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    Windows - pls real Windows

    so I do not feel in the house like beeing in a box

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    Placement of as many items wherever you want both inside and out is a given. Without this you might as well stop right now... How are we supposed to be creative in making our house our own without being able to place things how we want. Its really frustrating to see npc houses all decorated nicely with chairs around tables etc.. but we can't do that to our own house...

    More control of or at least options of house floor plans would be nice, not very impressed with the kinship floor plans at all. (especially since we use it as our regular house because a two bedroom house is way too small)

    Give us control of the color and texture of the outside of the house as well as the look of and style of the house(could be tied with the floor plans for consistent look and feel inside and out)

    Either create seasons or allow us to control our overall yard look (snow, dead grass, tall grass, leaves, flowers, etc...) better yet give us a mixture of both...

    More Purchasable Items(gold and turbine)... More craftable items.... More questable items....

    Convince people to play in there neighborhoods more by setting up some daily quests and deeds and trophies and whatever else that will get them to spend more time there.
    Every Festival should have relevant quests within the neighborhood as well for your local community.
    --bake cookies for your neighbors
    --participate in the community dance/play/etc...
    --aid in the community cleanup project (removing leaves or whatever)
    --craft things for the community
    --Work together with your community to enhance your town center (let it just keep getting more and more extravagant the more work people do on it)

    Make neighborhoods dynamic so you will always have active neighbors in almost every house (give precedence to making neighbors your active friends and active kinship members). In other words don't have set zones, have dynamic zones and make houses that get sold more cost more or even go off the market if there is not enough to balance out to create full zones. You can even make a big deal out of when the servers rebalance neighborhoods as moving day, yay we got new neighbors!!!
    That or allow people to move there house to a more active community without redoing everything maybe even allowing to change location (might have to redo yard but thats better then everything)...

    Last but not least of what I will mention is we have to have the ability to show off what we have been working toward in game. Stables for our horses, Trophies, Gear, etc... whatever it is that players work toward allow them to show it ALL off....

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    Smile ideas about housing

    I also need more hooks...and would like them closer together. I have a deluxe house and so much more to put in it than the present hooks allow. The other thing would be to let each character have his/her own standard house besides the deluxe and kinship houses.

    I was thinking about the Snow covered trees available during the Frost Festival and was wondering is there a way that a green evergreen tree could be lighted and or decorated and put in as a Special Furniture spot? An indoor tree would be very nice. I would like a snow covered one with red lights or red bows...maybe there could be a random variation of that for inside the house. Maybe it could be activated to light just the way a player can light the fireplace.

    Please...more room!!!!! I know I am not the only one desperate to have more space.
    Thanks for listening

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    Please move the homesteads to more central locations. My friend commented yesterday as we visited my Bree house that it's nice, but out in the middle of nowhere. If we could have housing neighbourhoods inside or just outside Bree (or maybe Coombe or Staddle), that would be a major improvement. There is no real reason to run/ride all the way out to the homesteads now, other than to use your storage.

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    Changes I would like to see:

    I think we can all agree that the housing situation has been put off too long already. This and other reasons have kept me from playing the game in a while. Point being, this is an urgent and important issue that needs to be addressed asap. Hopefully the devs read through all of this, because everyone has come up with very excellent ideas for improving the housing system. I'll just summarize what I would like to see.

    1) New neighborhoods.
    Rather than trying to fix the old ones, I think it would be much easier just to create new ones, at least for now. Make them available only to players lvl 50+ in order to add leveling incentive. Better for us, and better for Turbine. One neighborhood per race works well, only this time they would reflect higher lvl areas, i.e. Rohan, Lothlorien, Moria, etc.

    2) Customizable exteriors and seasons.
    While I love the idea of giving everyone a totally customizable plot of their own, I would hate to see everyone splinter off like that. I'm still in favor of neighborhoods, ones which give all the houses a fairly unified look. Much as I would like to customize the exterior of my house, I don't want to see "patchwork" neighborhoods, where every house is vastly different from the others, or worse, one yard has snow and the next has grass. I'm all for seasons, but they would have to be unified seasons, otherwise it would look very silly. And customizations to the exterior house/yard that still maintain the general theme would be very nice indeed. And I don't see why each character can't have his/her own house.

