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    Quote Originally Posted by Reximus View Post
    Housing hooks are pretty unique from my MMO experience, and lets be honest, they suck.
    They're pretty common actually.

    My point is more along the lines of instead of saying "StupidGameQuest II has a great housing system, we should use theirs", players should suggest "how about not having housing hooks", plus have additional suggestions (because getting rid of hooks may be too difficult).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galuhad View Post
    I'd rather abolish housing neighbourhoods completely. I would like to see private instanced landscapes, which are free to build in how I want and where I want (complete free-placement).

    Private instances can be snapshots of any existing locations in a variety of sizes, enclosed with invisible walls. Basic locations such as Duillond, Breeland, The Shire, and Thorins's Gate (based off current locations) could be available for free to anyone who wants to take an instance. Premium locations such as Kingstead, Forochel, Lothlorien, Mirkwood or wherever could be available in the store. As new landscapes are released in the future, housing locations could also be created in the store. House in Gondor anyone? Players may have two active slots in which to put these locations (additional purchased landscapes will be shown under 'inactive' housing instances). Kinships would have one active slot. Additional active slots could be purchased in the store, meaning players could create multiple housing instances at the same time.

    Access to the private instance would be through the new housing panel, which would also allow you to search other people's houses and visit their instances (unless set to private). Players could also 'like' instances they visit, if they feel the owner has done a good job, providing gamers with a ranking of most liked housing etc. Players would also be free to name their housing instance (subject to normal naming policies).

    Once inside the instance, the player will have an almost blank canvas. The landscape will be the same as it's live counterpart, with trees and rocks all matching etc. but the building of the house will be down to the player. They will effectively have free-placement to either build a house from scratch using walls, blocks, tiles, roofs, trees and so on to get the house they want, the size they want. Or use a pre-built house which can be crafted or bought in the store. Items will then be placed wherever the user wants on an XYZ axis, with rotation control through yaw, pitch and roll, and also scalable through each of the different axis. Players could also for fun, maybe have some monsters to place to make it interesting for visitors. Imagine visiting someone's housing instance and coming across a group of orcs trying to cause damage to the area.

    Items to be used in the instance could be anything: building materials for houses (stairs, different styles of walls, tiles, bricks, stones, glass etc.), landscape objects (trees, flowers, shrubs, rocks, water, fences, scarecrows), decoration objects (vases, books, bookcases, trophies, tables, chairs, lights, rugs, beds, foods, pictures, candles etc.), AoE music boxes, AoE weather systems... and so much more, really anything that exists in the game already could be used. Either purchased from NPCs, looted, crafted, or bought in the store. Some items, for example building materials, should be crafted, but if they are also available for a reasonable price in the store then that too would be Ok for people who don't want to wait. The items will be free-placed, rotatable, and scalable, giving more possibilities through object morphing. If they can be dyed as well then even better.

    A Lua API could be implemented at the same time which would provide authors access to each item, the ability to place an item, and to modify it. This way we can write plugins to assist people in building their instances - duplicate items, manage exact placement etc.

    Really the idea here is that players have the opportunity to be as creative as they like, with an almost endless number of possibilities. The system would also allow for future expansion through new landscapes and items, which could be very profitable. But for players who do want something more simple, then they can craft/buy a ready-made house that can be dropped into their landscape and then decorated how they want.

    If this sounds like a stretch, then I'd recommend taking a look at dimensions in Rift.

    If such an update is not possible, and really we're only going to end up with little more than additional hooks then I'd rather the time was spent on other improvements to the game - go hard or go home.

    ^This Just Made My LIFE!!!!!!!

    If you could pull this off lotro I would....I would love you forever

    Shut up and take my money!!!

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    Pls take away the hook system. Free placement is what the housingsystem needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arch07js1 View Post
    - housing-hobbies. integrate the housing system and hobby systems for a one-two punch. gives hobbies a centralized instance location and brings life to the neighborhoods. boom. and the same could be said for festivals too... hmm

    - Aeg
    I like this. Not sure if this is what you mean't, but I'd love (in some respects) the ability to see only 1 layer for all neighborhoods, and each door lead to a different, select-able, layer's corresponding house. So long as we could still use permissions for houses we have access to in at least 1 layer, I'd love to be able to set which yard I want to visually see. Basically what I mean is players can vote for different houses, and the highest scored ones for each plot will be displayed by default. However, if you buy one, or if you set any plot to display a specific player's yard, then it will show that one unless said otherwise. Using any undefined plot's doors will result in a pop-up window like neighborhood gates have. You can see who owns each different layer as well as their home's score. You can then enter any house that enables visitors. Not sure if I'm making myself clear or not, but I think this would be a wonderful way to make neighborhoods more universally communal.
    Also, following up with what arch07js1 said, if there was only 1 main layer for each neighborhood, and the main outside area shared 1 layer (unless needed a dynamic layer), then it could be possible to have festivals take place either exclusively in neighborhoods, or just in addition/as a mirror to existing festival grounds.
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    Last thing then I promise I'll shut up (probably going to lie)

    Anyway I've seen so many posts about different themes which is when I get excited but then they are like "like in Rohan and...."

    And I lose hope

    Here's what I want.

    I want every house to be different!

    I think I've said this 3 times but I keep adding on I think.

    Anyway back to my point.

    1. Every house Should be different.

    2. Every house can have a different theme


    I mean like themes and atmospheres to your house

    Imagin this:

    1. A dark house with ruins out front and maybe even the house itself is in somewhat ruins with vines growin up the side and tall grass around it and inside it looks somewhat like a broken down castle and when you get near the house everything becomes darker and more creepy.

    2. A smugglers house where all it is is a mound of grass and a trap door down into a cellar room with chests filled with gold or daggers up on the walls so something kind of secretive looking and burglarish. Trap door and a cellar an idk that kind of theme


    3. A wizard tower house. Maybe like a semi big tower kind I like the elf ones now but taller and maybe like 3 floors and possibly adding the option to climb latters? But being a rune keeper I woul love a wizard tower! Maybe have runes floating around it and old bookshelves and the atmosphere of magic in the air! This would be so cool for me!

