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    I don't know if you seen but there has been meany people posting about housing but theirs one that stand out for me. Here are the links


    i hope this helps you.

    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herellomar View Post
    Various comments
    Some really creative suggestions, some really good ones. I've suggested event facilities before, I wish I could find the post I made it was pretty detailed. I really think this is something that would be great to have. Some of the features I suggested:

    Neighbourhood Event Facilities
    • A space can be "signed out" (in advance) for use by a player or kinship. Signing out gives the organizer access to controls for the room (more on this below) for the duration of the booking. There could be limits to how long a space can be signed out for, but if these spaces were in neighbourhoods then up to 4 hours sounds justifiable. There could be limits on how frequently a space could be signed out by a particular individual (say, once a week). Whatever it takes to ensure there's fair access for everyone in the neighbourhood.
    • Each space has a stage and a vendor where guests can buy emote items, party favours, fireworks, pipe weed, food and drink.
    • The organizer can adjust lighting, and a variety of options are given for dim, bright, stage bright and room dim, etc.
    • The organizer can post an event name which appears as location text alongside the event time on the screen as a player approaches the area (such as "Frodo's Birthday Party 8PM - 11PM") and also appears below the mini-map.
    • The organizer can choose whether to have any music that is played on the stage amplified or not. If amplification is chosen, then any music played on the stage by players becomes the "ambient music" of the area and replaces any in-game music. If they don't plan on having musicians, they can go into "decorate mode" and slot a music box with their favourite songs, just like in their houses, and that is what will play instead. Or maybe they could choose an NPC band or act, if things were more elaborate.
    • There could be a chat channel that is specific to the room, that the organizer can set permissions on as well, so that any announcements or dialogue from performers can appear separately and guests can filter for it.
    • Organizers can choose from a variety of decor theme options, such as yule, birthday, spooky, harvest, summer, etc. Choosing a particular theme changes the look of the room (even just swapping out wallpaper would make a big difference). I'm not suggesting they are able to decorate the room like their houses, rather just that they can pick a theme for the look of the room for the duration of the event.
    • Permissions can be set so that access can be limited to friends, kinship, everyone, or a guest list that can be added to as people request access. Other kins could be named as a guest, and then all their members would be able to access the event (i.e. if "Lonely Mountain Band" or "Knights of the White Lady" is added to guest list, all their members can enter the event).
    • There could be a muster horn or maps available from the vendor in the space, to make it easy for guests to get to the space. Like a horse whistle, the map disappears from a player's inventory once the event is over.

    Some of the more elaborate features could be gated behind a TP cost if need be.

    I'm sure other people may have suggestions as well. Personally I love this idea. As someone who loves to put on in-game events, features like this would have a huge appeal to me. My original suggestion was that such facilities be located in Bree, but I think this makes a million times more sense in housing neighbourhoods. Having it in neighbourhoods would virtually eliminate any scheduling/booking conflicts, and would also prevent lag and layering problems. Best of all, it would drive traffic to neighbourhoods and make them more vibrant.
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    What I really want to see is free placement, but I have a feeling that it would be too hard or virtual impossible to implement in the current system. So, I'd like to suggest an alternative. I remember that the rotation variable on decoration slots was added later, so I'll assume that it is possible. Just add a two dimensional offset to the hook, that will represent a distance from its center where the object will be drawn. In a wall item like a painting for example, add two sliders, one for up/down and one for left/right. That way we could move that painting all over the wall if the dimension limits are right. Same with a carpet or a table. You get a left/right and a in/out slider, that will enable us to move them all over a room's floor. The areas covered by each slot could overlap. Collision between objects could be an aesthetic problem but I hardly believe that any player would leave a chair inside the space of a table for example, so it can be ignored for starters.

    That, with the addition of some more hooks per house, could really improve our decoration choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanilvor View Post
    I think it would be neat for its to be able to "hire" workers for our houses that would gather materials and maybe do some processing. For example hire a hunter to gather hides, or hire a foster to gather wood. Build a field and hire a farmer to get raw materials for cooking. Upgrades could allow houses to "farm" higher level mats and/or farm multiple types simultaneously, or farm a single type faster.
    I like this idea, especially because I live right beside the farm fields in the shire homesteads, but a few years ago, Turbine removed Work Order quests, where you bought like 20s sheets of paper, and after 1-3 days, you came back to the person you talked to, and they gave you access to a pile of materials. This was a way to get materials, but it was also by doing very little. I personally liked it, and by now, having it for lower tier mats shouldn't break anything in the economy, but there was a reason Turbine took it out, and for that reason they may not support something like this which encourages and gives access to AFK resource gathering.
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    Fix this, it's been almost 3 years for 3min dev time.. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...98#post5462798 (just to clarify, change object size to huge at most. its not that big to be enormous)

    Bring back:

    .. to barter at least! You must have removed these from loot during OD and BG scaling and forgot to make them barterable. This vendor used to convert these to deco items: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Bill_Whitethorn
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    A working house.