    3) Transportation and stables.
    Neighborhoods are inconvenient. They're nowhere near any stable. Surely it wouldn't be difficult to put a stable in the center or on the outskirts of each neighborhood. Also, like many others, I'm rather perturbed that I spent all that time and effort collecting horses that no longer have any purpose. I would like a place to display my horses, preferably all of them, either in a stable or free grazing near my house. I could ask to have all the skins for my warhorse, but I know that's not going to happen.

    4) Better furnishings and better placement.
    I'm all for getting rid of the hook system in favor of a grid system. Really, I don't care what kind of system it is, as long as I can center my furniture, along walls, within rooms, etc. I could cite all the ridiculousness of the current furnishing placements, from bookcases that don't sit against the wall to those rugs that can never be centered with the piece of furniture sitting on top of it. It's a huge annoyance that needs to be addressed. Also the quality of the furniture, and the general pool of selection, needs to be upgraded. Rohan raised the standards, and now we know just how good, and how cluttered and lived in, our houses could look.

    5) Lighting and storage.
    The lighting in the current houses ranges from passable to dim, but they might as well all be caves. Who wants to live in a house with no real windows? I have no idea what it would take to fix this, but at least make the windows brighter (in daytime). And incorporate some kind of adjustable lighting system. The lights we have now as furnishings do absolutely nothing. If logistically our furnishings can't give off light, then install permanent light fixtures in the home, with several options to customize their look to suit the owner's taste. Same with the housing chests. They're ugly, and they're never in a good spot. Either make them invisible, or aesthetically customizable.

    That's pretty much it. New neighborhoods, better furniture placement, better access, and better furnishings would greatly improve the game, and the chances that I'll be playing it again. Thank you.
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    Smile me too

    All of the above

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    I have the following suggestions for the housing area:

    1) A central crafting area in all housing areas, complete with every vendor needed, vault, auctioneer, and if possible even a guild hall. It would be even cooler if kinship houses would be allowed their own crafting hall, but I can see that resources may prevent that from happening. But at the very least everyone should be able to walk to the center of town, and go to the crafting area.

    2) More craftable furniture. Woodworkers would be the obvious choice for some furniture, but I am also thinking metalsmith for shield displays, tailors for tapestries, cooks for (more) food laden tables, etc, jewelers can make e.g. a crown on a pedestal or necklace display on a wall, weaponsmith can make a wall mountable sword or axe, scholars can make books on stands, etc.... There should probably also be a few guilded pieces that look really awesome (but obviously cost a guild cooldown to make).

    3) Mini games. Make an area where mini games can be played. E.g. you click on a chess board, and 2 players can start a game of chess. If that is a game that is too long, perhaps several other games can be implemented, such as tic-tac-toe, perhaps a small maze with a timer where you can hold races...etc. What I am thinking of really here are activities for kinship parties. If you have games or races, perhaps a kinship party can expand beyond the traditional get drunk and play music and show off your spells and fireworks kind of party, and a kin leader can actually organize contests using some of the mini-games installed. Another thought I just had are mini quests, perhaps different in each housing area. E.g. pick up a chicken egg, and bring it to the other side of the housing areas without dropping it, and without being seen by a chicken who will think you are stealing an egg, try to pick you causing you to drop the egg, etc..... silly games, really, but fun to do in a kinship, and giving us more reason to organize kinship parties.

    4) Better storage. The Vault type storage was a huge improvement imho, but it should go beyond that. Next step is to implement permissions on the different tabs so kinships can lock off part of the vault for officer use, and keep others open for everyone that is a kinsman, and even if so desired for everyone.

    5) Kin houses should get a wardrobe. Perhaps this could be a rank 8 reward, after you get the kinship house option itself. I am thinking a 20-slot wardrobe, in which can be placed a kinship outfit, one for males, one for females, perhaps with a few different cloak options and color schemes, and allow everyone that is a kinship member to go and apply the kinship outfit at the wardrobe in the kin house. This may also be implementable without a change to the housing though, perhaps through vault npcs where the current personal wardrobe is as well..... but I like to give the kin house a purpose, and a clickable, actual wardrobe looking piece of furniture might be cool. Such a wardrobe could also be made in such a way that a kin leader makes 2 outfit options, and you simply choose between the 2 (e.g. male, female), and it will be applied to your one "kinship outfit" slot (basically the 8th one, you don't have to buy this one though but becomes available once you are a member of a kinship). That way kinships can set an outfit, and kinnies can choose to wear it on events, etc.

