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    I want mainly a re-design of the floor plan of the houses - less ballrooms (especially for the deluxe homes, kin houses might need the space for the meetings) but instead several smaller rooms so we really have the option to create a living room AND a kitchen AND a trophy room or whatever. Ideally we could choose out of an offering of several floor plans so even more individual houses were possible.

    More or moveable hooks would be great, but even more I want to be able to decorate the outside of our houses - so we could add things like chimneys, bird nests or flowerboxes or a different look for the walls and roof.

    Oh, and interactive items are love!

    P.S. A stablemaster (and if only with slow or fast travel to either Michel Delving, Bree, Celondim or Thorins Gate) in front of the housing instance would be most appreciated!

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    My Dream of Housing in Lotro :

    Most things are already mentioned, crafting places, stables and much more.

    In my Housing world you could buy a standard-house a small and maybe a bit ugly one. Or you could just buy a place and build on your own like in sims3 ( have been a professional sims3-housebuilder for my daugther ). So you need parts to build your home. Basic , simple parts from any vendor for ingamegold, better parts form the shop ( Hey Turbine...money money bling bling) or crafted.
    That means you need new crafting-receipts for housebuilders.
    That way you could really build a house. Gathering Wood, making Board, build Wallelements from boards Different professions make different parts.

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    Question More hooks

    There is so much area in the deluxe houses that could be filled with trophies, furniture, and various other items that it is frustrating. I have so much in my now one chest that it is overflowing with house stuff. I would like to be able to have each one of my characters have at least a standard house, share a deluxe house and be a part of the kinship house. The outside area of each house also needs more hooks, for yard features. My deluxe houses have so much extra space but no hooks to put things. I am mainly concerned about the room in the house and yard...PLEASE give me more hooks!!!! I want to display the stuff that I have and arrange it so that is looks good.
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    PLEASE help!

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    I'm not sure if this was mentioned yet, and I'm too lazy to go back and read through the whole thread. :P

    But there are some caves in Rohan, one being a Hytbold daily, where you see these glowing plants. I want those for a housing item! Indoor or outdoor, doesn't matter. They're just so pretty! Put them in a pot for indoor. Outdoor can just look like they were replanted or something. :P

    Also, add a wallpaper so the inside can look like Rohan houses. Or add Rohan housing instances. Either way.
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    Sorry if this has been mentioned but I just cant read 20 pages of good suggestions but I just thought of this. I have been here since the beginning of lotro so you all know my background. You keep adding housing areas to the existing areas once one fills up but if you look at most of them what do they have in common. Small houses empty. Get rid of small housing make all houses regular housing which is what everyone wants anyway. Allow kins to purchase entire housing areas and label them for their kinships. Allow each toon to own a house ( but I would stipulate vip only ) sorry but vip has its privileges, but as far as storage goes on your account each house your account owns opens shared storage instead of more storage just bogging down servers. Each house can have one chest which opens personal housing vault and have a shared housing chest also, more tp for more shared housing storage. You just see so many wasted houses and empty houses when you goto housing areas its a shame. Once again I fell back to kinships owning neighborhoods there is nothing wrong with this. And a kin depending on number of members should be able to own multiple kin houses in the same neighborhood of course. We do this now but we bend the rules. We just create kins with alts and buy the kin houses in same area but that is just stupid but everyone does it with alts. There should be stipulations here though like number of members, members on in last 30 days etc or something to that effect. Everyone agrees the hook system is just plain broke. There are literally too many housing items to place and for developers to worry about fitting into houses or yards. Make a grid system on walls floors ceilings and yards. For example you have say 250 squares around you yard. A statue takes up 10 squares you can place it literally anywhere in the grid which shows up on ground in deco mode, then turn it without turning the grids to keep it simple. Now you have 240 squares left for other items. If you place and space your items out you can accommodate the most items but you are limited to say 5 enormous yards or 8 huge yards or 14 large yards etc . You can place more items if smaller less if bigger. The same concept can go for interiors also. Walls , ceilings and floors. Pretty easy. You almost have the system now except you picked the areas and how many of those items. We would still be limiting the number of items but you can place them better and allow for more spaced used up. Just an idea everyone. Enjoy.

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    Perhaps these ideas have been shared earlier in the thread, but here is my "wish list" for housing...