    4. Just throwing around ideas but creep houses?

    Anyway I guess my focus is having more options with housing and have a different atmosphere that could be customizable for all houses.

    Make people want to see others houses and I love the idea about house ranking so others would want to come and see yours and you get ratings and stuff I don't know.

    So yeah different atmospheres/themes with each house and not one house the same.

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    I'd like to see more interactive housing items. It'd be good if alts could have their own houses too. If not, it would be cool if they are in the house when you visit.

    Could you implement some form of xp benefit/perhaps increased gold drops from mobs or something similar if your character 'goes to sleep' in their bed at home before you log out like Final Fantasy Online does? Perhaps this xp boost/effect could accumulate like the old VIP one did. This feature could be made VIP only, who would of course still get their daily xp boost in addition.

    Could we have a tapestry of our character? This could be a low level quest chain which has a quest every 10 levels and starts in either Bree, Hobbiton, or Ered Luin. Each quest would require us to gather materials for the npc to help them make an extraordinary tapestry of a hero for their home. By the end of the chain, as our character's have become so renowned for all of the deeds we have performed (and is now level 95), the npc decides to make a tapestry featuring our character. This could be a premium quest chain that you could charge say 500tp for account-wide access to the chain. VIPs would get the chain for free.

    I'd like to have a stable that shows my horses. It could perhaps show just a selection which we can change whenever we like. Swift travel to anywhere in-game would be available from our stable.

    Could we perhaps have a homestead Festival or perhaps festival quests in our homestead for the existing festivals? The festival quests could involve the community helping to shore up the area for winter, clearing up leaves in Autumn, planting flowers in spring, tending flowers in summer etc. Communities who do not do these quests homesteads fall into a state of disrepair.

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    Sooooo many ideas for housing! Some hopefully are achievable within the first couple of updates next year, others would obviously be longer term processes. I can only hope that the reason things were held off is that Turbine are starting to look a bit bigger than they initially thought they'd do. Hopefully instead of quite minimal changes we might get some more significant improvements they hadn't initially envisaged. Hopefully.

    Something that I think should be possible in the short term would be to add stable locations at the neighbourhood entrances. This would make them easier to access for visitors and would make access crafting facilities easier too. My other thought about crafting would be to have crafting facilities near the neighbourhood vendors that only allow forester, prospector and farmer (small field plot) work. That way we'd have another reason for people to gather in neighbourhoods, without detracting too much from the need to craft in-town.

    We need more freedom when it comes to decorating our houses. At a very basic level that would mean more hooks, and more sensible placement of hooks.

    Along with others, I'd like to see the ability to use in house mannequins we could display outfits on. A similar thing could be done with a single horse outside, with either standard horses or war-steed appearances.

    Allow small items to be placed/hooked on tables/shelves.

    More wall and floor surface options. Bring in some different ceiling surfaces.

    The ability to change the outside appearance of houses, much like we can with the inside surfaces. Same goes for the ground cover of the yard.

    Working doors rather than just doorways, like we have in many of the Rohan houses.

    Reasonable pricing for storage, not the huge jump we have now. Kinhouse storage that can be customised for the different ranks. If it's too difficult with the new system then give kinhouses two such chest access points. One for all members or just kinsmen/women and not recruits, one for officers and leader.

    Quests from the neighbourhood areas that result in gaining new features to our houses, such as cosmetic stable to display a horse or upgrades for the house, or tied to some race celebrations for a new decoration/surface.

    To help bring life to neighbourhoods there could be some incentive or assistance given to hold events. Perhaps the easiest would be to link it to a festival, perhaps the Anniversary, or Summer. For any events that were held at other times, some sort of in-game community notice board would be great (would have to go through some sort of moderation process I would say). Not everyone checks the forums, or perhaps knows about the LotroArtists calendar.

    And the really big dreams? Perhaps, after some initial improvements are made to the existing housing, we could have housing possible for each character (not account) and new housing areas introduced. As others have suggested, use the non-functional doors already in place in Bree, MD, Cellondim, Thorin's to have apartments (though I'd like some with a bit of yard space too personally). I'd love to have a flet in Lorien/CG, something in Mirkwood would be great too, though might be harder to implement or Rohan (rep gated most likely). Allow players to pick varying types/sizes of homes, but they can decide where the rooms go. Or just offer a number of floorplans to choose from. If we can't have more than one house per account, and new areas or housing types were brought in, players could pay with in-game gold or TP to move location.

    Items hooked to particular surfaces (walls/floor/ceiling), if not actual free placement. Limit the number of items a house can contain overall, or how many objects there can be on the floor/wall/ceiling if need be.

    The ability to upgrade houses to add rooms/extensions.

