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    PLEASE do not revamp anything anymore before fixing the game. I'm begging you. I don't want my tripping on his own shoelaces dwarf who doesn't know when to draw his weapon, who is able to make more single target dps with an aoe tree lose his items in his inventory for no reason. Just. Fix. The game...

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    OK, I've not read the entire thread so apologies in advance if this is repeating someone else's suggestion.

    This is what I would like to see:

    1. Player-made bags. Giving tailors the means to craft bags (perhaps with component input from other professions) will give crafting & the AH a bit of a boost. Of course for those players who are not tailors, bags can be seeded in game as quest rewards, smaller bags obtainable from in-game vendors and of course the better ones via the store. The biggest bags should be tier 9 guild recipes. It also allows people to role play by being able to carry only limited amounts.

    2. Each "bag" would require a slot, up to a maximum number that is unlocked either via the store or through being a VIP. Ideally using the largest bags with all bag slots unlocked should have at least triple the amount of space a player can carry when compared to what we can now with 6 bags.

    3. Provide us with an overlay that brings all the bags together so we can get one consistent view of what we have. Perhaps implement this in LUA as well and allow the creativity of your players to come up with new and innovative add ons.

    4. Allow crafting recipes to consume resources or components that are held in a person's vault. So by this, if a person has 10 copper ingots, 2 in his bag and 8 in his vault, crafting with them would use the two in the bag first and then automatically switch to those in the vault. This will help cut down a lot of the too'ing and fro'ing. Perhaps consider this an option to implement outside of any player bags revamp?

    Cheers all.

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    In a short spell of defiance i played a little GW2, so now i feel like a spy as i want you to nick some ideas.

    Account bound crafting vault that is accsessed when you use any crafting bench/forge/etc.. was so easy and convient all crafting items looted automaticly went there (no matter where you are or what you doing) and available when crafting to all charecters on account.

    Larger stacks would make so much differance, I would say 999 if you can do this.

    Also crafted larger bags for day to day inventory.

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    In an edit to my comment earlier in the thread I suggested a rep wallet to store any 'dropped' rep or excess from quests (once kindred has been achieved), and it was kind of convoluted in trying to retain the feel of current 700/30 items. After reading comment 141 (the part quoting an earlier comment) regarding pooling IXP drops, I think the approach described there would be a better solution than I suggested for rep.

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    -Let re-use the old token system in Moria: Instead of mob dropping random LI, let them drop token suitable for each level cap (65-75, 75-85, 85-95... and so on). These token of course will go straight into premium wallet, or become a 50-item stack. Player can use these token to barter the LI they want without try to test their luck from world drop. If there is worry that this will kill LI trade between player, then let these token being tradable, but with rarer drop (not as rare as sharp drop, of course)
    -If it is a same LI with same level, without make them stack? Like two 3rd LI lv86 will stack into a stack of two. Only on unidentified LI, of course
    -Destroy All button for pending loot and Sell All Sellable Pending Loot at the vendor.
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    I personally would like to see everything be stackable up to 200 or more and for pete's sake please allow two of the same items from hobbit presents to stack, it is so frustrating to carry around two items that are exactly the same from the hobbit gifts but won't stack.

    I would also like to see the bags become sizeable, it is so irritating that when I have all my bags open, which is how I like to roll, I cannot make them smaller to take less screen space.

    And it was my understanding that with Helm's Deep we were going to be able to upgrade housing chests FOR GOLD, not MITHRIL coins,I'm sure the patch notes said that.

    I do not like the Mithril coins for everything. I am a Lifetime Subscriber/ VIP who paid my 300 bucks only because I generally do not like to play games that cost me annually; However I loved LOTRO enough to pay that and now am dogged at every turn when concerning some of the things I would like the most, I have to come up out of my pockets yet again to buy Mithril Coins because they can only be purchased using MITHRIL COINS. I do not like MITHRIL COINS, in a box or with a fox!