    Quote Originally Posted by pittcrew1 View Post
    I like this idea, especially because I live right beside the farm fields in the shire homesteads, but a few years ago, Turbine removed Work Order quests, where you bought like 20s sheets of paper, and after 1-3 days, you came back to the person you talked to, and they gave you access to a pile of materials. This was a way to get materials, but it was also by doing very little. I personally liked it, and by now, having it for lower tier mats shouldn't break anything in the economy, but there was a reason Turbine took it out, and for that reason they may not support something like this which encourages and gives access to AFK resource gathering.

    Perhaps it could be gated behind some quests, such as the Hytbold quests. Maybe turning in a kind of token or something to "pay" the workers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lohi View Post
    One idea I've had in the past is that the housing actually be in the existing world. Doors exist everywhere that go nowhere. Turn those doors into instanced housing. The door on a farm house in Bywater becomes a door to an actual house. Mutliple players can share that door and go to their own house instance. The same with all those unused doors in Bree, Thorin's hall, Celondim, Rivendell, etc. You get a choice of all the styles you like this way. This means the housing is integrated into the world itself instead of replicating 1960s gated communities.
    Now there's a great idea. Begin here I say!

    Many other great ideas in this thread. A lot of it though is kind of 'fluffy', to do with decorations, with functionality, or even just location. Shouldn't something far above all that come first??

    For me LAYOUT was always the most important thing to consider - choice to customize must exist in MMOs to avoid the cookie cutter problem. The current drawback with housing is that they are all the same (boringly identical actually). So I'd like to see a system where the player can actually DESIGN the layout of their house, inside and outside. Imagine a system where you say 'I want the wall here', a 'corridor there'. Imagine if you could design your own Hobbit-hole maze, perhaps even style it after Bag-End itself.

    This would make every house different, ensure that it is unique, and your creation. Obviously there would have to be a series of guidelines, and set building templates etc, to choose from. Also size would have to be capped. Gold or some other barter system could be used to pay a tariff on square-footage.

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    I agree with all of the below. A couple of my personal thoughts also 1) if you've completed Hytbold, you should have a house there (even if you already own a house elsewhere); your a Thane of the town for Pete's sake. 2) weather should only impact housing communities if it also impacts the landscape that those communities sit in. 3) in UO, people could put crafting facilities in their houses, but the cities still had a fair amount of activity at the public crafting facilities.

    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post

    Here are my suggestions (apologies I know some are repeats, but wanted to list what I consider to be priorities):


    • Revisit the housing storage prices. I simply can't find enough ways to express how insulting to the player base those prices are. It's ridiculous and offensive.
    • A proper stable master at each housing region. It's unnecessarily difficult to get to and from these locations unless you are a hunter or warden.
    • Do away with hook system, or at the very least add more hooks and make all items usable in any hook. Trust us to decorate things nicely ourselves, we don't need restrictions to keep us from doing something that looks dumb. Plus a large percentage of the Hytbold/Rohan housing items are unusable because they are incorrectly flagged (bookshelves and cabinets set for large furniture instead of wall slots). Let us decide where to put stuff.
    • Give us more options regarding the outdoor and indoor appearance of our houses - different layouts, different terrain choices, different ceilings, windows and doors, different lighting options, different exterior building textures, sidewalk and fencing options, etc.
    • More flooring tiles and wallpaper options - the current offering is really limited.
    • More, and more varied, trees please. I tend to decorate exteriors with trees, and there just aren't enough sizes and varieties. And not just single trees - I'd love to see some clusters of trees, miniature forests, etc. We have huge housing hooks with very few items that we can use there, why not make a forest to fit those?
    • Enable us to decorate our entire plot, not just a few spots here and there. Some houses have massive plots, with just a few hooks.
    • Eliminate or drastically lower the cooldown on housing travel skills. We really should be able to go there as often as we like. The current cooldown does nothing but deter usage of housing.
    • Do away with character-bound items, switch those to account-bound for easier decorating.

    Nice to haves:

    • Per-character housing would be much appreciated. It's unreasonable to expect all 14 of my characters on Landroval to live in one house, and while it's easy enough to create side accounts and buy houses that way it's not ideal. I want houses that are properly named to the character and travel skills that take them to that doorstep. This is something that could be a store purchase - "unlock extra house on your account", which enables that character to purchase a house. If the prices were along the same lines as the prices for unlocking cosmetic slots or legendary slots I would totally buy this.
    • I would love to have an option to choose to live in a RP encouraged/enforced neighbourhood, just like with servers. Areas where people won't put snowmen in their grassy yard, etc. For existing neighbourhoods, it would be nice if we could just vote on whether to make the neighbourhood RP encouraged/enforced , and majority rules. People who don't like what was decided can move.
    • I think it would be cool if there were new housing areas, but I dislike the idea of having housing in iconic lore areas where it would just not make sense (i.e. Lothlorien, Moria). Here are some suggestions for housing areas I think would be more appropriate:
      • Wildermore - snowy housing area for those who like that kind of thing
      • Evendim, Limlight Gorge area or North Bree-land - a wilderness-ish housing area with cabins and wild, forested terrain (PLEASE!! Several of my characters are hunter/trapper types who would never live "in town").
      • North Downs - new dwarven area accessible via Othrikar area
      • Rivendell - elven housing area that is more woodsy and wild feeling
      • Eregion - an elven themed housing area with beautiful ruins-ish buildings
      • Enedwaith - a new hobbit housing area accessible via Maur Tulhau region, new Dwarven housing area accessible via Thror's Coomb area
      • Hytbold - Rohan-themed housing area accessible to accounts that have at least one Thane
    • Ability to search neighbourhoods by kin name or by character name, to encourage exploration and unplanned visits. People who want privacy can choose to be "unlisted". Characters on our /ignore lists automatically barred from our houses, and from searching for us in housing.
    • Larger plots of land, please. Think 'estate lands' vs 'crowded suburb'. I think the housing areas as they are feel a bit cramped, especially in Bree and Falathlorn.
    • Please, along those lines, more layout options, expansions such as basements, second and third and fourth floors, etc. This is something that could be a good use of the store. An ability to buy extra floors for our houses. I would want the extra floors reflected on the outside appearance as well, though.
    • I'd love to see a housing item shed that can be shared between characters, which is accessible when in decorate mode. STACKABLE and dyeable/paintable furniture items, too, please!!
    • I love the idea of turning some of the doorways in Bree into gateways to new apartment housing instances. Cool idea.
    • PLEASE I would love windows in my house which I can see through, like some of the Bree houses have. I would also like to be able to put a mirror in my house. Love the mirrors.
    • Please give me an option to set the housing lighting to rely on lamps and fireplaces and other lighting sources only within my house, rather than magical ambient light that's just "there".
    • More 'homey' type decorations such as clotheslines and coat hooks and washbasins. I don't see why we have ostentatious decorations like Krankluk's hammer or a statue of Draigoch, but very few humble details like this.
    • Along those lines, we have no mathom cases for our houses, even after all these years? We really need china cabinets and so forth for housing. No need for them to display actual unique items or be interactive or anything fancy like that, but it kind of amazes me that some of our hobbit holes aren't filled with display cabinets and tchotchkes like this. Similarly, please let me put stuff on the mantle of my fireplace, and hang a painting above.
    • I would love to see cool animated terrain decorations such as a small spring or brook with a waterfall running through my property, or a grove of trees with nesting birds or something. This would be a great store item. For that matter, you could make any of a large number of NPCs we see around town into animated housing items, such as a some children playing, or a few people doing laundry at a washbasin or a man loading a cart.
    • It just makes sense to have my wardrobe somehow accessible via my house. I'd love to see that.
    • As others have mentioned, being able to display armour or weapons or quest items we've obtained would be cool.
    • I would love a stable or even just a hitching post where I can display a few travel mounts I've obtained.
    • There are many "shard-dropper" creatures throughout Middle Earth, and it's long annoyed me that there is no meta-deed for killing those. Alternately it would be cool to have a trophy case housing item that, when clicked, gives a list of all the shard-droppers I've killed, or something like that. Similarly, a housing item that allows us to show off the meta-deeds we've completed in this way would be cool, too.
    • To make housing areas more active, why not put in some game playing fields or something? It would be fun to get a small group together to pop by my neighbourhood for a game of golf or tag or something like that.
    • I love the idea that someone suggested, to enable us to hang portraits of our characters in our houses, although I prefer paintings to tapestries.
    • I love the idea someone mentioned of giving us small short-duration buffs for interacting with our housing areas.
    • I would love a privvy or chamber pot!
    • I would love to see more housing types such as wilderness cabins, tree-houses and so forth. Not sure how this could be practically implemented, but I like the idea.
    • I am in favour of adding some fancier housing options that are in-store only, like they have in EQ2. The ability to buy a private housing instance that is themed in unique ways, such as a private island, wilderness region, pirate ship, etc. with TP. I would buy something like this if there was one that had enough room to place several houses for my various characters.
    • I like the idea of mustering to our houses, and I love the idea of being able to bring a fellowship with us to housing via our maps, or via a special travel skill we purchase in-store.
    • Just a thought, but I haven't seen it suggested elsewhere: class-themed housing areas would be really cool. Wizard towers, guardian garrisons, captain fortresses, sinister burglar alleys, hunter forests... the possibilities there are really endless, and a relatively easy way to fit in more fanciful housing options without going overboard and straying too far from the lore.

    Here are some things I do not want to see:

    • I will be furious if the new housing improvements are over-monetized like the storage chests. Apoplectic might be a better word for how I will feel. We've been waiting for YEARS for housing improvements, and while I accept and even welcome some monetization, if you guys go overboard like you did with the housing chests.... there are no words for how hopping mad I will be. I have said this before, but it's an INSULT to the player base. It really is.
    • Please no crafting facilities or auction houses in neighbourhoods. I think this would kill towns.
    • No seasons, I don't like that idea at all. I play the game to escape reality, not to be reminded its cold outside. And as for snowy terrain options in otherwise summery landscapes - just... no. Please. I already hate that people put snowmen in Bree and Shire housing areas.
    • No sweeping changes that remove houses we currently already own and force us to re-buy.
    • Nothing that isn't fully lore-appropriate, which goes without saying.
    • Please, I BEG YOU, NO MORE %^&*#@ MITHRIL COINS to buy stuff that should be buyable via TP (upgrades, items). Having to buy something so that I can buy something makes me want to smash some skulls!! This is seriously a massive pet peeve of mine. Just don't. I freakin' hate mithril coins. Usability should always be paramount. Have some consideration for the end user and just don't. I will seriously leave this game if TP is removed and replaced with mithril. No joke. I hate that kind of evil microtransaction scumbaggery.