    6) New instruments. And i mean ones specifically for the house as furniture, such as a Piano. A minstrel can play the piano at a certain level, and can teach others at a certain level. Obviously, a piano is not a movable instrument, but could be one made by a woodworker for placement in a house.
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    I'm not expecting miracles when it comes to housing. As much as I'd like it, I realize that having a no hook system may not be possible so can we at least get the Rohan bookcase, bureaus, credenzas and cupboards to be useable on wall hooks? The bookshelves, cupboards and dressers you get from the housing vendors in the Shire, Bree and Falathlorn all use the wall hook. I do not understand why Rohan should be so different. We have more wall hooks in housing then we do for furniture. Please allow us who love the Rohan furniture to make use of them.

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    1. Tier 2 neighbourhoods for higher level characters, bigger and more expensive houses: Moria, Rohan, Lorien.
    2. More decorations: not enough yard and special furniture options at the moment
    3. See point 1
    4. See point 1
    5. We need NEW and more interesting neughbourhoods, implementing a good system could revaluate the whole game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    "Housing is still high on our list of objectives for the year, and we look forward to hearing your suggestions! We’ll be talking more about this throughout the year."
    A Kin house revamp is needed. Something that draws the Kin members together. I had posted this idea on another thread but what if we use the Kin house for something other that storage.

    An example of this would be when the Kin house hits new ranks...
    • Rank 11 - Kin house Forge is added
    • Rank 12 - Kin house Crafting Table is added
    • Rank 13 - Kin house Scholars bookcase is added
    • Rank 14 - Kin house supplier is added
    • Rank 15 - Kin house Guild representative is added. The guild rep would have access to all guild recipes for all crafting types. Plus the Kin leader would have the choice of either a added discount from the supplier or a 1% to 2% increase in critical success for crafting at the Kin house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverWolf93 View Post
    Please move the homesteads to more central locations. My friend commented yesterday as we visited my Bree house that it's nice, but out in the middle of nowhere. If we could have housing neighbourhoods inside or just outside Bree (or maybe Coombe or Staddle), that would be a major improvement. There is no real reason to run/ride all the way out to the homesteads now, other than to use your storage.
    This makes sense. Why are the housing area suburbs of the main city sites. In this would environment, these suburbs would be easy pickings for roving bands of orcs, goblins, etc.

    Move the neighborhoods into the cities.
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    The one thing I would love the most is to get more or unlimited decoration space. The possibility to place your decorations where you want them to be placed, so a bit more like a 'The Sims' home so to say. At the moment I have so many decorations in a vault and in chests, and it's just shame that they can't be placed anywhere, to make a house a home.

    Something else that would be nice would be to make the place in the homesteads where the vault and mailbox etc are now, not IN the neigbourhoods. It would be nice to place those, together with a crafting area, and maybe some 'townspeople' etc (make the place more lively), Before the 'gate' where you enter your own neighbourhood.

    Other than that I also think all the other ideas in this thread are great ^^, these are just two things that for me are amongst the most important things i'd like to see in the housing changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daeranoth View Post
    A Kin house revamp is needed. Something that draws the Kin members together. I had posted this idea on another thread but what if we use the Kin house for something other that storage.

    An example of this would be when the Kin house hits new ranks...
    • Rank 11 - Kin house Forge is added
    • Rank 12 - Kin house Crafting Table is added
    • Rank 13 - Kin house Scholars bookcase is added
    • Rank 14 - Kin house supplier is added
    • Rank 15 - Kin house Guild representative is added. The guild rep would have access to all guild recipes for all crafting types. Plus the Kin leader would have the choice of either a added discount from the supplier or a 1% to 2% increase in critical success for crafting at the Kin house.
    This is good in general, but they absolutely should not base specific crafting facilities to specific ranks. Just make it so when you are that rank, you unlock the first, second, or third (and so on) facility slots. Then maybe have each profession be able to craft their own facility, 1 for each tier (using a variety of materials). Each tier could provide +1x% [x=tier] crit chance maybe? However, I think there could be better ways about doing this.I do think the highest rank for a kinship should let you have a universal guild representative, but I suggest that be at rank 10. Then the kin leader would get a mail (or some other method) containing a housing item, which places an NPC (similar to Property Guards). You can talk to him, and barter guild symbols, and when you barter each tier's symbol/pattern/carving/etc. to him, each one unlocks the recipes related to it. For example: I just get to rank 10 and get the Guild Master NPC Item (Small Furniture if they still use hooks); I open up a barter window, and I can trade a Large Supreme Repast crafted rep item for a kinship passive trait that will give the Guild Master NPC the ability to sell recipes for the Supreme crafting tier, for cooking. You would need to turn in the highest tier crafted rep item for each profession from crafting tier 3-9(+) in order to unlock all recipes and so on. [I would also suggest that these be available somehow to individual account, without a kinship, that gives an Account-Wide trait that works in the same way.] Guild Masters would always sell all of the crafted rep item recipes, but nothing else would be sold until they were unlocked.