    This may not be the correct thread for "this" but here goes -Bump up the amount of Turbine Points Lifetime accounts get. How is it right, that I paid $300.00 for a Lifetime subscription and my daughter who I bought a years subscription for gets the same amount of Turbine points that I get... I don't mind my daughter of course, but to think that someone paid less than me gets the same benefits... I don't really see much benefit to being Lifetime and it is my understanding that a "VIP" is only someone who has a subscription, versus free-to-play. If I am correct in that, then what benefit am I getting? I know I don't have to subscribe annually but come on.

    I do like the changes to the classes, at first I was miffed but they did seem to level out and every class seems a bit more sturdy now, which I like. Just wanted to you to know I'm not entirely displeased! :P
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    Increase the stacks

    It would be nice if all stacks were set to one amount, say 500 or 1000. warding/battle lore - class buffs or food are all less than 100. It was really great when shards were upped from 20 to 100, why not do that will loot?

    Also it would be nice to be able to filter loot as it comes in. Say: mark a bag for LIs, a bag for crafting drops, a bag for ore, a bag for task items etc. The item would be to mark bags for what loot they CAN except in them and if the bag(s) fills up it either goes into overflow or a pop up appears reminding the player. I pitcher more of a walking vault, though not as big or expandable.

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    - A button/option on every subdivision in the vault or housing chest to move everything from that subdivision into your bags. This would be great for example to quickly swap gear, where you have your current tank gear all in one section of your vault and can have it in your bags with just one click. Same for a vault section with all tier 9 crafting materials for your profession for example, to quickly get all the stuff you need to do your daily or weekly crafting.

    - A key combo to use on an item in your inventory while auction house window is opened, to have that automatically inserted (and searched?) in the auction house search box. Dragging an item over to that search box each time you want to do a price check, is cumbersome.

    - Ways to combine relics faster (oops, this is not really inventory), as with crafting, allow us to set a quantity.

    - The legendary items we have slotted in our legendary panel, is it necessary they still take up space in our inventory bags? They could all be hanging from our belts once we have them equipped in the legendary panel, so we have more space in our bags. Need the option to drag an li from the legendary panel to slot it onto a quickslot bar (maybe that's already possible, not sure as I normally drag li's from bags to quickslots).

    - Our vault, how many players have part of their vault as a museum to store old armour sets they worked hard to get? Sets with all their memories of the people and the raids you acquired them with? If the housing changes for next year will include armour racks, you hit 2 marks with one arrow.
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    1. allow bigger stacks for items
    2. Lower drop rates for 3d age LI and scroll recipes
    3. make a crafting wallet similar to the one we have now for currency
    - for example to do a farmer recipe i had to buy water and fertilizer from vendor which can go to wallet instead of inventory
    4. make bigger bags
    5. maybe allow us to store some stuff on mounts?

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    I simply adore the Guild Wars 2 inventory system, and would love to see something similar in lotro!

    1. Crafting items go into a seperate type of storage alltogether, and do not take up main inventory space.

    2. The ability to have self-sorting bags (IE: potions find themselves in one, gear in another, and so on)

    3. player-crafted bags, these could simply be bigger bags or bags with special purposes like above. Maybe make these recipes guild recipes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Datheor View Post
    This, please. If nothing else. As a crafting pack rat, I would pay real money for crafting material bags and specific vaults (I know the vault can be organized, but this would still be awesome) And since we are wishing for stuff, make it a account wide, shared vault (crafting materials only) This would save me so many headaches trying to figure out which alt had what materials.

    crafted bags and replaceable bag slots in personal and vault spaces would be great, inventory handling is one thing that wow has done wonders in, they've tweaked and refined their inventory system to near perfection so to follow what that game had done would be a wise thing to do

    highlighting item drop could probably work be better for players if you only highlight the last item that drops into the bag

    make all vaults as compact as possible and make it able to change its size like before

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    How about a way to drag one of your Inventory bags to the vault and have all items in it deposited into the vault. Same concept the other direction Click on one of the chest tabs in the vault and say deposit all into bags.. This would make crafting a lot easier instead of having to move 10 items into bags go craft you daily guild items then drag them back to vault.
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    As many already told, I would recommend to reduce the number of task items, increase stack size and properly stack same items.
    That would really help a lot.
    Otherwise the amount of bag space is more than enough for me.

    My main concern is actually the npc inventory.
    I totally hate the filter options and the way it is organized.