    I am someone who spends a pretty decently largish portion of my game-time in housing. I play daily for at least a few hours, and during that time I will be in my housing area multiple times a day, and not just to access storage, but to hang around, tweak decorations, RP, etc. I regularly spend hours at a stretch in housing. It is one of my favourite parts of the game. From my perspective, the very best things that can be done to housing are things that improve immersiveness. Like I hinted at above, I think housing right now is so ultra-focused on ostentatious, silly or garish novelty type items like festival items, epic trophies, etc. What is missing for me are more humble details such as any normal house would have. Nice simple touches that make a house a home. That includes exterior as well as interior. I would love to see more foliage and trees and even wildlife in and around housing, and more such options as decorations.

    Overall, the more that can be done to make housing more immersive and realistic vs over-the-top and braggartly, the better.

    I also just want to add that housing neighbourhoods have been a bit dead for awhile, but that's because housing hasn't had any love. This is something I really feel can't be stated enough: If Turbine doesn't put effort into something, it dies. This is true with the Moors as well as housing. It's a chicken and egg thing. If an area of content hasn't been updated in years, you can't say, "well, no one uses it" - they don't use it because it's BORING AND OUTDATED. If people are given more options and more control and more freedom with regard to housing it will become a vibrant, active area of the game again. The limitations with regard to hooks and tiny plots of land and small, cookie-cutter houses are a huge disincentive to use the housing areas. When people are able to have more freedom and control to decorate, and even become competitive about their houses, it will be a much more popular area of the game. /lecture

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    I'd like to see the following, in no particular order:

    1. More flexible hook placement
    2. Stables inside - or directly outside - housing neighborhoods, at least with swift travel to the nearest hub. Pretty please? I'd spend a lot more time in my neighborhood and my kin's neighborhood if I could get there a bit more quickly.
    3. More yard hooks. I love all the different yard decorations and often run out of places to put them.
    4. Windows- this is a small thing but the windows always look the same, regardless of what time of day it is. Lighter colored windows during the day and darker at night would be more immersive. Also - perhaps curtains might be nice?
    5. I love the idea a few people above mentioned about integrating housing more closely with festivals and general gameplay.
    6. Housing in different regions - Lothlorien, Hytbold, Moria, the hobbit area of Enedwaith, all come to mind. Perhaps rep-linked? Becoming kindred with the Galadhrim or completing Hytbold could open up a house for the player. This would have the side benefit of encouraging players to spend more time in areas which are no longer end-game regions. I think the idea of instanced housing behind doors in populated areas (whether Bree or Caras Galadhon or wherever) is intriguing, particularly if these are small houses which are rep-gated.
    7. I do like the idea of being able to own more than one house per account. Obviously this couldn't be just "buy as many as you want" because then we'd run out of housing again. Perhaps this could be linked with point 6 - additional houses, in new areas only, can be earned by rep with higher-level factions? This would be self-limiting to some extent.

    Anyway, can't wait to see what happens
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    1) Increase the number of hooks and make them more compatible with each other (e.g. if you're going to put a table hook 3m away from the chair hook what's the point?)
    (alternative solution to this would be to scrap the idea of hooks completely and let players choose where to place their decorative items)

    2) Allow neighborhoods to have more dynamic environment by adding crafters area and a real marketplace in the central part of every neighborhood.

    3) make the marketplace actually a place where players can come and sell their items and open up a shop of their own! Create empty stands that can be occupied (bought for TP or Mithril Coins) by a player and a 'preview' interface as a sort of a stand where a seller can layout their crafted weapons/armor etc for everyone to see. The interface 'technology' could be copied from the chest interface in players' homes, the only thing that would really need developing is the graphical design of the weapon and armor stand. I believe Turbine's got some capable 3D artists who can work on such trivial things in a small amount of time!

    To simplify the idea;
    step1: design a weapon/armor stand or food/vegetable stand or jeweller's stand (three different graphical presentations) for three different merchant types
    step2: use the same user interface that you use for accessing home chests to allow sellers to place their items to the showcase for everyone to see.
    step3: allow everyone in the vicinity of the stand to only see the showcased items
    step4: once someone decides which item to buy they link it to the seller and he takes the item from the chest and proceeds to trade in the good old-fashioned way

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    I am actually a little hesitant to make suggestions. Sapience informed the community that we should think of the impending housing update as minor tweaks more than major overhaul. Personally, I would love a major overhaul, even if it meant repurchasing a house, since the current system precludes freestyle decoration placement. But I just read a post from someone that would NOT want to have to repurchase, pretty serious vehemence against it too. So, I am not sure what difference suggestions would make. Maybe a good compromise would be open up new housing instances in new areas with a new system and leave the current instances for those that don't want to have to repurchase. Anyway, regardless of the size and scope of the update, I would really like to see a "wardrobe" for housing decorations that would be accessible in decoration mode, not at the vault. One could then just drag the decoration to the hook. This would free up space in vaults and bags.