    > Activate crafting and auction house facilities within all housing neighborhoods. This would be a boon to people who have an army of alts used primarily for crafting, storage, etc. And all crafting facilities/vendors within the housing neighborhoods should be superior facilities.

    > More freedom with decorations. Something closer to a free-form decorating style would be great.

    > A Closet for all of your acquired outfit pieces. This would be similar to the Shared Wardrobe. However, your "Closet" could be used to give access to outfit pieces to anyone you allow. And to avoid abuse, only non-bound items could be placed. (FYI this would be a big boon to kinships who want to build kinship outfits).

    > More housing neighborhoods in additional locations. Places like Hytbold would make for a chance to add additional housing locations.

    > Swift travel (and non-swift travel) routes to/from the housing neighborhoods to the nearest major town.

    I think that is about all I can think of at the moment. I know I have a bigger list somewhere... .
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    I'd love to see my houses totally, utterly, blissfully cluttered.

    If we have to be stuck with the fixed hook system, I'd propose 'grouped furniture' instead of single pieces.

    And if you really want to make me happy you'd let me decide what goes where in my 'grouped furniture'.

    This would be a way to bypass many of the fixed hooks system's limitations.

    That's the biggee to me.

    And here's part of why (besides me wanting to be creative): I found that the standard houses or the smaller rooms in the deluxe/kinhouse give much, much better decorating results because they don't end up as big empty spaces with the odd bit of singled out furniture here and there.

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    wizard tower houses for like RKs and LMs with like 2 levels and with like runes flying around it and its just like a old looking tower

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    Just take a look at EQ. Maybe you can talk to their developers and ask them how they did it. I was really surprised at how bad housing was implemented in this game after coming from EQ some 6(?) years ago.

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    Was doing some more thinking and read some more of this thread. Someone's probably already made these suggestions, but still...

    Anyone for seasonal changes? Can the neighborhoods have snow in winter, budding trees in spring, and falling, colorful leaves in autumn? Do they really have to be all summer year-round? Someone mentioned earlier how very unrealistic it is to have a snowman in a grassy lawn. We need to abide by the laws of nature a bit more... I'd love a neighborhood that looked like Winterbluff.

    In terms of more houses per account, even if it isn't per character, what about per neighborhood? One house in each neighborhood per server. The biggest problem I see with per character housing would be those with even more alts than I have requiring a house for each toon. Someone earlier in this thread claimed to have 20+ houses. O.O Perhaps not bad for low-pop servers, but some form of restriction would be a basic requirement for high-pop servers. Perhaps be able to have the same number of houses as there are neighborhoods? Currently that would mean 4 houses per server. Players could have one in each, or all four in one, or however they want to work it. And if we get more neighborhoods, then the number goes up from 4 to whatever the new total would be.

    If we don't get more facilities in the neighborhoods, such as crafting facilities, can we at least have serious business in those locations within towns? Refer to my thread about excessive sparring in tiny crafting halls for the reasons why.

    Someone else also mentioned creep houses. What if there is a dark cave entrance in the back of Grams that ports a creep underground. Inside it can have parts that resemble Moria -- lava pools, "bottomless" pits, jagged crystals coming from the walls, etc. Within this cave system there are little cave rooms leading off from the central "creephood". They could also be portals leading into a single cave room (the way houses are currently) or we could just walk on in without the use of a loading screen (the way we can walk into our yards freely). Since orcs and whatnot really have no use for the fancier things in life, we could have some really trashed-up barrel to put our goodies (operates the same way as existing housing storage). For decor we could actually take those trophies (hobbit feet, elf ears, etc) and stick them on poles to prop up in our little holes.

    This would work lore-wise for all current creep races. Shelob lived in a cave system, for example. How many wolf dens don't have little caves or spots to lay down out of the rain? And goblins/orcs/uruks are pretty much bred in these types of areas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mar-Evayave View Post
    In terms of more houses per account, even if it isn't per character, what about per neighborhood? One house in each neighborhood per server.
    This is a reasonable suggestion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mar-Evayave View Post
    If we don't get more facilities in the neighborhoods, such as crafting facilities, can we at least have serious business in those locations within towns? Refer to my thread about excessive sparring in tiny crafting halls for the reasons why.
    Please! I personally enjoy watching people spar, but it's disruptive in crafting halls, as are involuntary emotes. Even if they're turned off for my character, they still get spammed on other characters and it's annoying. I think crafting halls should really be one place where stuff like this isn't enabled. I enjoy performances from bands and musicians while I'm crafting but not all that other stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mar-Evayave View Post
    This would work lore-wise for all current creep races. Shelob lived in a cave system, for example. How many wolf dens don't have little caves or spots to lay down out of the rain? And goblins/orcs/uruks are pretty much bred in these types of areas.
    Storage could be a hole we dig and bury our stuff in. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gedrevn View Post
    The whole point of housing is customization, so actually being able to put things in the house as opposed to having a very limited hook system would be great.