    It would be nice to see some subtle seasonal variations in the neighbourhoods, but I'm not sure it could snow/rain in the dwarf housing area being underground, and snow during winter wouldn't be applicable to all climates either. Hmmm.
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    Not to specifically call out, but I like and somewhat dislike some of your ideas and will just explain my opinions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ellieni View Post
    I'd like to see more interactive housing items. It'd be good if alts could have their own houses too. If not, it would be cool if they are in the house when you visit.
    Love the interactive items like Draigoch's Fireplace, Unwelcome Mat, and all rare raid cosmetics, but I'd like if they either gave other ways to get the old ones, and certainly that they add a lot of new ones, not all related to raids (especially with the recent lack of them).
    Could you implement some form of xp benefit/perhaps increased gold drops from mobs or something similar if your character 'goes to sleep' in their bed at home before you log out like Final Fantasy Online does? Perhaps this xp boost/effect could accumulate like the old VIP one did. This feature could be made VIP only, who would of course still get their daily xp boost in addition.
    I would like this, but who is going to stay on, in their house, doing nothing for an hour or whatever? Maybe they can accumulate a buff if they are just in their neighborhood, but I'd say a big issue with that is then people will want it to spread to cities, and it will become an even bigger xp source. Also, they need to sort out xp disabling in the first place better than it is, and not add it to an RP location such as neighborhoods. If the only way of getting the buff is AFKing though, that should not be particularly encouraged in my opinion, not directly by Turbine.
    Could we have a tapestry of our character? This could be a low level quest chain which has a quest every 10 levels and starts in either Bree, Hobbiton, or Ered Luin. Each quest would require us to gather materials for the npc to help them make an extraordinary tapestry of a hero for their home. By the end of the chain, as our character's have become so renowned for all of the deeds we have performed (and is now level 95), the npc decides to make a tapestry featuring our character. This could be a premium quest chain that you could charge say 500tp for account-wide access to the chain. VIPs would get the chain for free.
    Interesting, but it would need to update-able for whenever they changed their hair or whatever. Also, I'd like it if you could select 1 of your current cosmetic slots to make the picture of you with.
    I'd like to have a stable that shows my horses. It could perhaps show just a selection which we can change whenever we like. Swift travel to anywhere in-game would be available from our stable.
    I do want a stable that can display mounts very much, but the stable-master should just be in the center of the neighborhood, so it's not too NPC lagged.
    Could we perhaps have a homestead Festival or perhaps festival quests in our homestead for the existing festivals? The festival quests could involve the community helping to shore up the area for winter, clearing up leaves in Autumn, planting flowers in spring, tending flowers in summer etc. Communities who do not do these quests homesteads fall into a state of disrepair.
    Disrepair should never happen, but I do think it would be nice to have nodes of snow, leaves, whatever, that you can clean up daily/weekly during a festival to get a Token of Appreciation, which you can trade in for special neighborhood features or cosmetics.
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    One thing I would really like to see with housing is more customization options. Allow us to move different sized wall items all over our walls, floor items around the floor etc. Perhaps a grid layout system...items take up x number of squares, you can arrange them as you like as long as no squares overlap. More flooring, wallpaper and furniture options would also be appreciated.

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    So far my biggest issue with housing aside from the hook system that is complained about by all, are my options for residence. We have had plenty of expansions opening up new and amazing areas. Its time to start giving us new "towns" to have a neighborhood. So heres a quick list of places I'd love to see.

    Rohan - a bit obvious at this point, but I absolutely LOVE the houses and details of the buildings in Rohan. That would be my first choice for any house in the game. I love it.

    Lorien - Plenty of players that are elves of Lorien out there. I don't see why they wouldn't be able to atleast return home. Restrictions could be placed if needed. Whether its a racial restriction, level, or standing with lorien rep.

    For the next two, it goes in with something else I've always wanted since the release of the game. It would mean opening up the wilderlands, northern parts of mirkwood, dale, the lonely mountains etc.

    Mirkwood -again we have the elves all over, we even get to go to the southern portion of our lands. I'd love to pick up some spare daggers from the greenwood kingdom. again restrictions would make sense just like lorien.

    Lonely mountain - a new hall for the dwarves to see and explore and re settle now that it has been a number of years since the death of Smaug.

    Dale - goes along with the other two I mentioned. We have people "from Dale" running around, let them go home and explore the ruins of laketown etc.

    with those areas also open to explore there is a chance for plenty of questing, dailies, and more. We don't need some long epic quest line to go there and enjoy ourselves. seeing it all in its glory would be huge. and earning our way to have a home there is even better I say. Soon we'll be in the first parts of Gondor, but so much of middle earth is about to be left behind and untouched it seems. And to have so many different types of housing styles to choose from would be just epic! =D

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    Housing Revamp Idea

    from https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...ng-Revamp-Idea

    Housing is something that could give players some 'content' to enjoy that need not be constantly increased. It's a horizontal method of advancement, allowing the player to sink time (and TP) into something fun other than killing/questing, yet have something to show for their time. While it is not likely to be a big 'attraction' to LotRO, it will, if done well, help to keep people playing.

    Current Housing:
    Current housing stays mostly the same. I think a few small changes are important to make current housing valuable.

    Housing must be available for all who want it. If this means taking abandoned houses and putting stuff in indefinite escrow, so be it. Or if more housing needs to be added, it's worth the cost.

    Add one building (in Bree, this would be large courtyard with facilities around it) to each housing section. A central gathering place. It would require zoning upon entering and would include an auction house, mailbox, vault, and crafting facilities, as well as a stablemaster. If taking the stable from the city nearest a neighborhood, this would be the stables you would ride to (swift travel only). Landscape entrances to neighborhoods would remain as they are.

    Stables from Housing neighborhoods to starter zones are all automatically unlocked. All other major faction hub travel points are unlocked at 'Ally' reputation.

    Housing 'map' leads to this main gathering area.

    New Housing:
    For an example, we'll use Bree. Several unused buildings in Bree, scattered throughout, are now apartment buildings. When using the door, a list is given of the people who 'rent' an apartment there. The list works like the neighborhood list.

    Different sizes of apartments are available, from a simple one-room, to a three bedroom with basement and courtyard(s)/balcony(ies).

    Any new housing tech (free form placement, displayable armour/weapons/etc, pets, whatever...) should be implemented here.

    Housing 'map' should be to a central Bree location. Boar fountain or some such location.

    Stables from West Bree and South Bree to major faction hub travel points are unlocked at 'Ally' reputation.

    New Neighborhoods:
    Two new areas are added inside Bree, and two new areas are added on the hill behind the Prancing Pony and east of the Boar Fountain. The neighborhoods in town function somewhat similar to existing neighborhoods, except with current technology, and close proximity to Bree's facilities. They are also significantly smaller than existing neighborhoods, so that it's not a long run to the various facilities in Bree.

    The neighborhoods on the hills start with empty plots of land, and a player pays to have a house built. As the necklace in Isengard gets upgraded, you start with a one room house, and upgrade it to different styles. There are 10 different total possibilities, three of which would be large enough for a kinhouse.

