Bosses? Etc. What do you like and dislike about each.

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    I've chosen Precision for now, but I'm still not entirely sure.

    Strength is +30% ranged damage with the right traits and legacy, but when you already have like +140% physical ranged damage from Mastery (so 240% in total), +30% is 'only' a like 12-13% increase in damage. For <95 toons it's more than 12-13% though. Quick Shot slow is decent for solo I guess, but in group content I don't feel it has much use.

    Precision is +1 to 3 focus every 5 seconds (which is always nice) and +13% crit multiplier through legacy, and since our critical chance is higher than ever through the +5% trait and HD jewellery set bonus it's a neat bonus. The 10-15% extra crit chance on Quick Shot is more love for Quick Shot since we have so many procs and bonuses related to it:
    Fast Draw: up to -30% to inductions when using Quick Shot
    Swift and True: 10-20%(?) chance to remove Swift Bow induction
    Chance of getting bonus focus (30-50%)
    Quick Shot crit chance legacy, Quick Shot damage legacy and Induction Bow damage legacy further improves upon Quick Shot

    Sadly I feel my DPS is still quite low when I try to keep up Fast Draw (usually use Quick Shot -> 2 other skills -> Quick Shot to keep it) and sometimes even wasting focus, but I've only been playing my hunter the last 3-4 days since February so still need to get used to the class again.

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    I've made a 65-point build that allows Blood Arrow (including heal on crit) as well as RoA spam, and I have the trait that reduces upshot CD on penshot crit, so focus is important for me. So I choose Precision. I will sometimes stance dance at the start of a fight to get max punch on my heartseeker+upshot opener, but generally Precision is my go-to stance.

    For bosses, if soloing 3-mans I'll go Endurance but otherwise Precision.
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    I only play pve, and only group content, a few skirmishes / instances / whatever is available a day. Occasionally it's a decent raid like OD, but more often it's Moria 12 man skirmishes and such.

    I use precision because precision = rain spam. Typically I can get off 5 rains at the start of each bigger wave, then an induction skill (split shot or swift bow), another 2-3 rains, induction skill, another 2-3 rains, etc. This works best with high crit (i.e. my crit is at cap in a raid setting) and good finesse.

    I also pick up some survivability stuff. It's a lot of aoe dps and very easy to pull aggro, and I prefer not to slow down, and I don't want to put a lot of pressure on healers. Press onward trait and legacy, it's a nice little tool to have (30 sec cooldown, double morale compared to rejuvenation potion, similar power gain). Eldar's grace racial parry buff. Vitality legacies on both LIs. I also don't use the [agility + attack duration + mastery] relics. I prefer 2 x [agility + parry + 10% of partial parry/evade reduction] runes, it's a significant survivability boost. It hurts to lose that ~1.3k of mastery per both relics, but attack duration would be practically useless for me as I spam fast skills so much both in aoe and single target situations.

    So in the end, I obviously sacrifice some single target dps, but I think that the way pve is right now, aoe is more valuable. And my single target still feels high. Strength vs. precision wasn't much of a consideration for me.

    Also, I love to try out new specs, shuffle it around, go blue or yellow or various hybrid variations for a day. I prefer precision in most of these specs. If I had strength legacy, these "fun specs" would be less effective. I'm not going to change legacies for just a day. So even if strength vs. precision in red was a 50-50 decision for me (which it's not), I'd still have precision legacy and end up using precision.

    That said, I know a number of good hunters who prefer strength. It's a viable option, depends on playstyle.

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    I tend to use strength stance for the quick shot slow. That may be a flimsy reason and I would be happy to learn other approaches.

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    i use both :P

    for pve and pvp(though im mostly blue, in that case im prec)

    in alot of instances, the fights are so short that str becomes a much better option. Prec for aoe.
    Then sometimes ill go prec in red for a change. Both stances give you high dps, its just preference mostly i think.
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    For PVE, take the time spent generating focus off any dps output and I suspect you have a clear view of what is the most efficient.

    And if you factor in the time spent going to and from the shop to buy a new screen...the time it takes me to want to push my fist through the screen when annoyed with stopping to gather focus running S:S is approximately 3 minutes during regular questing or deeding.

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    I find that both give about the same sustained damage. Strength is great for burst at the start of a fight: get camo/imp. focus up, burn hot, and go bananas...then use improved concentration/focus pots and do it again. Precision seems better to me outside of quick bursts like that though, the skills flow together better and you can do much more aoe if needed. Not to mention, precision lets you move around more without sacrificing as much dps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vertigo1061 View Post
    I want to know what you guys think. When traited mostly red, strength vs precision. Which are you using and why?...and in what scenarios. Moors? Solo/Group? Pve? Trash mobs or Bosses? Etc. What do you like and dislike about each.
    I don't have any numbers on the difference on damage (but would love to see some). I personally prefer blue traited with precision.

    When I ran red with strength I would lead with quick shot for the slow, then use upshot (if up) or penetrating shot (if not). Most things died in two shots, but now and then I needed swift bow. After that I either had to stop and focus or I had to kill something using just quickshot and swift bow till I had enough focus to hit a big skill. I haven't played around with red and precision much, but I suspect you wouldn't have to stop and focus as much, but you might go to three shots for a kill. Might have to play with that tonight.

    When I run in blue with precision I lead with barbed arrow (for the 40% slow), then hit blood arrow, and barrage which is usually enough to kill most mobs, now and then it requires penetrating shot (or the bleed if it came up with blood arrow). Generally I can go straight to the next mob without stopping or worrying about focus, and keep going with the same rotation. When I use strength while in blue I have to go to quick shot/swift bow after barrage because I am out of focus and things still rarely die in two shots so I just prefer running precision.

    Right now I don't have any plugins installed and am too busy to do so. I would love to seem some numbers. Last time I did run numbers (before HD) strength stance was just a little ahead of precision, enough that mobs would die with one less move (so I ran strength solo and precision in raids). For me the ability to now move while shooting (survivability and fun) makes up for any loss in damage while running in precision.

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