    If you want to take an example of a well implemented housing system, look at original Everquest:
    • Free form housing design with prefab houses and/or open construction options
    • Nearly unlimited item placement with full control over location, rotation, and size
    • Ability to convert in-game items into housing objects to create your own trophies
    • LARGE and expandable workspaces
    • Combination of decorations, utility, and fun items that can be used to enhance your housing space
    • X, Y, and Z axis control over decorations both indoor and outdoor

    And the argument that something like that is too hard seems pretty ridiculous since EQ and it's engine are far older than LOTRO and it was obviously able to be implemented.

    Or if you want really lofty, awesome goals:
    • In-world/Open world housing that abandons the instance model (a la Vanguard or UO)
    • Multiple theme options within different areas (I.E. different styles of housing - Shire 1 Michael Delving; Shire 2 Woodhall; Elf 1 Grey Havens; Elf 2 Mirkwood; etc.)
    • Multiple land plots per character/account
    • Additional tiers of housing (Guild Castles [probably not lore appropriate], or better than just small/large houses)
    I am loving these suggestions (with the exception of open world housing - so much of the UO landscape was like a trailer park)
    Free form house construction and decoration is needed. The current hook system is too limited and way too boring. There would still need to be a limit on numbers of items (to save server load) but freedom of placement would open up a lot of scope for creativity. (I used to love decorating my house in UO. I'd spent many, many hours doing that)
    I'd like to be able to do my crafting at my house so to be able to fit out a crafting room AND have additional storage for crafting mats would be awesome.
    Other have suggested a stable - yeah that would be cool.

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    Thumbs up More housing areas...and advanced customising

    Here's my suggestions:

    1. New areas of housing neighbourhoods.
    Such as:
    Abandoned old dwarf homes built into Moria;
    Hunts in Forochel;
    Secret areas in Angmar that the enemy is unaware of;
    Houses high up in the Misty Mountains overlooking the snow;
    Rivendell housing (of course);
    Lothlorien Houses in the trees (not necessarily in Caras Galadhon);
    Abandoned Castles in Evendim/ Hidden Areas for housing such as where Gwindeth is located;
    Housing in the forests of Mirkwood;
    Farmland Houses in the North Downs;
    etc. etc.

    To make the above ^^^ work perfectly it would be great if the housing areas were in the open world (out of instance). Because of overload of people however with doing that, you could possibly get around this by not making so called "areas" for housing, but rather houses or one spot places dotted all over the regions and expansions of Middle Earth that players could purchase and use. Of course not everyone would like to live out in the wild, so in that case you have a group of many houses in the towns such as Bree (I mean Bree town, not half way between Bree and the Forsaken Inn), Rivendell, Suri-Kyla, Edoras, Stangard etc. etc.
    These groups of open world housing spots do not only have to be in the large towns, but also the small towns. This way everything doesn't look so cluttered. So while while you might have 30 or more open world housing spots located in the town of Bree there might only be 15 in Comb.
    Imagine all the houses that were created for npc to live in the towns - why not have those houses, or every second or third one to be a house that players can buy. Now that would be awesome! Additionally this way players can feel like this spot of land is owned by them, instead knowing that the very same spot in another instance is owned by someone else.

    Obviously this would take time, however if houses were rolled out of a per house or per group of house basis, this could be achieved. Also if in the future maybe there were one or two spot of land that were free - they could be turned into areas for housing. What I am saying is that new housing spots should not have be all rolled out at once in a major update, but rather one here, one there etc. etc. and when new spots are added the player community do necessarily have to be told about the new locations. Instead there could a new "Real Estate" vendor that players have to go see - which serves houses of a particular area (say Bree-town).

    Finally, turbine could restrict players buying housing spots in the areas to players that own the quest packs/expansion, or if you have VIP you get all of it.