    Neighborhoods/apartments in new zones:
    Housing could be added to new areas. It would be in addition to the one house per account. The additional houses would not be available to characters who have not met the appropriate rep/level requirements for the city they're in.

    Basic changes to all housing:
    Any person or kin can purchase any house, limit one house per acct or kinship.

    There are eight total housing map points (Duillond neighborhoods/Duillond, Bree neighborhoods/Bree, Thorin's neighborhoods/Thorin's Hall, Michel Delving neighborhoods/Michel Delving). A character may bind their housing map to any one of the eight locations. Additional housing maps may be purchased for each of the others via the LotRO store. Maps take you to the town center... you run to your house from there.

    Trees/bushes/flowers that grow when watered (water 5 times, sapling changes to small tree, etc), watering has a cooldown of a few hours.

    Harvestable plants/trees. Just like finding an indigo plant in the wild... if you planted it in your yard, you can harvest it once it's full grown.

    Housing map has a cooldown of 1 minute, and can take an entire fellow.

    You can 'muster' to your own house/kinhouse.

    Pets, outside and inside your house. All the cosmetic LM pets, plus a few others.

    Rest XP generation while in-game at your house, double generation if logged out at your own house.

    When leaving your house, you get a +2 hope bonus that lasts for 10 minutes.

    Ability to add 'chests' (new woodworker craft) to your house... only limitation on number of chests is how many single items can be in your house. Chests can have individual permissions.

    Weapon and Armour racks (new woodworker craft). Can hold one to three full set of armour or anywhere from one to ten weapons. Weapon racks can be wall mounted or freestanding, chosen at time of crafting.

    Houses start out as truly empty, with bare walls and no fireplaces, and everything, including wainscoting, must be added by the player. (May have to add a stonemason profession to build fireplaces/firepits, or just have them purchasable, with fancy ones available in the store).

    New 'Moving Service'. When renting a house or appartment you are given a choice to spend a little extra coin (or possibly TP) to 'move' your stuff from your old house to your new one.

    I'm sure there are many more suggestions... the big ones are

    More space!

    Freestyle decorating!

    [I'm sure there's more I could add now... as this is from a while back... maybe sometime ]
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    I think you need to get rid of the existing neighborhoods and have a simple expandable plot instance to start off. Not sure how much of a load on the server my idea could have but here goes.

    House are instanced initially into a plot according to their size that's not connected to any neighborhood instance. Player can upgrade the size of the house from simple => deluxe => large => kinhouse without having to move out. The player has an option to join their house to a kin or public neighborhood. The neighborhood could be overlapping 8s with the kinhouse/public facilities in the middle. Houses are able to attach and alongside the inside or outside ring.

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    -Ability to place items anywhere(got more items then space)
    -Show of our mount collection in our home via stable
    -More housing homesteads in other zones e.g Lorien/Rohan
    -Armour cabinets of some sort(when we have obtained an entire set of an armour set and we dont want to equip it anymore we can put it in a nice cabinet to show off)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fralin View Post
    Call me a cynical person but that wording sounds an awful lot like it would be VERY late next year or even 2015 (unforseen bugs and difficulties) that this will be released. I'd be pleasantly surprised if it was before June... then again, I might get an unpleasant surprise with the changes... who knows? But the wording has me worried though, especially the "throughout the year" part. The only way to talk about it throughout the year is if it doesn't release for a year or so.
    I found the wording of this very discouraging as well. Is this a priority or not? We've been waiting for YEARS for improvements to housing, and it was promised this year, now it's not coming until next year, and this wording makes it sound like "don't hold your breath." I tend to be a patient person with a positive attitude about things, but this is starting to really anger me. If we end up waiting months and months and all we get are a few extra high priced hooks I'm going to go full-on Smeagol.

    Here are my suggestions (apologies I know some are repeats, but wanted to list what I consider to be priorities):


    • Revisit the housing storage prices. I simply can't find enough ways to express how insulting to the player base those prices are. It's ridiculous and offensive.
    • A proper stable master at each housing region. It's unnecessarily difficult to get to and from these locations unless you are a hunter or warden.
    • Do away with hook system, or at the very least add more hooks and make all items usable in any hook. Trust us to decorate things nicely ourselves, we don't need restrictions to keep us from doing something that looks dumb. Plus a large percentage of the Hytbold/Rohan housing items are unusable because they are incorrectly flagged (bookshelves and cabinets set for large furniture instead of wall slots). Let us decide where to put stuff.
    • Give us more options regarding the outdoor and indoor appearance of our houses - different layouts, different terrain choices, different ceilings, windows and doors, different lighting options, different exterior building textures, sidewalk and fencing options, etc.
    • More flooring tiles and wallpaper options - the current offering is really limited.
    • More, and more varied, trees please. I tend to decorate exteriors with trees, and there just aren't enough sizes and varieties. And not just single trees - I'd love to see some clusters of trees, miniature forests, etc. We have huge housing hooks with very few items that we can use there, why not make a forest to fit those?
    • Enable us to decorate our entire plot, not just a few spots here and there. Some houses have massive plots, with just a few hooks.
    • Eliminate or drastically lower the cooldown on housing travel skills. We really should be able to go there as often as we like. The current cooldown does nothing but deter usage of housing.
    • Do away with character-bound items, switch those to account-bound for easier decorating.