    Another way that crafting facilities could be added to houses is each house simply gets a different amount of crafting facility slots. For example, Standard gets 2, Deluxe gets 3, Kinship gets 4 (I think that's enough for all of them - including oven which you forgot). They are kind of moving away from a real content difference between different sizes of houses (storage is all the same now for like all types of houses), so maybe they could just let everyone place 4 crafting facilities in any house. It would be nice to have plenty of slots for it though, I might want to have an oven in a kitchen-type room, or I might want to have it in a work room with all of my other facilities.

    Also, the way you suggest to go about it, adding new ranks, would mean a scholar study would take maybe 9 months-1 year+ after release, while the forge would take maybe 3-4 months if we were lucky. Keep in mind, to get to rank 10 for 9, it takes 3 months, and therefore, each additional rank after that would likely take at least, if not longer, than that. However, the general idea I do like.
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    If you can't do a *major* housing revamp, as far as I'm concerned don't even bother. And if you plan to continue to follow the model that you did for revamping the storage, i.e., the cost of it, don't bother on that account either. And if what you do charge has to be paid for by "mithril" (a non-lore notion, if I ever heard one) coinage, you might as well not bother either because I refuse to use mithril coinage.

    Many other people in this thread have already given you the requisite parameters for what a major housing revamp might entail, starting with freely movable placement of objects - a viable alternative might be generic hooks (wall, floor, ceiling) that are plastered all over the place, like ten times the amount of hooks you have now, both inside and outside. Doing that might allow people the degree of customization that might revitalize the housing.

    Given what has been stated in the past I find it highly unlikely you are going to spend the effort, money, time (resources) to do the housing the way those of use who CARE about housing think it should be done.

    My father always said, "don't do a job half-a**ed. if you can't do it right, don't do it at all..." In the current age of mediocrity we find ourselves, it makes more and more sense all the time.

    Please. If you're doing to do a housing revamp, get serious.

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    "Housing is still high on our list of objectives for the year, and we look forward to hearing your suggestions! We’ll be talking more about this throughout the year."

    The number of furniture hooks V the number of furniture items is a bit imbalanced, one festival can fill a deluxe house & garden (and a wardrobe) if your running more than 1 avatar. The types of hooks are also odd, small furniture (wall & floor) give you about 6 options. Even with all the hooks used up my deluxe house looks rather bare, almost as if I've packed to move! More furnishing hooks are a definite.

    Thinking of wardrobes, don't you think it's a bit strange we have to go to the bank to change our clothes, would it be possible to access this from the house!

    As for people asking for crafting facilities...how many of them work from home again!
    I can just see it now, just back from a week long trip in the wilds, bruised, scarred, tired, hungry, aromatic....& the first thing I want to do is fire up my forge and start bashing bits of metal (I don't find it appealing in real life, so why would I in a game). Also if someone tried to open up a manufactuary (which is what craft sites are in effect) in the middle of a village the non adventurous inhabitants would soon be sharpening the pitchforks!

    Instead what about a fast port to town from the real estate vendor outside every housing area, ie to West Bree/ Forsaken inn, MD/ Tuckborough, Duillond/ Needlehole, Thorins Gate/ Nogland...it would be just like commuting to work & save perhaps 5 minutes in play time where most people just point their horse in the general direction of Bree, Duillond or MD while they load up the tracker with the days tasks.

    Also it might be just me...but the Nordic mail boxes on a post just don't have that, this is a fantasy world based on mythologys, pre gunpowder histories & the imaginings of an Oxford professor. Couldn't we have a more apprpriate bit of art work for them, perhaps a barrel with a slot in, or a lidded bucket by the door!
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    Have had houses and kin house in Hobbitville. Was not overly disappointed.