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    I understand that if this isn't going to be a major update to the system then most of this will be irrelevant but if anyone finds any of this useful then I have achieved something.

    The way I see it the Housing System suffers in three main areas:
    1. Lack of purpose
    -pretty straightforward; there is no reason to spend time in your house or neighborhood other than to store goods.
    2. Lack of content
    -While the amount of items to put into the house is substantial, there is little on the ways of outside entertainment. I.E. interactive items and events.
    3. Location is insignificant
    -There are two meanings behind this problem; not only is it time consuming to travel on foot or mounted to the Housing Communities, but the communities are in locations that do not capitalize on the achievements of the game.

    To improve these issues, I've defined five goals:
    1. Create a captivating system
    -No matter how well you improve the design and layout of the Housing System, if there isn't a reason to come back into the community on a regular basis then the consumers will lose interest and look for more improvements.
    2. Make the Housing Community involved.
    -Simply put, make us feel like a community if you're going to put us in one. I think there is a great opportunity to improve Kinships when you improve the Housing System
    3. Readjust the design to be useful and involving to new/low levels and old/high levels.
    -The requirements and design should not be affected by your level or how long you've played.
    4. Put Housing in better locations with easier access.
    -While the hardest and most costly to implement, I will explain later why it could be the most profitable in the long run.
    5. Make the system profitable for Turbine.
    -It's no secret that LOTRO is a product for a business. The more ways to help keep profitable means the better stability the game has. Win for everyone.

    Ideas to meet these goals:

    1. Add purpose to the community by making the community involved. The first thing I recommend is to split the Housing Community types into two different types; Open-Style and Kinship-Style. Kinships are meant to be a community of friends in the game, so it would only make sense for that community to cross over into Housing. For those who prefer not to be in a kinship could then join the Open-Style Community. You have a great design with every village in Rohan and that is to make the Mead Hall the pinnacle of the community, the "Town Hall" per say. Have the Kinship House the "Town Hall" for Kinship-Style communities and a generic Town Hall of Open-Style. The Kinship Leader would lead from the hall and be able to see the activity of his or her community while the Open-Style could vote on a leader for a certain time frame (Star Wars Galaxies had something similar).
    The next idea to increase activity is to remove housing maintenance costs. For new players this is a strain on what little income they can make, while it only becomes an annoyance to long time players. Instead, make a Housing barter item that can only be obtain by doing quests for the Housing Community. These quests should be limited to a certain number that a player can do in a week but significant enough that community members could pay for the upkeep of their neighbors. If the quests to do these would be inside the neighborhood then they should be more along the line of festival quests and not determined on combat. There should be other reasons to spend the currency other than maintenance - maybe even along the style of Hytbold.
    One thing to stimulate involvement would have NPC's offer rewards for when the Community does a run or event together. An example of this would be to have an NPC offer the community a quest to do the Carn Dum run. Upon completing the quest the Housing Community would be able to hang a banner in their Town Hall of the Carn Dum run.

    2. While it would take a much more significant and costly update than the developers would like to do, I think it would be the best possible solution for multiple reasons. LOTRO is over six years old and each expansion shows the progress it has accomplished over the years. Now that the players have seen the iconic places like Moria, Lothlorien, and Rohan it makes it hard to go back to the starting locations of Bree, Thorin's Hall, and Duillond. Putting communities in these new areas would not only allow older players to be close to their favorite locations but it would also allow new players to get a glimpse of what they are trying to get to. To be able to see daily the newer zones could encourage those that have not bought the regions to spend the Turbine Points to get there. Simply having a swift travel mount inside the Housing Community could allow those low levels into the neighborhood. Allow the main exit to the actual region to be accessible to those who have achieved the requirements.

    3. The final piece would be the Houses themselves. I'm personally not too concerned on how much change is to the house so long as I can start using the items in my house. I would like to be able to lay in my bed or sit at my table. It would also be neat if resting in my bed would give me certain buffs, like a small out of combat run speed or the ability to have +1 hope.

    That's my list, feel free to take what you want out of it. Thanks for at least asking your consumers their opinion. It shows the caliber of company you are.

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    I would love a bigger house, right now it can br a bit cramped, or a taller house so the camera is not so close. My head almost hits the chandelier.

    Im looking at my house now and one thing i would love the most besides the obvious more room to place items as the game gives us more decoration content.