    Nice to haves:

    • Per-character housing would be much appreciated. It's unreasonable to expect all 14 of my characters on Landroval to live in one house, and while it's easy enough to create side accounts and buy houses that way it's not ideal. I want houses that are properly named to the character and travel skills that take them to that doorstep. This is something that could be a store purchase - "unlock extra house on your account", which enables that character to purchase a house. If the prices were along the same lines as the prices for unlocking cosmetic slots or legendary slots I would totally buy this.
    • I would love to have an option to choose to live in a RP encouraged/enforced neighbourhood, just like with servers. Areas where people won't put snowmen in their grassy yard, etc. For existing neighbourhoods, it would be nice if we could just vote on whether to make the neighbourhood RP encouraged/enforced , and majority rules. People who don't like what was decided can move.
    • I think it would be cool if there were new housing areas, but I dislike the idea of having housing in iconic lore areas where it would just not make sense (i.e. Lothlorien, Moria). Here are some suggestions for housing areas I think would be more appropriate:
      • Wildermore - snowy housing area for those who like that kind of thing
      • Evendim, Limlight Gorge area or North Bree-land - a wilderness-ish housing area with cabins and wild, forested terrain (PLEASE!! Several of my characters are hunter/trapper types who would never live "in town").
      • North Downs - new dwarven area accessible via Othrikar area
      • Rivendell - elven housing area that is more woodsy and wild feeling
      • Eregion - an elven themed housing area with beautiful ruins-ish buildings
      • Enedwaith - a new hobbit housing area accessible via Maur Tulhau region, new Dwarven housing area accessible via Thror's Coomb area
      • Hytbold - Rohan-themed housing area accessible to accounts that have at least one Thane
    • Ability to search neighbourhoods by kin name or by character name, to encourage exploration and unplanned visits. People who want privacy can choose to be "unlisted". Characters on our /ignore lists automatically barred from our houses, and from searching for us in housing.
    • Larger plots of land, please. Think 'estate lands' vs 'crowded suburb'. I think the housing areas as they are feel a bit cramped, especially in Bree and Falathlorn.
    • Please, along those lines, more layout options, expansions such as basements, second and third and fourth floors, etc. This is something that could be a good use of the store. An ability to buy extra floors for our houses. I would want the extra floors reflected on the outside appearance as well, though.
    • I'd love to see a housing item shed that can be shared between characters, which is accessible when in decorate mode. STACKABLE and dyeable/paintable furniture items, too, please!!
    • I love the idea of turning some of the doorways in Bree into gateways to new apartment housing instances. Cool idea.
    • PLEASE I would love windows in my house which I can see through, like some of the Bree houses have. I would also like to be able to put a mirror in my house. Love the mirrors.
    • Please give me an option to set the housing lighting to rely on lamps and fireplaces and other lighting sources only within my house, rather than magical ambient light that's just "there".
    • More 'homey' type decorations such as clotheslines and coat hooks and washbasins. I don't see why we have ostentatious decorations like Krankluk's hammer or a statue of Draigoch, but very few humble details like this.
    • Along those lines, we have no mathom cases for our houses, even after all these years? We really need china cabinets and so forth for housing. No need for them to display actual unique items or be interactive or anything fancy like that, but it kind of amazes me that some of our hobbit holes aren't filled with display cabinets and tchotchkes like this. Similarly, please let me put stuff on the mantle of my fireplace, and hang a painting above.
    • I would love to see cool animated terrain decorations such as a small spring or brook with a waterfall running through my property, or a grove of trees with nesting birds or something. This would be a great store item. For that matter, you could make any of a large number of NPCs we see around town into animated housing items, such as a some children playing, or a few people doing laundry at a washbasin or a man loading a cart.
    • It just makes sense to have my wardrobe somehow accessible via my house. I'd love to see that.
    • As others have mentioned, being able to display armour or weapons or quest items we've obtained would be cool.
    • I would love a stable or even just a hitching post where I can display a few travel mounts I've obtained.
    • There are many "shard-dropper" creatures throughout Middle Earth, and it's long annoyed me that there is no meta-deed for killing those. Alternately it would be cool to have a trophy case housing item that, when clicked, gives a list of all the shard-droppers I've killed, or something like that. Similarly, a housing item that allows us to show off the meta-deeds we've completed in this way would be cool, too.
    • To make housing areas more active, why not put in some game playing fields or something? It would be fun to get a small group together to pop by my neighbourhood for a game of golf or tag or something like that.
    • I love the idea that someone suggested, to enable us to hang portraits of our characters in our houses, although I prefer paintings to tapestries.
    • I love the idea someone mentioned of giving us small short-duration buffs for interacting with our housing areas.
    • I would love a privvy or chamber pot!
    • I would love to see more housing types such as wilderness cabins, tree-houses and so forth. Not sure how this could be practically implemented, but I like the idea.
    • I am in favour of adding some fancier housing options that are in-store only, like they have in EQ2. The ability to buy a private housing instance that is themed in unique ways, such as a private island, wilderness region, pirate ship, etc. with TP. I would buy something like this if there was one that had enough room to place several houses for my various characters.
    • I like the idea of mustering to our houses, and I love the idea of being able to bring a fellowship with us to housing via our maps, or via a special travel skill we purchase in-store.
    • Just a thought, but I haven't seen it suggested elsewhere: class-themed housing areas would be really cool. Wizard towers, guardian garrisons, captain fortresses, sinister burglar alleys, hunter forests... the possibilities there are really endless, and a relatively easy way to fit in more fanciful housing options without going overboard and straying too far from the lore.

    Here are some things I do not want to see:

    • I will be furious if the new housing improvements are over-monetized like the storage chests. Apoplectic might be a better word for how I will feel. We've been waiting for YEARS for housing improvements, and while I accept and even welcome some monetization, if you guys go overboard like you did with the housing chests.... there are no words for how hopping mad I will be. I have said this before, but it's an INSULT to the player base. It really is.
    • Please no crafting facilities or auction houses in neighbourhoods. I think this would kill towns.
    • No seasons, I don't like that idea at all. I play the game to escape reality, not to be reminded its cold outside. And as for snowy terrain options in otherwise summery landscapes - just... no. Please. I already hate that people put snowmen in Bree and Shire housing areas.
    • No sweeping changes that remove houses we currently already own and force us to re-buy.
    • Nothing that isn't fully lore-appropriate, which goes without saying.
    • Please, I BEG YOU, NO MORE %^&*#@ MITHRIL COINS to buy stuff that should be buyable via TP (upgrades, items). Having to buy something so that I can buy something makes me want to smash some skulls!! This is seriously a massive pet peeve of mine. Just don't. I freakin' hate mithril coins. Usability should always be paramount. Have some consideration for the end user and just don't. I will seriously leave this game if TP is removed and replaced with mithril. No joke. I hate that kind of evil microtransaction scumbaggery.

