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    A crafting materials wallet for one's particular profession would be superb. Also, perhaps a wallet for things pertaining to LI. Crafting materials consolidated and automatically accessible during crafting without having to shuffle from storage to bags would be my primary wish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eruecco View Post
    How about the ability to lock/unlock items directly inside your inventory bag, without having an active vendor window open. I often find myself holding on to loot for a task that I've out-leveled, so it's no use for me to keep the stack locked. When I remember it's there, I find it troublesome to look through the locked items in the vendor window to unlock that loot. It'd be easier to unlock directly in my bag.
    There is a way to do this, although it is a bit cumbersome.

    Alt-click the item in inventory so it is highlighted, then use ctrl-T to lock or unlock.

    As for staying on topic, i agree with a post above that the devs should take a look at some of the addons on lotrointerface, specifically hugebag and sortpack.
    Although sortpack is a bit strange how it sorts items, due to the way items are labelled in game, but that could be part of the adjustments made also.
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    -Increase stack sizes (especially for crafting items and task items)

    -Create a new "Buff Wallet" for the various buff items in the game, to track these items as integers managed under a wallet-style panel rather than physical inventory objects. Magical mystery buff items obtain from a magical nether-world store (or from rolls of magical nether-dice) really have no business being physical objects to begin with.
    ---Buff Wallet should optimally track these buffables by pooling their magnitudes together (e.g., if you obtain a 30-minute Buff X item, and then a 90-minute Buff X item, Buff Wallet will show 120 minutes of Buff X available)
    -----Buffables can be consumed in pre-defined chunks (of e.g. 30 minutes) via left click, or with a pop-up dialog asking you how many minutes (or seconds or points or whatever is appropriate to the buff in question) you want to consume at this time via right click.
    ---Buff Wallet buffable icons should be draggable to hotbars for easy/fast usage

    -Expand the Inventory Overflow system to increase general flexibility of inventory management
    ---Allow quest reward items to enter the Inventory Overflow
    ---Allow crafting node items to enter the Inventory Overflow
    ---Allow successfully crafted items to enter the Inventory Overflow (e..g, allow my freshly-crafted brushed leather or padded gloves to enter Inventory Overflow if need be)
    ---Allow items obtained from the trade window to enter the Inventory Overflow
    ---Increase the expiration timer for items in Inventory Overflow to 2 or 3 hours (personally, items near expiration are often my primary motivation to return to town early and "take a dump" as I like to call it)

    -Allow mail to accept multiple attachments

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    1. Make "usable with cooldown objects" Like [horn of the dwarrodelf], [map to glan-vraig], [captain summoning horn], [bonus stats book] become skills. That would save at least 5-6 inventory spaces for me

    2. Make separate bags for items type: Crafting bag (for resources and components), Potion bag (every kind of potion and draught), Equip bag (jewelry, armour, ecc). Food & consumables bag ecc..Make them more like current vault system, you can improve space of these bags buying larger packs with golds and TP (account wide plz!)

    3. Make Legendary items stay in the legendary panel only, remove them from bags

    (4.) Not really reguarding bags, but you can also think about different items equip configuration you can quickly switch when out of combat. (and maybe linkable with new trait specialization switch) so you can have one button to switch quickly equip and traits. Reason for this: it takes a lot of time for me on champ switching between damage (trash pulls) and tanking (bosses) during an istance. During this time other player are w8ing for me to drag&drop every piece of jewelry in the right position.

    5. Ability to med LI XP runes together in a bigger LI XP storage. (bigger rune or bonus bar)

    6. Increase or remove item stack maximum number for crafting items. Allow us to stack 1000 hides or 1000 ores of the same type and more...

    7. Fast vault access. Let me use crafting components I've got in my vault from the facilty, without need of going vault and take them.

    8. Reduce landscape drops in variability (more items of the same kind)

    9. Reduce number of base resources kind (one ore per tier (prospector), one wood and hide per tier (forester), one plant per tier (farmer), one sheet per tier (scholar).

