Dear Turbine,

I really love the in-game music and the new songs that one hears when entering the crafting hall in Aldburg are truly excellent compositions. However, I fail to understand why you've made the music in the crafting hall part of the Ambient Sound rather than the music volume! After listening to the same tunes over and over again I am brainwashed and it's almost as bad as Chinese Water Torture! The crafting hall music in Aldburg can only be disabled by lowering the Ambient Sound Volume to zero, which is most annoying, because I'd rather have some background crafting-type sounds. Please can you change it so that the music in the hall is part of the Music Volume, so that it can be turned off separately from the ambient sounds? It really is driving me around the bend and I'm seriously contemplating driving glowing-hot 6-inch nails into my ears just to get relief from hearing the same tunes six-dozen times whilst I'm crafting.

Please... it's driving me insane!!