    Just got two deluxe Elf houses with an eye on a kin house. Just looking in the elf kin house I like the layout (much better than the hobbit hole!) Not sure where all the hooks will go, but I can imagine. The deluxe elf house yard plan: boring!

    As a low level character without access to higher level barter (or oodles of marks/meds) it would be nice if there were more lower-level recipes, even gotten by quest. Make some of the recipes multi-output so you can have more options for a piece of furniture.

    Bigger rugs!

    More styles of doormats.
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    The biggest reason why I started playing LOTRO (instead of another MMO) was to have a house in Middle Earth. I'm sure it's all been said before, but this is my top 10...

    1) More hooks please! My Hobbit hole is too cavernous and looks sadly under-furnished. I'd actually prefer *no* hooks but we all know that isn't gonna happen.
    2) Add on extra rooms. Or maybe offer additional lot sizes & layouts. Or entirely new neighborhoods in Lothlorien and Rohan with bigger houses.
    3) Exterior customization. Different wall/ door colors, window styles, types of ground cover (mushrooms, wildflowers, tall grass, leaves, gem/ ore studded rocks).
    4) New crafted furniture with multiple cosmetic outputs.
    5) More rugs, tapestries, and paintings. Perhaps learned through the crafting guilds.
    6) More ceiling hooks and decorations, like banners and swags.
    7) Provisions buildings could offer daily quests to earn neighborhood rep and barter tokens for furniture rewards. Like a timed mail delivery, or fishing.
    8) Stable at town center for swift travel to at least the major cities.
    9) Fix the hook categories for the Hytbold furniture. (Dressers should be "large wall" not "large furniture.")
    10) Ability to preview hook placements before purchasing a house.

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    Chest Permissions
    Add the ability to make different sub-chests accessible to different groups. This is especially important for kins.

    Loading Times
    Load the interiors when a character enters the property (when the message pops up stating who owns the home), rather than when a character enters the dwelling. This will help prevent the "ice skating" lag.

    If we cannot get rid of hooks and allow free-form placement, please at least add more hooks. The pre-loading suggested above should offset the lag problems.
    Consider allowing the building of a basement for even more space.

    Exterior Cosmetic
    Allow different styles of roofing, paint, and other exterior cosmetics.

    Guest Book
    This would essentially be a mailbox that looks like a book and pre-populates the "To:" section with the homeowner's name. It would encourage interaction among neighbors or random visitors and lead to in-game friendships (which tend to make people stay longer).

    Role-play Tables
    Create tables with hooks for chairs and items. This way, Role-players could have enhanced gatherings. Items could range from food for meals to maps for strategic planning.

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    Housing atmospheres

    Here's what I want.

    I want every house to be different!

    I think I've said this 3 times but I keep adding on I think.

    Anyway back to my point.

    1. Every house Should be different.

    2. Every house can have a different theme


    I mean like themes and atmospheres to your house

    Imagine this:

    1. A dark house with ruins out front and maybe even the house itself is in somewhat ruins with vines growin up the side and tall grass around it and inside it looks somewhat like a broken down castle and when you get near the house everything becomes darker and more creepy.

    2. A smugglers house where all it is is a mound of grass and a trap door down into a cellar room with chests filled with gold or daggers up on the walls so something kind of secretive looking and burglarish. Trap door and a cellar an idk that kind of theme


    3. A wizard tower house. Maybe like a semi big tower kind I like the elf ones now but taller and maybe like 3 floors and possibly adding the option to climb ladders? But being a rune keeper I would love a wizard tower! Maybe have runes floating around it and old bookshelves and the atmosphere of magic in the air! This would be so cool for me!

    4. Just throwing around ideas but creep houses?

    Anyway I guess my focus is having more options with housing and have a different atmosphere that could be customizable for all houses.

    Make people want to see others houses and I love the idea about house ranking so others would want to come and see yours and you get ratings and stuff I don't know.

    So yeah different atmospheres/themes with each house and not one house the same.

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    2 things that i would like to add is

    saw this up above

    1 is gambling like if you can drink in the game then gambling shouldn't be to much of a problem would it? like a table you can put in kin houses and you can bet game gold to win or lose that would be super fun and another fun way to make money and such maybe have ratings?