    I think that's all I have in my mind atm

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    Click to auto-sort! I'm currently using an addon to auto-sort. I would like to see it as an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bto View Post
    -Expand the Inventory Overflow system to increase general flexibility of inventory management
    ---Allow quest reward items to enter the Inventory Overflow
    ---Allow crafting node items to enter the Inventory Overflow
    ---Allow successfully crafted items to enter the Inventory Overflow (e..g, allow my freshly-crafted brushed leather or padded gloves to enter Inventory Overflow if need be)
    ---Allow items obtained from the trade window to enter the Inventory Overflow
    ---Increase the expiration timer for items in Inventory Overflow to 2 or 3 hours (personally, items near expiration are often my primary motivation to return to town early and "take a dump" as I like to call it)
    Don't forget Burglar's Successful Burgle loot! Everyone always forgets that. However, I love all of these, thought of them before but forgot to this point.

    Also, maybe make certain things, such as Unique (or teal and/or gold items) maybe, never have a Timed deletion so you have to personally delete it. This may just make it a permanent extension to the bag, which is why I don't recommend it for everything, but it would be nice so you don't lose stuff.
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    I've not read through the replies, so some of these may have already been mentioned. Also, some may have overlap with housing and crafting.

    1) Redo the UI, individual bags are just clunky. However, do something a bit more lightweight than the vault type UI (which tends to take an age to load). Allow some kind of multi-select and drag-drop functionality to move things around. Allow it to show small icons, large icons, or even just text. Allow sale of items direct from inventory, rather than having to search through a sell tab.

    2) When trading between players, take into account stack consolidation when deciding if there is enough space or not.

    3) Allow crafting to use ingredients in vault and/or house storage if they are not present in personal inventory

    4) Make EVERY furniture item in the entire game unbound, or at least account bound. Which leads to.....

    5) Create a separate storage container for kinhouses, specifically for furniture items, have a new permission which allows access to it (or perhaps just use decorating). When removing a bound furniture item, instead of it going to owner, it can be transferred to this new container, and those with permissions can move things _from_ that container to be used in the house (but not to their inventory if it's bound to another player). You'd have to make it so that no matter the permission settings, an owner of a bound item can always get at it. It is so frustrating redecorating houses when there are multiple bound items around.

    6) Not exactly inv per se, but those millions of 3rd age LI's we get - why not do the same for them as for crafting recipe scrolls. Just stack 'unidentified legendary items', open it up and see what you get. Or indeed make it so that on opening, it is always of the class that opened it. (Perhaps even of the same level as the opener)

    If I think of anything else I'll do another post...
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    I dont think their will ever be enough storage space. However, Every festival or event and expansion we get more housing decorations, more cosmetic choices. So I would like a way to store all my cosmetics and housing decorations in 1 vault accessible by any toon of mine on the same account and server, with more than 125 and more than 200 item slots. On meneldor Having no duplicates I have enough to fill 3 charecters storage which is a pain trying to remember which toon has what. Plus im not able to work on leveling those 3 toons due to full inventories. It would be nice if the cosmetics and decorations were not mostly bound either.

    I do like the idea of tailors being able to craft, 15 and 30 slot bags to be able to hold stuff and place either in vault, shared vault or personal inventory. With Woodworker and or Metalsmith able to craft wood or metal chests for housing storage chests to do the same thing as crafted bags.


    After the changes to housing, 1g 250s = first 15 slots, 5g = 2nd 15 slots, 25g = 3rd 15 slots, 125g = 4th 15 slot upgrade, then 100 mithril coins per upgrade for 4 upgrades.

    If Any changes made to our standard inventory will follow the same new pricing guide as the housing chests did. then I am against any changes made at all. I dont have 125gold or 250gold to buy 15 slot increase. Im not saying it should be just handed out free but i dont want greed to be a factor either.

    just my 2 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    “We think it’s time to take a new look at inventory in LOTRO and see where we can make improvements. Please share any thoughts you have on what works or what doesn’t work for you regarding inventory here.” - Kate Paiz, Executive Producer, The Lord of the Rings Online
    Set it up like the VAULT, with a built-in mailing option...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glicanath View Post
    I can see where you're coming from -- good points. I was actually a little disappointed when they moved away from the manual looting system. That seemed to add a level of realism where you had to stop to pick things up from the mobs. I'll concede the vault interface suggestion for the sake of realism, though it means having to remember which bag I put my gazebo, statues and Shire oak in to bring to my house
    Hahaha, true! Too bad they didn't arrange the game so that trees and statues were not put into your bag, but were actually delivered to your home by little flocks of hobbits pulling a giant wheelbarrow cart.