    2. Major customising:
    The ability to add/change rooms; design the look and feel for the house. Also depending the area, the ability for players to build large houses (if they pay more) almost like kinships. These designs could be taken from a library of available options (that had a wide range). They could further be customised such as added rooms/areas/platforms and even extra doors. This way when players buy the existing house or build one on empty land they could create separate areas for each of there characters- while still being in the one house. Possible the overall design of houses is set for the regions. Meaning that players can't build a Bree type of house in Moria, or if someone wants to live out in the wild areas their type of house look depends on the regions.

    Furthermore, the size of the house that you could build all depends on the predefined area size that the player has bought.

    Decorations: Much more open way of adding decorations. Unlimited areas, built in the way of a select item, and then click and deploy where you want it to appear. With regards to players having lots of items, I mean hey, if there a clutter person, then so be it, thats who they are. The government in the real world doesn't tell you were and how many fireplaces you can have in your house do they

    3. Chests. Make them like they were. I want know that there are many chests through my house. Not one that can access all. It much preferred the original way. And on that note, just like the decorations, players should be able to (at extra gold) be able to purchase extra chests (to a limit, yes, but more that normal). For example, the amount of chests could depend of the size of your house the player has built/bought.

    4. Crafting Facilities. In the real world if I was a Jeweller, I surely would have my own facilities to be able to work on it at home. Why not in the game. Obviously these decorations (as they would be) might be quite expensive gold to buy.

    5. Vault. Although this hasn't been done, don't make the vault available in houses. Although this makes it easier, it really isn't hard for players to go to the closets vault. The way it currently is, is what it would be live if we actually lived in Middle Earth. I suggest we keep it this way.

    6. Selling/Buying. This is the kicker suggestion. Each house has a title deed. Of which this can be traded, sold, and bought for any price. This creates a player driven real estate, like the auction house.
    Additionally, Title Deeds could even be duplicated (at a price) so that more than one character could live in one house.

    7. And just two last things that would be really cool, for decorations, to have you mounts in a stable at your house so that while you were there they could still be there instead of them just disappearing into nothing. And to have guards that could be bought in the player market that protected your house. This would be useful if you had a house in the wild where enemies might wonder by.
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    The biggest problems with housing:

    - housing is difficult and time consuming to get to and to get back in the action from.

    - housing is TOO EXPENSIVE.

    Why can't guilds have a guild neighborhood where enough houses are in the neighborhood to accomodate all the guild members? Guild neighborhoods could be expanded as the guild expands.

    Why can't you teleport to and from your house and your guild house from anywhere?

    Why can't you improve your house as needed?

    Why can't you have access to your house chests from anywhere?

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    * More storage in houses - purchase with gold or fewer TP
    * Ability to add more decorations, inside and out - whether by hooks or otherwise
    * Let me add a stable and corral so I can show off a few of my steeds! (I collect em).
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    In town housing

    Like a few others, I've not had a chance to go through very single post in this thread, so apologies if this has been mentioned before.

    In the past, I played Star Wars Galaxies for my sins, and I felt it suffered by having all the housing on the outskirts of the cities/towns. The population would be spread thinly across the the various housing sites and traveling back and too was too much of an effort for most players. Most were ghost towns.

    I felt SWG and now LOTRO would benefit from "in town housing". Unused buildings (the ones where the doors don't do anything) within the major towns could be assigned a number of "residencies" which players could rent/buy. It could take the form on an apartment within the larger houses/buildings and the whole house for smaller buildings.

    This would mean the population of the towns stays relatively high, no need to travel to specific housing areas.

    anyway, that's my pennies worth.....

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    One thing is clear after reading a large portion of this thread - they will never satisfy us all.

    Flexibility, increased options and no hit to our pockets sums it up for me. Add in the hope that we will not have to wait long and we housing lovers might start to feel that love again.

    My recommendation give us something each quarter with the other planned roll outs. Show us that you mean it and you have listened. Just be sure to explain your choices on what you are giving us and why.


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    Simply Put

    EQ2 Housing.

    I know copying another game may not be what you want to do, but EQ2 housing was insane when I used to play it. Completely customizing homes the way they have it set up is awesome. Every time I enter my house in LOTRO I miss EQ2 housing.