    2 would be for drinking can we have some more effects like when i drink from the cooks drinks or the prancing pony drinks nothing happens i would like something to happen even if its just a blurry screen or take it farther then that idk. Anyway getting off topic here but

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    Lots of good ideas in this thread, it reminds me of earlier threads when housing first was discussed. Before Lotro launched we used to ask that housing be restricted to instanced zones, so that you didn't see clutter all about the landscape. But even then I proposed the idea that Lotro simply open up a fringe disctrict (like west Eriador/Minhiriath), and let players "build" their own homes on platted land, which you could buy by the acre. It would still be off the beaten path and out of the way, so venturing into it wouldn't look like suburban sprawl. Perhaps create an instanced zone, in the south-downs.

    But more than this, we asked for Kinship estates or plantations. Big ones. With 3 story mansions, tree-line-able dirt roads leading up to the front, surrounded by pasture, stables, farmhouses, statically placed monuments, a creek or two, etc. Maybe a Kin Plantation taking up the whole size of any current instanced neighborhood. Where kin members could plant numerous trees, slot outbuildings, haystacks, gardens, etc. Then, make the old Kin houses purchaseable by solo owners (that'll solve the cramped feeling in the regular housing). No more feeling cooped-up when you can buy and own a Kin-sized home, with all those hooks to fill.

    Lastly we also proposed (to a rousing chorus of cheers and jeers), that Lotro permit older kins to purchase space in some of the many un-used buildings sitting idle in Bree, Rivendell, Thorin's, Combe, etc., perhaps even in Othrikar, Trestlebridge, Meluinen, Gondamon, Stangard, and etc. I . I believe there was some discussion about it at some level and the concern was raised: "Do we want Kins in Bree?" I see now in retrospect it really wouldn't degrade the experience of being in Bree or anywhere else.

    Just some thoughts. The current housing is fine but it's a bit old maybe we need some fresh approaches towards providing bigger and more expansive housing. I for one would pay for a Kin house if I could buy one, just to store all my stuff in....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmer01 View Post
    1. Everyone wants more hooks OR free placement of items. It might make more sense to have more (and less restrictive) hooks inside the house; being able to put as many trees as one desires in the yard, and to have free placement, would be uber cool. (Note: you have free placement of barricades and catapults in Helm's Deep, so it can't be that hard to put a tree where you'd like it in your yard.)
    The difference is that Helm's Deep instances are temporary. Once they are over the exact positioning of the barricades is forgotten.

    With housing you're expecting the orientation and position of each item to be stored indefinitely. Hooks exist to drastically reduce the amount of memory the server has to dedicate to decorations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    "Housing is still high on our list of objectives for the year, and we look forward to hearing your suggestions! We’ll be talking more about this throughout the year."

    RE: Proposals to Improve Housing

    1) Make housing system more engaging for players, improving their gaming experience
    2) Increase revenue for LOTRO, to continue ongoing viability and funding
    3) Balance improvements in the system with new demands on server load


    1. Create a new "housing" system, to supplement rather than replace the existing one. (Makes development/implementation easier).
    2. Provide a greater variety of "locations" and "looks" that can be houses, but keep them as instances (to minimize server demands).
    3. Allow for multiple and arbitrarily positioned hooks, but at a monthly TP cost ('real money' to compliment the server demands).
    4. Sensible but limited functionality within new housing areas


    (1) New System

    Shoehorning changes into the existing system means, coding-wise, all sorts of kludges.

    Completely replacing the old system irritates players already invested in certain locations or styles.

    Coming up with a new system, to run in parallel, avoids both problems. Ultimately, if the new system proves effective, the old one can be gradually phased out.

    (2) Locations

    The single biggest "gameplay" drawback of existing housing (IMHO) is how it's completely removed from the rest of gameplay. You have to ride out of existing communities to get to housing. This is impractical, and makes them feel like they're in their own little world.

    Instead, have people buy "rooms," "apartments", and "mansions" within the existing towns themselves. Use existing doors (and add a few more) around town as "ports" to instances of rooms/houses - much the same as the existing housing gateways now port to instanced neighborhoods.

    These should be instanced *rooms* (like entering a house within the existing neighborhoods), not instanced *areas* (like the neighborhoods themselves).