    I am someone who spends a pretty decently largish portion of my game-time in housing. I play daily for at least a few hours, and during that time I will be in my housing area multiple times a day, and not just to access storage, but to hang around, tweak decorations, RP, etc. I regularly spend hours at a stretch in housing. It is one of my favourite parts of the game. From my perspective, the very best things that can be done to housing are things that improve immersiveness. Like I hinted at above, I think housing right now is so ultra-focused on ostentatious, silly or garish novelty type items like festival items, epic trophies, etc. What is missing for me are more humble details such as any normal house would have. Nice simple touches that make a house a home. That includes exterior as well as interior. I would love to see more foliage and trees and even wildlife in and around housing, and more such options as decorations.

    Overall, the more that can be done to make housing more immersive and realistic vs over-the-top and braggartly, the better.

    I also just want to add that housing neighbourhoods have been a bit dead for awhile, but that's because housing hasn't had any love. This is something I really feel can't be stated enough: If Turbine doesn't put effort into something, it dies. This is true with the Moors as well as housing. It's a chicken and egg thing. If an area of content hasn't been updated in years, you can't say, "well, no one uses it" - they don't use it because it's BORING AND OUTDATED. If people are given more options and more control and more freedom with regard to housing it will become a vibrant, active area of the game again. The limitations with regard to hooks and tiny plots of land and small, cookie-cutter houses are a huge disincentive to use the housing areas. When people are able to have more freedom and control to decorate, and even become competitive about their houses, it will be a much more popular area of the game. /lecture
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lohi View Post
    The problem here is that it will depopulate other crafting areas in the game. We want to see players in areas other than max level end game and at home crafting, especially on servers where lower level players are rare. A solution would be to have better travel options from housing to nearby public crafting areas.
    Crafting facilities in the common or 'shopping' area of the neighborhood had been advanced as something that was supposed to occur. That is enough instead of in each house. This way you can buy the discounted crafting items and craft in one place.
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    Here are a few ideas on my wish list that have more than likely been mentioned already, but are still worth noting.
    • More crafted housing items. Weapon displays made by Weaponsmiths, more rug layouts from Tailors and maybe even landscape paintings (framed screenshots).
    • Hire NPCs to play your family. This may sound creepy, but could be an asset for those who wish to RP in more depth. Maybe even some livestock that you have to feed every three hours and a field you have to ...wait, nevermind.
    • More interaction between homeowners in a neighborhood. At the risk of suggesting a Homeowners' Association, allow them to vote on a layout or neighborhood decorations or be able to mail to everyone in the neighborhood.
    • Own a home in a town. An attic room for rent in Bree-town or a hobbit hole in Buckland would be nice. Instanced if it needs to be, I'd rather not be limited to these suburban-style homes we have now.
    • More home layouts and exterior decorations to choose from.
    • Toilets! A home is not a home without a toilet or at least an outhouse or even a free-flowing stream up-river from your noisy neighbors.

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    My two big suggestions for housing would be this:

    1) If possible, instead of account wide, have each /character/ have the capacity to own a house. I understand this might screw over some neighborhoods, but my Human would probably live in Bree while my Elves would reside in Falathlorn. Likewise, my Dwarves would want to live in Erun Luin and my Hobbits--no brainer here--in the Shire. This might help use the empty neighborhoods up and allow someone to use all the neat stuff for housing they get throughout the year. Characters would definitely decorate their houses differently.

    2) Do away with rent. I don't really see the point of it. If you pay a mortgage, you pay a fee until you own a house. Why pay for something you already own? I know that it helps cycle out people who've left or been idle forever, but it's still to "rent" something you've paid to own. This might be fixed by having an initial higher rate. alternatively, if you "pay" rent, have a pay to own model.

    Other suggestions, which I'd /really/ love to see:

    1) Open the housing markets to other regions. I have an elf from Rivendell. I'd love for her to own a home there! This would also work really well for Dwarves, Men, and to an extent Hobbits, although Hobbits are more limited. (Maybe a Hobbit homestead in Bree and Brandywine?--Also, home in Rohan for men and eventually Gondor--I mean, how cool would it be to own a house in Minas Tirith?!!!)

    2) More hooks! There are so many wonderful things you can get for a house and yet so few places to put them! It's really frustrating. Even when you upgrade. I'm to the point of wanting a Kinship house just for my own things.

    3) Perks for kinship houses: maybe include some crafting areas and additional storage? Other than having a big house there seems to be little point in owning one for your kin.

    4) More storage. Storage always seems to be the mini-game here. I see you are diligently working on a new inventory system. I loo forward to it and no longer having to wage a war with my bags! (It's almost as evil ad Sauron. )

    I'm sure all of these suggestions would take a lot of work, but if they could even be considered it's be amazing. It's really awesome you're opening up a dialogue on this. Thank you for listening to the community. You guys rock and keep up the awesome work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinervaBaggins View Post
    Do away with rent. I don't really see the point of it. If you pay a mortgage, you pay a fee until you own a house. Why pay for something you already own? I know that it helps cycle out people who've left or been idle forever, but it's still to "rent" something you've paid to own. This might be fixed by having an initial higher rate. alternatively, if you "pay" rent, have a pay to own model.
    If you look closely at your housing panel, it's not rent you're paying, but upkeep. Anyone who's ever owned a house knows that just because it's paid off, doesn't mean it doesn't still cost a lot of money to own. Property taxes, utilities and other services, keeping the house in good repair.

    I think it's an important gold sink in the economy, and it's the one area of the recent housing updates that I'm actually happy with (being able to pay many months in advance). I think it also plays an important role in ensuring that people who are taking up real estate are people who are actually invested in playing the game.