    I'd recommend make a free character in EQ2, check out some of the houses, then decide if this hook system is the way to stay. I love having a house, but I hate the hook system with it's decorating limitations. Bilbo's house wasn't empty like my hobbit hole...what gives?

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    we have a lot of mounts but nowhere to show them, it would be nice to have a place to keep our mounts displayed at our house

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    My favorite player house was in Star Wars Galaxies. Buy the house, decorate with objects dropped wherever you'd like and placed on an XYZ axis with rotation and tilt options.

    Another concept is the idea of modular construction. Buy your basic house as just a room or two that you can expand for a fee and add extra rooms, even give choices on what rooms you add.

    Maybe some real benefits to having a house, a minor buff, xp bonus or something because when I had a player house, it became an inconvenient storage container that was useless with bank expansions and shared inventory.

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    Housing changes not implemented yet is a disappointment, but very positive that the longer overdue changes are still in the works.

    The things I adore about LOTRO's housing is the various textures for the walls, floors, etc. The hues/colors are very rich and pleasing to the eyes.

    That said . . .

    Housing has always been a thorn in the game for me.

    Yes, it's fun having a house in the game, but it should be a place that we enjoy going to for a variety of reasons. That enjoyment is more like 'eye candy' (i.e.; what we see is what we want to go back to and visit often).

    A game house is not unlike our real houses, which in reality are our homes. As the housing sections are set up now they're not our game homes in any sense.

    I apologize for saying this, but I loathe being forced to place items, both inside and outside of the house, where I am forced to place them because everything is divided into quadrants, that can only be explained as a 'spreading out' of items to keep them far-far-far away from each other.

    Trust me, these items will not multiply if they're allowed to be placed closer to other items - even smack dab right next to another item. I certainly trust that the developers will not allow items to multiply if set next to other housing items.

    I want the ability to be able to set my own scenes inside my house.

    What a treat it would be to see how other gamers can decorate their game homes, in ways that I may not have thought of.

    Perhaps this would add a new event in the game:
    - Home decorating contest.

    I would hope that our game homes could be set up so that we can place whatever we want, wherever we want within the confines of our home/house lot - both inside and outside of the house.

    There may be restrictions, such as how many things can be placed in each room, in the house as a whole, etc.

    All in all, I want to decorate my own game home as I want to decorate it. Not as I'm being forced to decorate it.

    To me that is not a game home, and no amount of extra vault storage space helps me to enjoy going back to such a game home environment.

    Here's some suggestions of what players might want to do with decorating:
    - Inside: Nothing at all in the house.
    - Inside: One corner of a room only with fireplace and furniture around.
    - Inside: Areas of a room: 1) study area, 2) trophy area (walls & floor), 3) banquet area, 4) family photo section, 5) fireplace & relaxing furniture, 6) library, 7) entrance area, etc.
    - Outside: several trees in one area of the yard.
    - Outside: flowers around the edge of the outside walls of the house.
    - Outside: rows of veggies, fruits, and flowers in a garden, among other things.
    - Outside: animals/pets area.

    These are only a few suggestions, but the possibilities are endless.

    My point is that if we are to have pride in our game homes/houses, then we gamers should have control over where we place items both inside and outside of our homes/houses.

    Please let each account have more than one house. Especially if housing is not set up so players can actually decorate their game homes/houses, for if that is the care then these structures are, indeed, nothing more than extensions of our vaults, and not worth having much pride in.

    Thank you for your time.

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    1. Get rid of houses that haven't been used for years.

    I lost my old account when we transferred to Turbine - my old hunter character was called Areruthalion and his house is still there in the duillond homestead. It was about 4 years ago when I quit and about 1 year ago when I resubscribed. I am unsure how many of these houses still exist, however I would imagine that housing estates could be a lot busier if all the unused property was reclaimed.

    2. Do not add crafting facilities.

    This would reduce population in the towns and cities - something we'd probably rather not see.

    3 - Alternatively - allow us to purchase real houses in the towns.

    There are a lot of properties that are not used for quest purposes in all the towns and cities.

    This is a lot of work for the developers to create all these spaces - however you could use fairly standard interiors.

    This system would be very much like that which we would assume to happen, that people live where all the facilities are - housing areas appear bare because they are. Buying a house there would be like purchasing a house in a 90's housing estate, there is a shop in the middle of it and nothing else but people living in their own caves. The housing estates are not communities because, like in real life, you have not built a community - but a housing estate.