    There should be a sizeable number of such ports in each town, leading to a wide variety of housing. Of course, not every instance need be different: there could be a "shabby house" port in Bree and Combe that leads to identical instances (i.e. same floor plan).

    Examples: rented room in Pony, slum boarding house room off Beggar's alley, one-room shack in hunter's lane or Combe, 2-room apartment off the market square in Bree, 3-room cottage in Staddle, shabby 3-room apartment in the buildings near the combe and staddle gates, nice 3-room apartment in upper bree (similar to Artie Root's house), etc.

    There could be one or two really "big" houses available in each racial area as well - probably requiring an addition to the existing maps. E.g. put a single big farmhouse complex outside Bree, put a wall around it, and have the gateway into that wall be a port that leads to an instance of the farm: stables, outbuildings, and a kin-house sized farmhouse (entered through another port-door). This would be the mega-deluxe housing (at a suitable cost), and be the sort of thing active kins might acquire, with players banding together to fund it.

    It would be nice to have as many as one-and-a-half to two dozen "floorplans" in each racial area - enough to give a sense of variety and player customization/choice, but instanced to keep server load manageable, rather than the infinite possibilities that free-form player-designing would permit.

    Let's call this new housing "rooms", to distinguish it from the existing system.

    (3) Hooks, Server, and Income

    Players want multiple hooks and arbitrarily located hooks. This is quite reasonable - it would bring LOTRO into line with other MMO games and give a real sense of player ownership of and investment in housing.

    On the other hand, that increases server and memory load.

    So, offset it with "payment" of "real money" - i.e. Turbine Points. This will prevent arbitrary multiplication of housing (players won't gratuitously buy housing as they do when it's just for the in-game 'gold'), while still letting those who want this new housing enough get it, raising real-world money to offset the real-world equipment and processing demands.

    Use TP for the housing, NOT mithril. Players are comfortable with TP, and can even get some for 'free' by deeding... and you want players to have 'free' access to the lowest levels of housing, so they get invested in the system. Mithril coins *IMMEDIATELY* turn many players off and quashes their interest.

    Ideally, this payment system would be properly nuanced:
    -- Each room comes with its instanced floorplan that includes a minimal number of hooks (like the existing houses).
    -- These rooms have a weekly rent in silver & gold applied to them, like existing houses. Perhaps also a token TP charge - on the order of 5-10 TP per week for the "bare instance" room - but, if so, just a minimal one. Not enough to drive anyone away, but _something_ to ensure a genuine investment by the player.
    -- An arbitrary number of new hooks (up to some limit, defined by the floorplan) may be purchased for the rooms, which can be freely positioned by the player. Each such hook increases the weekly cost of the room by adding a small weekly TP charge. Something reasonable. Hooks in more 'expensive' rooms (the 5-room kin mansion rather than the 1-room shabby boarding house chamber) might cost a bit more.

    One room should be available per CHARACTER, not per account. Absurd that different characters - perhaps with very different needs/personalities/etc -- should share the same housing just because they're on the same account. Naturally, TP charges would be cumulative.

    Again, keep these TP charges reasonable. You want to engage the majority of players. Sure, it costs *something*, to make sure players are actively using the rooms they're renting, but not so much as to drive people away.

    You want even your 'casual' player to be able to afford a basic room. Those players who get heavily invested in the game, and rent multiple and large rooms with their various characters, will be the 'whales' to fund this.

    If the "large" (but not "massive") rooms - say, a 4-room townhouse in Bree - with all of its available "arbitrary hooks" purchased were to cost 125 TP a week, this would make it, as it were, the level of housing given "free" to VIP players (if they spend their monthly TP allowance on housing). The massive rooms - e.g. the farmyard complex - would cost more, while the basic room (say, the 1-room boarding house instance with none of the arbitrary hooks purchased) would only cost 5 TP a week.

    (4) Functionality

    Rooms should have 'vault' access: a player's vault, shared wardrobe, and shared storage.

    Crafting etc shouldn't be available in rooms. Crafting sites are available throughout the game, and adding them would just increase server overhead without enough improvements to gameplay or functionality to justify it. The one exception would be the highest level room: the "complex" (like the walled farmyard and outbuldings.) That instance could have a crafting area and stables (including transportation) available in the 'yard'.