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    There are some good ideas already here so I'm just going to make one suggestion (and it may have already been suggested):

    Quest items - Way too much of my inventory space goes to quest items. I enjoy reading the letters and notes, but there's no need for these to take up bag space. Plenty of other MMO's allow you to have quest items (even ones that can be read) without them taking up bag space. Definitely look into getting these things out of the inventory. Make a special tab in the quest log for them or something similar.
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    I would like a single container of storage space, that can be adjusted in width and height, has small tabs so that I can separate things by type, and can be expanded through normal means. Basically, throw away our six bags and give us a mobile vault. The first 45 slots free (to mirror the free 3 bags). The next 30 (up to a total of 75) available in 15-slot increments either as a VIP perk or through store purchase (though I think the price needs to come down; 1000 TP for 15 slots is outrageous). Final 15 slots (up to a total of 90) either by store purchase or for those who purchased Legendary RoR.

    Size is important. Don't make these windows with so much boring space as we have with the real vaults. Little more than a search box, border, and name at the top (Inventory would be fine), with the tabs down the side. Let us stretch it as big as we want (or as big as reasonable, considering how many slots are inside), but also let us make it as small as we want. Perhaps in terms of tabs, give us an overview tab, plus 6 individual tabs (to mirror our existing 6 bags). That way we can view all of it at once, while still having things stored in different tabs, and then we can look at just a single tab if we want to. We'll need a scroll bar, of course.

    And yes, our stacks need to be higher. Seriously. Task items only stack to 50. I have probably over a thousand branches for the LLG dailies, and hundreds of the heartwood. I keep them in case I'll need them on my lowbie alts. But 7 of my 9 toons on Riddermark are too high for the tasks.

    Which brings me to an only slightly related request: can the tasks have no maximum level limit? Please? If players don't even own all areas at a certain level but want to come back later and experience the content, it's not fair to them that they've missed out on an opportunity to get xp and/or rep, etc. via the task boards. Not to mention the associated DEEDS. It is very limiting when we can only do them in an area of appropriate level.

    This frees up a LOT of space on the UI AND gives a very easy way to implement future space upgrades (the way the 6th bag was added for RoR). In place of the six icons used for the inventory bags, we could now have icons for stuff like the reputation panel, the PvP war panel, the EB panel, etc.

    To echo something said above: Drop the gold sink. The housing costs are outrageous. Do NOT under any circumstances want to see that sort of thing implemented with our inventory, especially not attached to any TP or MC. We get bombarded with TP or MC purchase options already. Enough said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lohdain_Meneldor View Post
    4) Move bound regional tokens to the wallet. I have leftover assorted silver and gold cow heads, stars, leaves, twigs, frog legs, and whatall in tiny stacks in tiny bags from armor quests in Lothlorien, Mirkwood, Enedwaith, Dunland, and so on.
    This functionality already exists when you buy the premium wallet - personally the one item I recommend everyone buy. It's one of the best buys in the store.

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    i have a hard time taking them serious on inventory revamp unless they are just trying to make money off of it

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    :START: Ansury pg #7 post #67 :END: pg #14 post #137 !! INC WALL OF TXT !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansury View Post
    I like this idea, an ixp bank for LI. It goes into what I really want, a more unified currency.

    Unified Currency:
    Target: item exp runes space, extra LI space, relics space.
    Bonus: LI revamp.

    Instead of dropping 3rd age LIs everywhere why not make mobs drop shards instead.
    The landscape token and other things should be converted if possible to shard values. Just on my alt I have 16 different types of currency, most likely never to be used again.

    We have coins Coppers, silver and gold.
    We also have Marks, medallions and seals.
    We should have Shards, Legendary shards, and legendary fragments. They should also be account wide and in the wallet.