    I would recommend to implement some filters such as:
    1) filter for task items the char is outleveled, so I can sell the whole stuff without comparing the content of 6 bags with task bord and still being confused because all fur looks the same....
    2) filter for item levels or crafting levels. Anyone ever being annoyed going to crafting hall and searching for a simple one item in the barthers long long list?
    3) filter for equipment vs crafting items vs task items vs cosmetics .....

    That would really be nice helping to manage (and disposing) items in my inventory.

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    When vendors access the contets of your inventory, have them do so in the same order that items are placed by the game in said inventory: bags 1-5, left to right, top to bottom.
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    I would like to see something similar to what Guild Wars 2 has. You have a number of bags, but player can craft bigger (more slots) ones. Also, there's an option to add crafting materials to your 'collection', which you can access both at the vault and at a crafting facility.

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    I wished I could spend less time with painful housekeeping and get more time to play!

    Some thoughts:

    - Item stacks:

    A small step: Identical items should sort/merge to stack cap automatically.

    Or a big step: Identical items should stack to 999. This will eliminate 99% of the duplicate stacks.

    - Reputation Items

    Revamp the Reputaion System:

    A small step:make it simpler: Less items, or special reputatione items one for each fraction (right clickable - like in moria) right click on a stack of 10 reputation items should do the job.

    Better: Get rid of the task bars. Reputation Task could be automated bestowed quests with a daily task limit. So all of the current reputations items could be sold .... and there were less items messing up the inventory.

    - Crafting Items

    Crafting is fun. If you are crafting with different chars you cannot keep all your crafting components in the shared vault. So the procedure is like that: Going to the vault kepper first (not always near by), putting ingredients into the bag, go crafting, if you forgot a component go back to the vault keeper and so on. And if you can't find the component in the private or shared storage, you will have to log out, log in with the right alt, go to the next vault keeper, log back my crafter. And when you gathered all needen components, you need a lot of free slots to craft the components and the product ... Yes, crafting is fun.

    I wished I had a account sharable "Workshop inventory" (a realy big bag for crafting items ) that keeps the items for all my chars; crafting items should be usable w i t h o u t putting them into and out from the standard bags / storage to use them. A "Workshop" with a "warehouse" and Crafting facilities placed in / at my house could have the same function.

    - Armour/Weapon Sets:

    If you use different armour, weapon, jewellery etc. for your different trait setups for PvMP and if you go to the moors too, organizing storage is a pain:

    Solution: Slots for different Armour-Setups (like the outfit setups)
    - For class Trait Switching
    - For PVP armour and trait setup

    Not wielded Legendary weapons which are slotted for leveling could be removed from the bags.

    Customizeable bag:

    One Big Bag, with a search / filter like a bank vault with 6x15 (nameable) register / bags.

    A "Pin Items" option per bag or slot: Each slot remembers the position of an item - even its count is zero, so you will not need to sort the bag content again and again (i.e. a bag with holds potions or scrolls). New items will be

    added to bags with unsorted / unpinned / blanc slots.

    Items should stack (duplicates should not waste space)

    Bag Windows should be wrappable to a vertical or horizontal bar.

    - And for the creeps in the moors:

    Shared storage for the moors for creeps would be very nice or a surrogate like a parcel delivery system to send items or gold to an alt creep.

    Identical Items should stack to 999.
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    One thing for sure that I don't want is a barter wallet type implementation for crafting supplies. I like mining and selling my results on the auction hall. If they go into my wallet, I'm stuck.

    I'm not a great big fan of the idea of not having my mats nearby (remote crafting) - but that's just me

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    Quote Originally Posted by oj009 View Post
    The one thing that annoys me about inventory and bags is when there are no free slots, but you have a quest reward or harvest material or something of that ilk to be added to a current stack in the bags. It won't let you complete the quest or harvest the item unless there is a free slot. You run around to sell/ vault or throw away something to get a free slot only to have the item added to the stack leaving you with a free slot when you didn't need to free it up in the first place. Please can you have items add to a stack within a bag without having to free up unnecessary space.
    Fully agree. This annoys me to no end as well.
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    Two things which would be a massive improvement:

    Fewer different relic bundles. After running 3 instances i usually end up with ~10 different bundles of t5-t7 relics. Just one per tier would be enough.