    But is a "free standing" way to place my trophies, right now if i wanted to put my warg trophy in THAT corner of the room but i cant because only small furniture location is there or a thin furniture. Much like how we can now throw traps at our enemies with me being a hunter or place them in certain spots if that helped. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by bahgweed View Post
    But I just read a post from someone that would NOT want to have to repurchase, pretty serious vehemence against it too. So, I am not sure what difference suggestions would make. Maybe a good compromise would be open up new housing instances in new areas with a new system and leave the current instances for those that don't want to have to repurchase.
    Simply put, I do not trust Turbine not to make housing outrageously, unattainably expensive with the revamp, so for that reason alone I do not want to have to repurchase. Especially kin houses I own, because I can only imagine what ridiculous expense would be applied to those. After the housing chest debacle, I have no trust whatsoever in Turbine to not over-monetize to the point of absurdity. I put a lot of time and effort and cash into the houses I own and I don't want any unpleasant surprises.

    I would love a revamp so significant that we all had to start from scratch in an awesome new system, all of our previous houses in the old system scrapped and our items in escrow, upkeep refunded. I really would. A significant update that meant a cool new system and amazing new housing themes would be amazing. But only if they somehow managed to resist the temptation to make it insultingly overpriced, which like I said, I don't trust them to do.

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    What I would like and pay for:
    1) More customization options (more housing items and more places to put them)
    2) More realistic homes (more rooms, doors, windows, tables you can sit at, etc.)
    3) Ability to craft inside my home
    4) Ability to access the Vault inside my home
    5) Ability to access Mail inside my home
    6) Ability to access the Auction House inside my home
    7) A low level Quest Pack featuring housing specific rewards

    Things I would probably not pay for or use, but I have no problem with:
    1) Personal stables
    2) New housing instances
    3) More permissions for house entry
    4) More permissions for house chests
    5) Neighborhood crafting facilities
    6) Neighborhood stable points
    7) More storage

    Things I do NOT want:
    1) A reboot that forces me to compete with everyone else for "the best" houses and kin houses
    2) A reboot that forces me to reacquire things I currently own
    3) Forced community where I have to work with strangers to build or maintain my house or kin house
    4) Degradation in any form that forces me to play just to tread water
    5) Losing my lawn
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    world houses...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lohi View Post
    I don't like this idea. In those games it ruined the look for the world; UO especially. Maybe it works in a free form game with no set lore or pre-existing maps. We don't want shanty towns in Shire or subdivisions in Bree.

    What I'd like is that the existing housing areas stop being isolated enclaves away from civilization. Bree and Duillond housing is the worst offenders here. Ie the Shire housing should feel like a real town, either a part of Michel Delving or at least a town on a major road; and Bree housing should be in the Bree area, perhaps near Staddle or such.

    One idea I've had in the past is that the housing actually be in the existing world. Doors exist everywhere that go nowhere. Turn those doors into instanced housing. The door on a farm house in Bywater becomes a door to an actual house. Mutliple players can share that door and go to their own house instance. The same with all those unused doors in Bree, Thorin's hall, Celondim, Rivendell, etc. You get a choice of all the styles you like this way. This means the housing is integrated into the world itself instead of replicating 1960s gated communities.
    I love these ideas... Not sure how the transfer from the old to new style would work if this were implemented, but I would gladly ditch my house and everything in it to own a house in Lothlorien.

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    I'm not reading through the entire thread, but I have only one basic suggestion:

    Either get rid of hooks, or make them so plentiful that it looks like there are none.

    House interiors (even small ones) are huge empty gymnasiums with a lone piece of furniture in the middle of the room, posters on the wall, and the odd doo-dad against the walls. I can run several steps to get from one side to the other. There is no real customization.

    I just pretend that my home is actually a museum... because that's what it looks like. It sure isn't a home.

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    Don't know if anyone said this one. If so, I'd like to add my enthusiasm.
    It would be great if there was a procedure for a kin to take a group picture and submit it to some official. If it was acceptable (ie nothing objectionable in the picture), the kin would be rewarded (or would have to pay for) a frame that would allow them to hang the picture in their kinhouse. I believe that this would add a great deal to kin solidarity and housing identity.

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    This is going to be a fairly lengthy post, so bare with me.

    I have played many MMOs with different takes on housing, however, most end up being some sort of dumpster for things you find or for an overflow of game related #### you can't cram into the bank or some sort of alternative to shared storage. However, I think for an MMO you need plenty of things to do which are fun, take time (progression), have challenges, allow for creativity and are expandable as the game develops. These metagame concepts help dramatically to keep players playing, especially when there are lapses in story based MMOs where the content comes in clumps and developers find players coming and going rather than sticking around.

    Housing is an example of taking the technology that already exists with housing and combine it with other developed technology to create a metagame level of content.

    Suggestion: Convert Housing to Estates.

    I envisage an estate to be a large solo instanced region or group instanced region for kins, one you receive kindred reputation with a particular rep it allows you to become a land holder for the respective rep, ie once you get to kindred with Men of Bree then the Mayor will allow you to purchase a parcel of land and attract followers. You will begin with the lowest rank/title upon first purchase and each rank will be tiered which limits what buildings and upgrades you have access to.

    Each Estate will have a difficulty level, lower level reps and zones will have easier estate maps while higher level reps will have more difficult and challenging estate maps, ie a Thorin's Hall estate will be low level and relatively easy, an Iron Garrison Estate in Moria will be higher level and provide a lot harder with more challenges so you can choose the level of challenge you are after.