    All these being shared account wide, and the new bank for item xp currency can lead to an easier revamp of the LI interface to be personally crafted at the forge.
    Combine those types of currency into whatever cost and that should clean up the wallet, and free up a lot of inventory space.
    Just increase cost of currency for more personalization.

    I go to my Ixp bank to grab enough for level 10, then so many shards plus other currency to purchase the legacies I want. It might cost 2 or 3 times as much but at least we can finally customize a weapon and stop being random, even more so with random trash will, morale regen, agi on my champ 2h sword.

    relics aren't that big a problem but instead of winning them could had out shards more of them equally to people in instances. And add an option to craft relics with shards only instead of required a tier 9 and 5k shards for a relic of your choice. Maybe up the price but it should be an option.
    Another good idea by Leonydoc - "Make the Settings, Gems and Runes shared between character"
    I agree, after they have been crafted this would cut down the overwhelming grind it has become.

    Other currency would include fest tokens, commedations and Mithril Coins. well fest token could use work too.

    Rep items:
    I sort of love/hate them. Nicer than task cuz you can buy them but take up so much room and clicking 100 at a time, ugh maybe stacks of 100s.
    I'd like to see them worked in with task in higher lvl areas or just have tasks removed. This item xp bank for LI idea could be applied to rep items.
    Instead of so many of them just one per faction that acts as the bank. A npc that lets you cash out for rep or for something to put up on auction.
    Maybe add rep to kills in the region. Instance/Dungeon only? Its a passive way to do it and a more fun way to grind it.

    Having rep items and kill rep would maybe eliminate task, seeing as you wont need 20 types of trash money drops if you use for turn ins. = more inventory space/clean and smooth
    You could change task to those mini bosses like the esteldin quest for the item xp. They trigger when someone shows up with the proper task so they don't wander around messing with other questers.

    Now all i have left are 2 bags of crafting items 1bag store bought items, 1 bag potions class items and maybe alternate weapon/classitem. and maybe a Li scroll or related drops. 5th bag could have rep banks, and then all the new gear thats dropping fills the 6th

    Quote Originally Posted by Hatter_of_Bree View Post
    Allow for a way to make next level pots from two/seweral lower ones? Same for all tiered wound/fear/poison/disease cures/pots, defence/offence crolls and hope tokens?
    Quote Originally Posted by thewordofzod View Post
    You could find a way to "tier" the same 5 items, like with them fancy green chevrons ya'll like to use when you're killing us with some horrible DOT.
    Dented Codpiece stacks up to 5 and becomes a Tier 2 Dented Codpiece... Angmar needs Tier 2 Dented Codpieces... Wildermore needs Tier 32 or whatever...
    Now I want to see a loot icon with 32 little green chevrons
    love this last idea for crafting. harvest 501 ores?
    Just 2 stacks now one at 100 with a tier 1 chevron and one with 1-99 ores. at 99 the next ore pushes it up to 2 chevrons and an ore after that is the second stack again.
    so at 500 its a 100 stack with 5 chevrons and 501 a second stack with 1 ore. great way to keep track of the same item in high numbers for all crafters.

    I also have a big problem with the store bought and hobbit rewards. Making them have their own wallet or with destiny perks might work but still looking for better options atm.
    Reading till the end to post what i can find.

    edited partial quote with what ideas I agreed with / liked / or think can be easily implemented
    Quote Originally Posted by Umpbear View Post
    Yes, please PLEASE pull from the smallest stack when using something - conversely, when obtaining items, add to the largest - no need for a merge in either case that way.

    I like the idea of adding "gear" slots to spec trees, as well as the notion of any LI's that are slotted are "there" instead of in your bags.

    All items stack to the same size stack, not some at 100, some at 50, some at - well you get the idea.

    It would be nice if Suppliers had a Vocational filtering option, scrolling through the entire list to find that one woodworker item (yes I know, there is a search, but if you're buying a bunch of different woodworker items. . .)

    The sorting of common and below is only useful for selling trash, as when you select uncommon, it still shows common - separate those so you can select, common only, rare only, etc.