    Each 'port' should track its own list of instances. (E.g. the door to the boarding house in beggar's alley might lead to the same floorplan/instance of a single shabby room as does a port in an alleyway in Combe, but someone who has rented a room "in" Bree shouldn't be listed at the port in Combe). This gives the rooms a sense of actual "location", even if multiple locations are based on the same instance.

    Rooms should use the same 'privileges' functionality as the existing housing system. Also, scalable storage space, like existing houses. (The equivalent of one 'chest' per room, say.)

    Only rooms to which a character is granted access (public, one's own, or specific permissions granted) should come up when a player clicks on a port for a list of available rooms to visit.

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    House changes

    I understand the house system is based on a layered build and each house in each area is the same , So the only thing that i want to see that would work is at the very least better placements of where the placements can be placed ,or add many placements and limit the amount of objects that can be placed in a house .
    Example :A couch that can have a table in front of it that sits on a carpet , and can have a chair or end table beside the couch .
    As for the dwarf housing area all dwarf houses need an overhaul they look like breed houses just in stone , i like to see that changed so the dwarf houses look unique .
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    List of things I would like for housing

    In no particular order

    1. Free form placement or grid placement for every housing item (unlimited)
    - this is the most important thing we need. We need to be able to place our stuff where ever want.
    - there should be no limit to the amount of items we have in our houses. Hobbit holes can get quite cluttered with things!
    - irl we all have that one corner of the house that all kinds of junk ends up, we should be able to do that in game if we choose.

    2. Exterior decorating and landscaping
    - I don't want my house to be the same color scheme as everyone else. Why do we all have to have the same badge / brown houses?
    - allow us to paint the outside of our house, use different patterns, etc
    - It would be nice to choose how We want our yards to look. From different types/shades of grass or no grass at all. Special seasonal yard skins like snowy winter, fallen leaves of autumn, dried up grass from a harsh summer, swampy yard full of puddles from too much rain, etc.
    - Give us cobble stone walkways and our choice of several different types of fences for our yards.
    - custom mailboxes, silly (usable) door bells or knockers, rooftop holiday decor, fun welcome mats

    3. Crafting stations or hub
    - why can't we grow a little pipeweed or some onions in our yards. Or have our own workbenches for those do it yourself projects.
    For the love of Eru we should at least have kitchens in our homes with working ovens to make some delicious pie.
    - if it's not possible give us all the ability to obtain craft stations, then at least put a hub in the town square.
    - town square should have everything we need; craft hall with craft guilds, vault, auction house, and all kinds of vendors

    3. More house inhabitants
    - ok so we can already buy guard dogs and guard dwarves for our yard, but let's expand on that.
    - Lets get more pets to hang around the house. Unlimited cats, dogs, birds, etc for inside the house. And maybe some cattle or other pets for outside.
    - we are able to hire a guard dwarf (or man or rohirim) to keep our homes safe while we are away, but who does the cleaning? That's right, let get some house keeper npcs ( I prefer a hobbit maid, but all four races should be available)

    4. Miscellaneous stuff
    - add option to right click anyone on your friend list, and "visit [friend's] home" . (1 hour cd)
    - add more neighborhood activity: various npcs fishing, dancing, children playing, perhaps a pathing mailman delivering mail around the neighborhood, etc
    - add daily housing quests/deeds that give special and rare housing related rewards.

    5. Wishful thinking
    - dynamic neighborhoods:
    -- weather May effect the condition of several houses in various ways. From a few blown over trees to broken furniture (easily repairable)
    -- a small band of brigands are upto no good and decided to rob and trash several houses! You have to find them and get your stuff back and bring them to justice! But you better hurry before they make off with your stuff for good!
    -- Tis the season of giving? Come home one day and be pleasantly surprised by some gifts left to you by someone. (Other players can leave small gifts for you at your door and vice versa.
    -- someone has been stealing various things from you and your neighbors! But he/she wasn't very careful and has left clues behind in every house they've visited! Your neighborhood must come together and discuss all the clues they've found in each of their houses and together you all must figure out who the thief is to get your stuff back! ((Different clues will be left in other players homes and you'll need to work together to figure out who the thief is; the thief could be any npc in the game. Furthermore, any player that was stolen from would recieve an in game mail with a list of addresses that was also robbed, it's up to the players to come together and catch the thief!!))

    Those are just some ideas you might be able to work with.


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