    Estate will utilise the same mechanics used in the current housing system with the placement of items, but it would be a lot more modular and allow you to totally customise your estate, rather than instantly placing things down, things you place will queue a building order and your idle serfs/peons/followers will build things that are queued up. They take time to build/repair, will require resources based on what they are building.

    You can spend time in your Estate gathering resources and can also assign your peons to gather resources. Perhaps building a specific type of building will change a generic peon to a farmer or forester or miner. An estate zone can have other NPC settlements, bandits, raiders and of course strongholds for the servants of Sauron. Lower tiered resources will be relatively close to your estate, higher tiered resources further and further away and more contested. Building barracks, guard posts, towers, etc can help you to secure supply lines and help convert surplus people into military type people who will help protect your estate and your peons within range of them who are attacked.

    You should be able to outfit your personal house/keep/stronghold/whatever, but npc buildings you create will have stock interiors. But you basically get the current level of customisation with your own residential property. Kin level estates will include a larger instance, more challenges and of course allow you to have a kin hall which could be a more elaborate Castle at the highest tiers.

    While it would require more work than to just add a few minor modifications to the existing housing system, I think it could be a significant addition to the game and give kins especially a lot more to do as a group. I should emphasis that it shouldn't be something you can max out in a few weeks, it should be something that should take years to reach the highest tiers and achieve the highest titles. Rome wasn't built in a day. :P

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    Yet another long post

    Not sure if I wrote this somewhere sometime...so sorry if I will repeat.
    My first note is that any change should please players and generate income for Turbine. Second note - housing should not become private towns with crafting facilities, stables etc. And now to suggestions.

    1 Divide each house into certain blocks.
    Question:How would it function?
    Answer: let us imagine a house. One block is outside walls, another- inside walls (already functioning), second block - roof, third block - windows, fourth block - interrior floor (already functioning), fifth block - fence.
    2 Each house comes with predefined block design. Player may choose some (mainly floor/musics...) from vendor. Others are purchasable from Lotro store paying with Turbine points. Some may be given for reputation deeds, like "become Kindred with this faction and get a right to barter This Region roof". Due to $ - this should be very rare thing.
    Question: what could store offer then?
    Answer: different patterns. Example: if default roof is red, then store could offer 'Rohan-style' (green with golden patterns) or Lothlorien-style (say, golden with some Elven ornament). Outside walls may be from stabdard woods (vendor) or once again - regions/race style (Lotro store). Windows may be from simple glass (default), coloured or mosaic glass (Lotro store).
    Question:so I could decorate each wall in different stylre?
    Answer: i would suggest - no, it may be too problematic. One style - one block.
    Question:what about items being bound?
    Answer:Suggest "bound to account". If I have all vault overflooded, I could wish to transfer item to my alt that has enough of space.
    3 Furniture. Once again - give us options. Example:currently we have 1 chest of 1 style. Why not offer different styles in Lotro store? Also, furniture should be something I can interact with. Example: curenewtly I can ignite fireplace, but if I go to the table with maps/dishes or book storage - I could do nothing. There could be some movements associated with that, like "reading scroll", "eating" and alike.
    4 Different house types. Currently player may choose only between standard (2 smalls rooms) and deluxe house (1 big room +2 small rooms). What if we offer new types of house, like "small" (preivous standard), "standard (4 rooms), "big" (1 big room, 4 rooms), "deluxe (2 floors, each with 1 big room and 4 rooms)?
    Question:what about homesteads? We can't expand them!
    Answer: there could be some homesteads marked as "deluxe" consisting only of Deluxe houses. Or "Big" homesteads for big houses only.
    Question: and what about ca$h? how Turbine would make cash of it?
    Answer: possibly - allowing to upgrade house for Mithril coins/big sum of TP. Making VIPs to upgrade house for in-game currency (but only VIPs, not premiums/free).
    Question:what about Kinship houses then?
    Answer: for some in-game gold they should be upgraded to add even more space. Currently it has enrtance room,l big room, small room and a small room at the second floor. it could be expanded to:
    first floor - entrabce room, big room, 4 other rooms;
    second floor - big room, 4 other rooms (may be even be named after Kin leaders, like "Kin master's cabinet" etc).
    5 House upgrades. these may be include, say, cellars or some structures that may be added to a house. These are purely decorational and could be purchasable: the most primitive ones - at vendor, all others - for Turbine points. The functioning of decorations could be discussed. These may include, say, structure with some folks working there or even stables with some horses (non-interactable though)
    Question:how would it work then?
    Answer: like vault expanding: "Add more space, pay 5 gold"--> "Add building A, pay 500 TP".

    That ends my suggestions.

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    Everything less then "housing" in RIFT or in the upcoming EQ:Landmark is outdated. A real good housing - a housing as content - needs construction and freedom.
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  22. I'd wager most of the suggestions in the last 6 pages pretty much sum up what everyone wants.
    More Trophies from Raids and Instances.
    Maybe pets (wasn't there a dog or something?)
    More hooks/rooms, adjustable hooks.