    Yes, add to available stacks if the bags are full.

    When splitting stacks, the option to "split out all" would be grand, esp for AH purposes - there really is nothing more annoying than splitting out 1 item at a time, or perhaps "split into stacks of X"

    The ability to access Housing chests from a Vault-Keeper would be outstanding.

    Thanks - UMP
    Quote Originally Posted by NoCyg View Post
    Another idea I like is to stop having some quest items--letters, instructions, etc.--go into your inventory, or at least having to leave them in your inventory once you've started the quest. It's really irritating to have perfectly good space being taken up by worthless quest items which you can't do anything with (not even transfer to your vault) or you lose the quest. Currently, the mechanics of when a letter or item will or will not be deposited into your inventory versus into the invisible bag that holds other quest items seems to be very random. It would be nice if everything could be standardized so that quest items never take inventory space.
    page 11 Jokubas post #105 a good little rant about inventory.

    maybe another edited quote
    Quote Originally Posted by rougeredmage View Post
    Remove trash items from the game !!! convert trash directly into cash held by monsters, Revamp the taskboards to use the new Quest pop up system remote UI thingy for reptable quests content for Free players....

    have a seperate House wardrobe to store houseing items.... placeing items in this house wardrobe will bind any furnatre to account for easy house keeping ?

    change the legendary item rune system and replace it with a "bank" of heritage that can be withdrawn onto an item.

    an option to have quest rewards be turned into coin/ marks / shards

    revamp the wardrobe system please actually make it worth purchasing or useing i have one character with a vault full of clothes !! also make the wardrobe system and shared storage systems more more economical to use for instance a charcter slot is currently priced as of 17/12/13 at 595 TP meaning that i can aquire 120 slots worth of vault space + bagspace before spending any TP. while 10 wardrove space cost you guessed it 595 TP with shared storage 10 slot upgrade costing 595 TP now lets be sensable which one am i going to choose to purchase ?

    Faengalith -
    "No, please no. I must disagree with many of the suggestions here, and I don't believe these would enrich the game. Making things "easier" isn't always a good move, especially if something else is sacrificed. You can hear plenty of people complaining about many ways the game has become too easy and it has lost appeal.


    I know everyone wishes things were easier, and stuff like actually going to a vault keeper is a pain, but it's part of the game. Remember what you need to do... plan to make a stop at a certain outpost... plan what you carry like a real adventurer would. If you start to make too many things instant, mechanized and 'easy', you will abandon the Middle Earth experience for a science fiction game, and eventually regret that."

    I have to agree with Faengalith. Most of the option I've stayed away from might take away or change the feel of the game as I see it. Although remote looting and open tapping makes for a great casual feel.
    Right now I'm just looking for more simple ways of streamlining what already exist. That and cosmetic options for my legendary weapons. Just old skins from say my hammer Erunnam from the Angmar Bogbereth raid. I wouldn't mind if i could put that skin on another 2handed weapon since Li and weapons speed has been standardized but if id had to id switch to a 2h hammer just to use that skin.

    Quote Originally Posted by uvm.tp View Post
    (1) Please consider that having certain items in specific places in bags is critical to ongoing game play.
    (1a) I don't want bags auto-sorted and then have a salve all of a sudden move and be replaced by a Tome of Extraordinary Experience and randomly spend a valuable store-bought item when I meant to remove a wound from a compatriot.
    (1b) Making the bags like a vault would take up a tremendous amount of screen real estate. Please don't do this.
    (1c) Some of us (also see: @andrasy) LIKE the 6 bags, as they are open while we adventure and are in different locations on the screen, not just packed together emulating one big bag. If you're going to re-implement what others can do in plugins (um, why?) then give us options, not requirements that break existing styles of play.

    (3) Allow mining and finishing quest items to go into pending loot

    (4) Please do NOT bind or autoconsume any more items that are not currently acting in that way. The separate reputation items for the
    (5) Please carefully consider any limitations to bag contents. I don't want something that is relegated to carrying metal when I'm a Yeoman. Same for things that would only hold potions, or whatever. Don't assume you know my play style - keep things as generic as possible in storage.