    Houses should come with a deed, people should be able to own as many as they like and set rent for them - yet should be forced to pay maintenance costs (which represent land tax, physical maintenance etc.) - these costs would stop people from owning too many and asking too much rent. Additionally, deeds for houses should then be tradable and could be stored in the 'deed chest' in the property or something, ownership being transferred by right clicking on it - allowing us to put these deeds on AH.

    The third suggestion is a lot of work - however if you wanted to do something revolutionary and create an in-game housing market I'd be very happy.

    IT would be really interesting to see how many properties are up-to-date with their upkeep as an integer and as a percentage of total housing stock.

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    I have seen lots of good ideas in here. Some favourites:
    -Move housing closer to actual towns. It is almost like they are a dirty little secret tucked away out in the country. If they must remain isolated have a stable master in the subdivision who offers fast travel to the nearest towns. Surely you can find a way for stable masters in those nearby towns to offer rides to the houses (Perhaps "Ride to My house" and Ride to house (and bring up the neighbourhood selection screen))
    -Use some of those unopenable doors in towns to let people access an apartment or house that is actually in town (these would of course have no outdoor hooks)
    -Give us more hooks so we can place furniture to make the house looked lived in (ie: furniture in logical groupings like a table with chairs around it). You don’t have to let us fill them all.
    -A personal stable or a least a rail to tie up one or more of my horses
    -The houses feel like showrooms. There is no kitchen, no closets, no storage rooms, no hook for the chamber pot. Maybe place an outhouse outside the homes as well.
    -change the neighbourhood a little with the seasons.
    -Let us hang inventory items on the walls. If necessary force us to convert them to trophies first.
    -Let us stain/dye the furniture

    Maybe I didn't read far enough, but here are some of my own:
    -In AC1 Turbine gave us landscape housing. Years later in Lotro we have isolated instances for neighbourhoods and for the houses within them. But I can't look out through my window! I can't open that window and hear the water beside my house (Aha! A new house option – Windows open or closed ). The house is completely isolated from any other reality. I know we will never get landscape housing on the main landscape, but why not in the neighbourhood instances? Wouldn't lag be much easier to control in the neighbourhood?
    -PETS! We can have a bird chirping in a cage, but what about a cat to protect my food stores? A small chicken coop for outside? A dog to bark at the neighbours? If I am a Lore Master maybe my bear could roam the front garden.
    -a hook above the door frames for a small trophy or a weapon
    -Some people have asked for new neighbourhoods and a house per character instead of one per account. My spin on this – at least let us have a regular home and a vacation home. I would love a little cottage on the shore of Lake Evendim. Maybe a Ski Chalet in Forochel (Hey Skiing as a Hobby! Fishing won’t be alone anymore ). I suppose there will have to be some story justification for people living there, but surely there are other places in and under middle earth we could live.

    If we keep the current house designs I would really like to be able to look out from inside that little tower on the Shire Kinship house...

    If you allow crafting in houses limit the owner to a single crafting station to support a single type of crafting. I am not sure I like the idea of people crafting at home because it reduces traffic in the crafting halls, but ovens and work benches have been in many homes over the last few millenia. Perhaps there could be a rule like "crits half as likely on a home crafting node". Don't know if that is fair or if the whole topic should be avoided.

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    housing suggestions

    i have read many nice ideas in this thread, most of them are very close to what i have suggest many times through the every 3 months communication i have with the developers....... would be really nice to see some of your ideas guys to come out in game.
    especially the look like castle idea, in different instances in the world, for the kin house n kin members having rooms in the castle or a small apartment n a stable for our horses, maybe a crafting facility, a bank n some fields out of the walls, this way it will be possible to make those instances PVP areas in the future n group of creeps to jump in the instance n have some fun defending our walls.
    what i d like to see for individual houses is more hooks of course in n out n maybe painting the exterior walls of our houses or use seosonal themes like the inside decoration. ofc adding a stable a chicken coop, some trees n a garden along with our trophies is a must. now Pretty plz pls PLEASE consider adding a new trophy vendor npc where we ll be able to barter our old armor for housing decoration items would be fantastik to have our old armors sets on a hook instead of vendor it n i really like to have my old 1st age sword on a trophy stand on the wall!