    One of the big problems with housing as it stands now is that it's little more than an extra vault and not a cheap one either there's very little to do in neighbourhoods.
    I've organised "Moria Keg runs" where a bunch of people all take turns at the Moria Keg and see where they end up which is kind of fun.
    But it would be cool if there was more, maybe tie some of the festival events to the neighbourhoods, having side quest/festival type events year round in the neighbourhoods.
    Merging neighbourhoods as well could be interesting or changing how they work, maybe instead of instancing the entire neighbourhood area only the houses are instanced so you'd all share the same basic area but the houses themselves go to separate areas.
    So 1 neighbourhood instance but all the houses would be instanced separately.
    Doing it that way you could even have the housing in the regular game world and properly connected to the map.
    Doing it this way would even allow people to occupy houses in towns like Bree, Duillond and Thorin's Hall and could work in revamps for those areas.
    Like using the area where all the old weapon and armour vendors in Thorin's Hall for a housing area and expanding it a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by radspakr View Post
    Merging neighbourhoods as well could be interesting or changing how they work, maybe instead of instancing the entire neighbourhood area only the houses are instanced so you'd all share the same basic area but the houses themselves go to separate areas.
    So 1 neighbourhood instance but all the houses would be instanced separately.
    Doing it that way you could even have the housing in the regular game world and properly connected to the map.
    Cool idea on some levels, but this would remove any ability for players to individualize the exterior of their homes/yards. Could work for apartments in Bree and other areas, but not for the housing neighbourhoods that already exist. Would also need to consider what would happen if friends who owned that same apartment/house wanted to visit each other's place.

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    Edit: Sorry if this specific model was already discussed...

    Check the Everquest (not EQII) model. It is, by many, considered the best out there:

    Edit: 2 housing lots per character

    A neighborhood has about 71 housing lots of different types. The different types indicate the number of outside items that can be placed as well as the cost. A neighborhood has 4 guild hall lots.
    If a neighborhood fills up, another is created. No housing shortage.
    You must log into the character who leases a lot/owns a house at least once every 90 days or lose the lot. Everything is tossed into escrow.
    You have the option after setting up a house to template the layout so if you move, get kicked out or whatever and come back later you can set up faster.

    You lease a lot.
    You buy one of about 30 different types/flavors of houses, some with one room, some with three, some single level, some double. Exteriors of all kinds.
    Free placement of house on lot.
    No hooks.
    Depending on the type of house, you have from 300-600 interior placements allowed. Anything that is placeable in the game is marked Placeable and can be placed in housing (the item will say if it is interior/exterior only if that is the case). This allows you to place those weapons or shields or other items you've found in the game but just can't bear to part with. I have a ranger there, one of my rooms is full of all the bows I've collected along the way, about 40 or so, all on the wall for all to view.
    There is also a Closet which can hold a few hundred items and Moving Crates. Moving Crates are meant to be used if you want to actually move, one click and everything in the house is packed up. But if you get a packing crate you can "sink" it below the floor line and then use it for additional storage.
    Placement is Free, Wall, Collision.
    You can turn, flip and tilt items.
    Items can be player created, found, or store bought. The store bought items are cheap and are most of the time well worth it.
    In addition to interior placement allocation, you have exterior, the numbers escape me at the moment but is about 90 average. This allows you to free place trees, shrubs, fences, light posts, weaponry, fountains, you name it, its there. At my house I have an archery range with a wooden bullseye with arrows and axes embedded in it. A bench with a gazeebo is off to the side, a bow is leaned against the bench and one lays on top of it.
    You can leave mounts/pets (4-6) in your yard (pets can be inside but take up one of the slots no matter where they are placed). They can be told to stay in place, follow you around, or roam freely within the yard.
    You have free placement outside, which means you can float items.
    You can make items larger or smaller than their default size.
    You can place crafting stations in the house or yard.
    You have full access rights administration.

    Guilds (kins) can lease a lot in a neighborhood (4 guild house lots per neighborhood). If you feel rich, you can actually purchase an entire neighborhood for your guild alone (iirc there are 71 housing lots).
    Guild halls can hold from about 2000 - 5000 items iirc, could be off there but I know a grand holds well over 3000 items.
    Guild members can be allowed to place items.
    All placement is as with housing.
    Guild halls can be populated with NPCs (bankers, vendors, etc.) and crafting stations.
    The Guild Hall has a huge storage capacity (mine was excess of 1000).

    I could go on and on but you get the gist. My recommendation if you haven't already done it (dev team). Sneak into that other game (it's F2P) and check out their housing. I won't tell anyone, I promise.
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Cool idea on some levels, but this would remove any ability for players to individualize the exterior of their homes/yards. Could work for apartments in Bree and other areas, but not for the housing neighbourhoods that already exist. Would also need to consider what would happen if friends who owned that same apartment/house wanted to visit each other's place.

    The use of something like the Hytbold system could possibly work showing different things depending on your preferred instance/neighbourhood.
    Or there could be a generic version visible of the house and it changes once you enter the yard according to settings and possibly switching layers to visit the same house in a different instanced version via a ui option similar to layered instances.

    Also with a layer type UI players could choose who can see their house so if a player wants no one to see his house it won't show up in the layer menu.
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