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    It would actually be helpfull if the Devs could provide some guidance on what can and cannot be done soon to make this brainstorming worthwhile.

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    Wishes for housing:

    - a) get rid of hooks (each house can contain a number (perhaps upgradeable) of locked down (placed) items as furniture) with free placement inside and outside (turnable around, movable upd/down at a wall)
    - b) or at least get rid of the hooks for small, slim whatsoever sort of hooks, that do not accept other items (especiably those special furniture hooks with such a small variety to place there) making them accept every sort of furniture (those bear hide carpet used to be for "large floor" in the past - was changed to small so it could be used in normal house, too) and make those hooks movable on the ground/at the wall

    - at least move some hooks (ceiling in the elvish large house - I can't even look at the thing placed up there), some special furniture/large hooks

    - at least more hooks altogether inside/outside with no restriction (accepting all)

    - make the house customizable (build from scrap like UO) or different houses to be placed after being bought from the NPC vendor or give at least covers to set it to another style (one item like the appearances for the compagnion of the captain)

    - make houses expendable (cellar...)

    - give the possibility for kinship neighborhoods with ways to build up optional buildings (Working area - not just a forge next to the breakfasttable, but a small/large smithy, bakery... - stable...)

    - more wallpapers and dyable in more ways (some look really awful when confronted with color)

    - make furniture dyable with colors that correspond to each other - some colors do not match quite so much (red in one isn't red in another - it bites in the eye) - if not dyable altogether perhaps give them slots to change color and appearances, too - worn-down, festival, working table etc. Those appearances could be put as rewards to festivals (Farmers, Harvest, Spring... decorations, to be applied to). Sometimes the build of an item doesn't match the style of the interior of the house but it is the only one with that sort of deco... that is frustrating

    - more variety of furniture (in the landscape there are so much nice things that I would very gladly be able to place in my house - tables with stools that can be used, more items for the walls (not just from the endgame in Rohan)...so much items already exist - make them accessible and placeable in player houses)

    - more variety of wardrobes, chests, shelves etc. that can be used for decorations, perhaps even some that show up items placed in/on them

    - more freedom with permissions (different permission for the house storage), more than 50, possibility to give access to other kinships as a whole (esp. for personal houses)

    - make storage accessible from the vault keeper (if i want to access the storage i would really like to spend as little time with that - leaving more time to play) - running around in the kinship neighborhood isn't fun searching for an item that will be in one of the chests I have permission to use

    - crafting areas at homegrounds - i do like the way materials are used in GW2 and SWTOR (directly from the bank - no need to put them in the bags)

    - Stables (visible and usable) at the neighborhood at the least - perhaps with a yard and pasture to show off the horses from the account/kinship. I really would like a stable being build via player interaction that would allow the use of other accessible horses from the account

    - skills to draw up invitation items to allow other players to port to a house not on their account/of their kinship - stackable if consumable and perhaps craftable (scholar? or all professions?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    "Housing is still high on our list of objectives for the year, and we look forward to hearing your suggestions! We’ll be talking more about this throughout the year."
    * Create an indoor crafting facility in the heart of each neighborhood. Why indoor? Because -- to make it less empty and more active -- you can have all neighborhoods of the same time share the same inside of a facility. If it gets too busy, layer it. But otherwise it will make the shared indoor crafting facility busier.

    * Have a stable in each neighborhood with quick travel routes to the big cities of each starting area -- Bree, Michel Delving and Thorin's Hall. Why only those? To continue to reinforce those areas as hubs. The cost for the quick ride should be reduced in proportion to the size of the house (personal or kinship) owned.

    * The exteriors of homes can be kept as they are, but make it possible to upgrade the floor plan of the interior of one's homes -- adding a room or . You can call this "remodeling" and have a charge for the builders/contractors/delvers who will upgrade the interior.

    * Besides upgrading the floor plan, make it possible to choose alternate preset hook distributions -- while keeping the total number of hooks the same. If people want to add more hooks, they need to "remodel" the floor plan.

    * Add exterior indicators of neglect that clue passersby on how long it has been since an owner (or listed guest) has visited a home. This can add a little bit of variability and also clue in people on homes that may be more likely to go on sale. However, make the signs of neglect enlivening -- not depressing. I'd suggest signs of nature running amok, like vines on walls, wildflowers, gopher holes and such.

    * Add a few wandering NPCs in direct proportion to how well "maintained" (in homes owned and recent visits) a neighborhood is. Blighted areas, if desired, may have more wildlife if desired while well trafficked areas will have law enforcement (bounders, watchmen, sentry elves, etc.), playing children, etc. By making it based on the neighborhood's statistics of use, there is more of a personality possible for each neighborhood -- one that reflects on those who live there.

    * Make it possible to mail a "invitation" to one's personal home neighborhood. These tickets can be taken to any stable and used to visit that particular neighborhood. This could be useful for planning roleplay or social events in one's neighborhood. The invitations should be purchasable with in-game money at one's neighborhood. Or perhaps a "Calligraphy" or "Scribing" hobby could be added to create them.

    * Such a hobby as "Calligraphy" or "Scribing" could also be used to make temporary (24-hour or until server reboot) banners -- hung on hooks in shared neighborhood space -- for social events, such as ones saying "Happy Birthday," "Congratulations," "Merry Yule," "Joyous Wedding," "Safe Travels," or such. Make it clear to players these are temporary items once hooked.

    * Each neighborhood should have a unique cultural space that other neighborhoods don't have. Like the party tree for the Shire delvings, maybe with a few country fair sort of options -- like empty booths for players to play as vendors or game masters. The dwarven one should have a space for an outdoor beer fest and a sparring ring. The elven one could have nature ones -- furniture out of trees, etc. -- and artistic places of beauty with animals roaming freely among it. The point is to give them distinctive shared spaces where -- as noted -- players can put up one-day banners, send out invitations, and host events. (NOTE: This already kind of exists in-game.)