    A separate bag with 100 spaces just for crafting mats. This way you don't end up with tons of crafting stacks in your inventory AND it makes crafting in general far less annoying, since nobody has to run to the vault-keeper 20 times just to craft the guild rep items from 7 different tiers. As a side note: Most likely would be a really good seller on the lotro-store :P

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    Ability to process stacks of items - e.g. relics - in one hit. See also https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-Strain-Injury .
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    Quote Originally Posted by pittcrew1 View Post
    I'd say my top suggestions are:
    In addition to this, I'd love to see an option to either select types of items, or specific items, to automatically let go through pending loot, and ones that you do not want to go through. Example categories: Equipment, Crafting Materials, Task Items, Recipe Cases, LIs (would prefer barter item, but even that would have a category).

    Also, I'd like it if Task Items had a different, changing background. Grey if it's outleveled, brown if it's useless (just get rid of those...), red if it's above level, and the purplish brown that we currently have, if it's on level. Showing where it can be turned in would also be nice, even if that's just the region, or half like South or North Angmar, and possible label the level range.
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    Inventory problems:
    1- Far too many things are still limited to stacks of 5, or even 10 -- things like the Scrolls one gets from deconstructing Legendary Items.

    2- There are too many things with the same name that do not stack -- typically because one of them comes from the Store and another from Hobbit Presents.

    As a Founder/Lifetime with a full set of Alts to do crafting with. Much crafting is done for others (typically fellow Kinmates) who are of different levels than the crafter.
    Most Professions need resources from other Professions, this means maintaining large inventories of "intermediate" Raw Materials (like Leather and Ingots).
    This results in a lot of to and fro, logging alts in and out simply because there is NOT ENOUGH Shared storage for materials, and one uses the Alt's personal storage to hold the Ingots, Leather, Planks, etc. "just in case."

    What is needed? -- some kind of "Workshop" bag. Basically shared Storage, but which would be available when crafting. This would allow those alts who are Prospectors and Foresters to convert the raw materials into resources useable by the other alts who have professions which need them.

    .... or just maybe ... a Workshop in your House with a Storage chest for crafting materials, and the ability to outfit that Workshop with a Forge and Workbench. The Oven really should be in the Kitchen of the house, but the workshop makes as much sense as anywhere. The same for a Study.
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    When you Trade with another player, incoming items don't stack with identical items, like they do on every other thing that brings items into your inventory. Please change this. If it's like this on purpose out of some desire to make it possible to tell what you got, change it anyway -- the General window already provides a record.

    Farming and Cooking take up so much more space than the other crafts that simply doing crafting takes a whole lot of extra bag space. I don't think there's a solution that makes sense in terms of giving them more bag or vault space, letting them craft out of the vault, etc. that doesn't still preserve that disparity. Simply reducing the number of ingredients is the only sensible way. Yeah, it makes no sense to make a chicken soup without having to have chicken, stock, onions, etc. but then it doesn't make sense to make a bow without a string, and we do it all the time, so we're sure not going to quibble about that in cooking.

    Really I think inventory has already seen much improvement thanks to the sixth bag, more vault space, and better organization in chests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HunterGreen View Post
    When you Trade with another player, incoming items don't stack with identical items, like they do on every other thing that brings items into your inventory. Please change this. If it's like this on purpose out of some desire to make it possible to tell what you got, change it anyway -- the General window already provides a record.
    Let me add to this the one other exception I know of: pending loot bag, it will not let you cap a currently un-capped stack, you have to have an empty slot. (Harvesting crafting nodes with more than enough to cap a stack also has this effect...)
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    1) Make everything stack to a standard amount, 128 or whatever your current database design allows for is fine, also make all items stackable e.g. I have 5 Helms of Awesomeness in my bag, they show as a stack of 5 Helms of Awesomeness taking up one slot.

    2) Single use recipes should be listed in the crafting panel, e.g. I have opened and learned 5 recipes for Helm of Awesomeness, when I look at Helm of Awesomeness in the crafting panel it says I can make up to 5 that way I wouldn't waste 50 vault slots holding single use recipes on each toon....or just make all the single use recipes standard recipes instead.