    tks a lot !
    my best wishes for the new year to all!!!
    10 years lotro enthousiast, Loyal member of the Spartans Kinship, now in Evernight imigrants from Eldar

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    Random, client-specific, in-city houses loaded each session

    Great to hear the long awaited revamp finally seems to be happening and that you welcome our input

    Allow me to use this opportunity to take a step back and first define what a housing system in my opinion should actually be about in a context where its immediate purposes of shelter etc. are meaningless

    • A chance for the player to be creative - a highly customizable extension of a very unique character
    • An interesting way of gauging the achievements of other players
    • An integral, useful and fun part of the gameplay

    First of all this leads to an obvious desire for as much creative freedom in the decoration of the houses as possible - you devs are presumably well aware of this desire, and as it will be defined by technical limitations it makes little sense to elaborate on it beyond pointing out that other games have done pretty good jobs and I fully expect something better than the hook system.

    Discussing the actual nature of the housing system is more interesting: I could go into a long ramble about synergy and social hubs, but lets just conclude that in a medieval fantasy world the houses should be IN the cities - not in detached monofunctional ghost towns, completely isolated from the daily life of the players. I thus take the bold liberty of assuming the existing homesteads are completely deleted and the unfortunate homeowners compensated with vouchers for a whole new regime of integrating their homes in the life of the world...

    The new player housing integrated in the main game world should represent how far we have come since the original introduction of housing - with player houses available in (and contributing to the liveliness of) places like Suri-Kylä, Esteldin, Rivendell, Lothlórien, Galtrev, Edoras and of course Minas Tirith etc. perhaps even Moria in some special form. Turbine points could buy you more than one house, but any location should be unlocked by reaching kindred standing with the relevant faction, rather than level or whatnot.

    To use the obvious example of Bree though, my concept is there would be something like 6 “lots” available throughout the city, each instanced and containing a single house but with numerous players owning a house on any given lot. The one house displayed on any lot for any player would then be client specific and rotate among the available “active” houses on that lot, loading a new one with each session. Your own house and those of specified friends and kinships would of course always load.

    The disadvantage of different players not seeing exactly the same world seem to have minimal consequences when done elsewhere in the game and I believe the prospect of ACTUALLY having your house seen and perhaps even visited by ANYONE on the server will finally realize their potential of showing off those heroic achievements which are so central for an mmorpg.

    Friends could thus still live next to each other, major hubs will be ever-interesting to visit, players coming and going to their own houses would generate significant presence in cities (rather than across layered homesteads with no more than a single player in any layer), existing hubs of crafting etc. will be in convenient distance from any house and revitalized, experiencing the homes of other players would be a natural part of normal gameplay and most importantly; that time and money players spend on their homes will no longer seem as trivial - with appreciation we might even have an incentive for enjoying spending more!

    In order to further integrate the housing with the general gameplay, actual functions other than roleplay and storage would have to be provided. The possibilities here are endless and the forum full of them! New ones I can think of off the top of my head are details like using your bed to change the day/night cycle, mannequins for setting outfits (instead of the menu) and a whole subsystem of upgrades and stuff relating to your stables where mounts and steeds of course are stored, perhaps feeding them provides a 24hour mount speed buff... You get the idea. Also it must be about time for that gardening hobby

    As an architect irl I would obviously love to build my house from scratch - with all the questing, crafting and revisiting the quarry in scary that would entail - but realistically some clever modular system with a high, but finite number of combinations of premade room-sized elements is likely as much freedom as the design of the house itself could possibly allow for.

    A more fluent and flexible scaling of house sizes would thus still become possible, with the ability to increase the number of modules any player can use (conceivably through purchasing with turbine points) making very large houses possible - but with upkeep tied to number of modules, extravagantly sized houses would be genuine achievements as they would have to remain supported to stay in the rotation - for example by multiple players in an active kinship...

    Anyone preferring a solely private house should of course be able to opt out of the rotation, (isolated lots could be provided in the wilderness for those hermit lore masters) but it should not be possible to deny guests access to a house in rotation - If a player passes by a well-made house by chance on his way from the Prancing Pony to the Bree auction house, he is certain he is able to enter it, and he knows that what he will find inside will be unique and interesting, I believe he might actually just stop by! Perhaps even leave a like for some rating system and get some buff from that food he ate

    thanks for reading


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