    * Convert one of the festival events to taking place in a suitable neighborhood. Perhaps the horse racing one, which in some cases takes people far away from the towns. Or perhaps better, simply add a scavenger hunt event that requires people to find certain addresses (based on clues) and pick up -- or put down -- an item there (also based on clues).
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    The most important thing housing needs is to make it reasonable to expect people to go there and do stuff. Without that, it really doesn't matter. It's just an overblown trophy case. I think the first thing I'd look at is making it so there's things going on there, or things you can make happen, if you really want it to be used. (And if you don't, why bother to update it?) Bree-Land Homesteads have two different bands and a party planner, none of whom ever do anything though they always yammer about it; and there's a gazebo on one of the homesteads where some of the guards dance at night. That makes me think they wanted to do something with them, but never got around to it.

    But even if stuff's going on, no one will use it if it's a hassle to get there. To that end, here's an idea that may be non-trivial to implement. Whenever you use a Return to Kinship House skill, the game records the spot you left from. In the house, there's something you can interact with that teleports you back to that spot. The recording of the spot is erased if you leave the house neighborhood and go back into the "real world", or if you log off.

    That way, if a bunch of your kin are logged in, you can jump back to the house to hang out with, roleplay with, or chat with them, without the price being "now it's going to take me 20 minutes to get back to where I was". Or worse, if you're on the other side of an orc camp.

    Yes, you could use this to run back to a vault and vendor in the middle of a run through some long string of monsters. I don't think that's a bad thing, necessarily, but if it were, you could work around that. Perhaps the position is only recorded if, when you jump back to the kinship house, at least one other person is already there.

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    I've been reading the suggestions as this thread grows, and made some of my own early on. My thinking has evolved as the thread has progressed.

    Revisit the 125 gold price for that last 15 slots of housing storage before they switch completely to mithril coins. Even for vault pricing we have several 5-gold increments before having to purchase storage strictly with TP. That 125 G level seems excessively punitive, as not everyone with high-lvl alts (my lvl 70 minstrel only has about 165 G) has that kind of gold to spare for 15 slots of storage. Also, give a TP purchase option so that we can get discounts when storage goes on sale. I may be wrong, but I don't believe I've ever seen sale prices for anything purchased with mithril coins.

    I like the idea of new housing developments, but I'd settle for a new house-style option--I can see issues with low-level alts being able to access housing in higher-level areas. I personally like living in Bree, but would dearly love at least one other housing style to choose from. I know that in a lot of neighborhoods in the Bree housing area many kinship houses are empty. Perhaps replace a few kinship houses with a two-story option that's a step up from the deluxe house. This might be as simple as offering a different interior floorplan for the same building that's suitable for a personal house--I like the idea of upgrading to a kinship house as a personal house in the future, but their current floorplan is more like a clubhouse (Splintertusk Lodge #XYZ) than a home. That might work for folks who like the idea of living in their very own frat house, but it's not very homey to the rest of us.

    Allow ownership of more than one house per account (within reason) that doesn't require someone to form a "family" kinship to accomplish--maybe available only by purchasing through the store...not at an exorbitant price but one that prevents people with large numbers of alts from choking out the first-time home buyers.

    Redesign the yards for some of the Bree Homesteads--there are a few nice ones, but the house placement and general landscaping of others are terrible. I mentioned this earlier--some of the yards are basically bare dirt, especially in the more wooded area of the neighborhood. There is enough sunlight in those areas to justify grass. Please lay some sod and re-grade some of the lots!!!

    Stable-masters in the neighborhoods, definitely, even if they just serve as local travel routes back to the nearest town or four starter towns. Also, make routes possible to travel between housing developments in the different regions for shopping, since some housing items are only available from specific housing suppliers.

    Make the hook system (I've read elsewhere on the boards that the hook system is here to stay, so I'm working on the assumption this is still the case) logical. The thin hook is pretty much useless--it holds flower arrangements and candle trees, and the odd trophy, so it has limited use. Also, make the hook arrangement for a house classification standard across all developments. For example, if a piece of furniture can be placed on top of a rug in one standard house, make it available in the other 3. Stop forcing the majority of furniture along the walls. We're not living in palace ballrooms. Do away with small/large distinctions for the different categories so we have more freedom of placement.

    Outside--add an option to pave our paths, and to add gates or arbors to our fences (I love the idea of having an arbor like the one that leads to the Lowbanks Estate in Bree). Also, add flowerbed hooks around the house foundation and fences, and window-box hooks on the houses. Make it possible for farmers to sell some of those flower crops that are mostly wasted now as bedding plants. Perhaps even special furniture hooks on the fences for a fence swag reward from Yule Festival.

    Make certain housing items stackable, like paints and maybe floor surfaces and paintings and definitely maps. The cartophile deed requires a rather large number of maps, and those eat up valuable storage space. You can use the same method as in shared wardrobe, where different colors of a single clothing item stack in the same slot for that item and become available by selecting a particular color in a drop-down menu.

    One last suggestion: make more recipes available to the crafting professions for furnishings and decorations--and make sure that those recipes aren't all gated behind faction or guild rep requirements.

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    The first positive step was pending loot, it was a game changer (literally). Looking ahead, my biggest problem with inventory space is all of my cosmetics and armor sets. To tie it into the housing update, I think it would be neat if our wardrobe could be accessible from our house and we could transfer our gear to it to clear up space in our inventory. But only cosmetics and armor. And maybe even make them... craftable? They would like crafting LI's, it would be difficult, but worth it. And they could come in different sizes, maybe even some sizes requiring different a different min level. Just some Ideas.

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    A working house.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    "Housing is still high on our list of objectives for the year, and we look forward to hearing your suggestions! We’ll be talking more about this throughout the year."
    I think it would be neat for its to be able to "hire" workers for our houses that would gather materials and maybe do some processing. For example hire a hunter to gather hides, or hire a foster to gather wood. Build a field and hire a farmer to get raw materials for cooking. Upgrades could allow houses to "farm" higher level mats and/or farm multiple types simultaneously, or farm a single type faster.


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