    3) I would like to see a filter added (like the one on our maps) where I can choose to receive coins (like the ones in hobbit presents) instead of the items, so there would be an option on the bag that brings up the filter list

    Armour/weapons uncommon
    Armour/weapons rare
    Legendary Items
    Task Items
    Rep Items

    so if I was just grinding an area for rep and didn't want other junk I would untick the first five and would only receive stackable coins (in place of the items) plus rep items, obviously the filter list would have more categories, also people with the barter wallet would get the coin straight to their gold balance instead of needing to vend the stackable coins

    4) Allow us to accept coin to the value of the most expensive thing being offered as a quest reward instead of an item, e.g. you have 3 items offered as a quest reward but you don't want any of them, the most expensive one is worth 30 silver, you can choose to just take the 30 silver, again this would be in stackable coin for people without the barter wallet and straight to gold balance for people with it

    5) When at a vendor the ability to right click an item in your bag to vend it rather than having to search for it in the vendor sell tab

    6) A separate crafting vault for hides, gems, wood, ore, ingots, crafting boosts, crafting rep items, shards, flakes, tools, recipes, scroll cases etc, anything crafting related

    7) XP runes should go to your barter wallet if you have one and you should be able to use the runes through the LI panel

    8) Slotted LIs should just vanish upon slotting, and you should be able to pick which ones you currently use through the LI panel, rather than having to carry them around in your bags

    9) Quest items should not go into your bags, it should just be assumed that you have the item, and they can be useable from the quest tracker as they are now

    10) Trophies, I don't have a good idea for dealing with these but I have a whole vault full of them so clearly they need dealing with

    11) Have slots for potions and fishing rod in player panel, so that you don't have to store them in your bags, then have them usable through skills, e.g. I see that my moral potion skill is greyed out, so I buy a stack of Eorlingas Athelas Essences, open my player panel, slot them and my skill is now usable again, also reduce the amount of potions to levels 15,25,35,45,55,65,75,85,95.... further more instead of having lots of different types of potions you could just have a universal potion for each of those levels so for example i see that my power and moral skills are greyed out i buy a stack of 100 lvl 95 universal potions, split the stack to 2 lots of 50, slot 50 in the moral slot and 50 in the power slot, and then I am able to use my moral skill 50 times and power skill 50 times, but if i ran out of moral uses first i could just open the player panel, unslot some of the potions in the power slot and put them in the moral slot, or the fear or wound slot for example

    12) 'Unattach All' option for your mail, which also deletes any mail that just had an item attached and no body text, also ability to post account bound items to alts, also ability to mail multiple items

    13) There should be an option to auto de-construct relic items instead of receiving them in your bag, also an 'auto combine all' button at the relic master to auto combine all of the currently selected tier

    14) Make everything that is bound, account bound, I see no reason why if i do a raid on my hunter and nice gold captain item drops that i cant roll for it and if i win pass it to my captain, it is me that did the raid so if i want to use something on another toon then i should be able to, I really cant think of any reason why i should not be able to pass any item between alts, It's my work that earned the item and i should be able to use it on any of my alts, this would also fix the problem with store bought, hobbit presents and normal items having different bindings and not stacking

    15) Ability to use a stack of an item, such as rep items for e.g. you long press your mouse button on a stack of rep items and a dialogue opens asking 'are you sure you want to use 50 Wicked Daggers?'

    16) Write the HugeBags plugin into the game properly, it gives you one large sortable, filterable bag plus the ability to search across alts vaults and bags from any alt

    17) Reduce the insane TP prices on storage, shared storage costs way too much, vault extensions are per character and cost way too much, I have 9 toons, I would pay 95TPs for a per character or 495TPs account wide for a 15 slot upgrade, shared storage I would pay 95TPs per upgrade

    Fixes) [a] currently you can end up with many copies of the same quest item in your item overflow [b] when you are trading between two people, you cannot swap 2 items for 2 items for example while your bags are full, you also cannot throw away items while your trade panel is open to make space and the same problem when accepting quest rewards which don't add to the stack due to your full bag
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