    (6) At least correct labels on items that can be turned in for tasks (vs not)
    His number 4 i am all for that. I want to expand rep items into higher end zones that are now becoming uninhabited. Having 1 item acting as a bank to hold the value and an npc to barter this value for yourself or redeem a tradeable item/s that can be auctioned.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cadd_EU View Post
    For stuff not really about direct inventory while Questing:
    • No Housing Decorations should be Bound to Characters - make them Bind to Account
    • Overall, more stuff Bind to Account, period.
    Quote Originally Posted by skadoink View Post
    2) When trading between players, take into account stack consolidation when deciding if there is enough space or not.
    I don't remember if i got the quote about account granted cosmetics for each character being condensed to one item that's account wide in a reward wallet. cuz 28 free cosmetic items, from pre-orders and such, on each character was overwhelming.

    dietlbomb -
    "Store the player-bound Legacy Replacement Scrolls in the Legendary Item Panel in the same way that Relics are stored. Allow the player to apply these from within the Legendary Item Panel."

    If the idea of gems, settings and runes are account shared yet viewable in the Legendary Item Panel, this above idea will clean up more space and smooth over the LI UI even more.
    We would need a way to combine a number of them to up the lvl or deletion option to remove under leveled scrolls. Maybe requiring so many of an appropriate level scroll to add the legacy to a new base weapon before its constructed / identified.

    If someone wants to sort this further and make it easier for a dev and others to read please do so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dietlbomb View Post
    I'll go through the types of items that take up a lot of room in my bags.
    1. Convert the account-bound IXP runes into an account-bound IXP value stored in the player's wallet. Let the player spend these points in any arbitrary amount in the Legendary Item panel at the player's discretion.
    2. Store the player-bound Legacy Replacement Scrolls in the Legendary Item Panel in the same way that Relics are stored. Allow the player to apply these from within the Legendary Item Panel.
    Woah, best suggestions of the entire thread. PLEASE take a serious look at this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frickinmuck View Post
    Woah, best suggestions of the entire thread. PLEASE take a serious look at this.
    Definitely agree. I posted in the Suggestions forum on that first point just a a week or so ago. I do hope that Turbine really looks into this. A lot more people have started suggesting it recently, and that's awesome. The more people on board, the more chance that we can see it happen.
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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us an option of sorting our bags.

    Sort by item type (weapon, crafting, food, festival, quest item, etc)

    Sort by value (money wise, or teal/gold/purple etc)

    Sort by amount (stacks together largest to smallest)

    Also, a shift down button. When bag 1 has 2 or 3 empty spots, bag 2 has 1, bag 3 has 4 by hitting one button everything in your inventory moves down and fills up the bags from the bottom up creating a nice empty bag 6 to use when crafting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhoris_they_spider View Post
    The single worst thing about inventory management is all the 3rd age LIs you get. I appreciate some people like to send these to alts etc. but if I dont want to do that I have to manually destroy them. Please consider switching to an exclusively barter based system like dwarf-tools and khuzdul tablets from MoM.
    agree with this so much. they don't stack. you can't vendor them. other than giving them away to friends / alts or selling on the AH (for not very much), you have to manually delete them or manually destroy them for one t1 relic and maybe some legendary shards that you're going to need to vendor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKCrichton View Post
    Here are the issues that I can currently think of for bag/inventory/vault/shared storage

    Stack Sizes
    Increase the stack sizes on everything to 100.

    Trash/Task Items
    One of the things that eats up a lot of our bag space are the wide variety of trash/task items that exist. Something that would be great is to consolidate these items even more than they have been. Make it so each mob type has 1 classification of trash/task items that it will drop.
    Insects - Filth
    Animals - Skin
    Humanoids - Weapon
    Dead - Piles
    From these then make up one type of reward for each task tier that will drop from the appropriate level mobs.
    All other trash items should be condensed into two items.

    Bound to Account Items
    As it stands there are different versions of Bound to Account items for things like potions/buffs/boosts/etc. We have Hobbit Present items, Store bought items and one other I cannot think of. Each of these is considered unique and will not stack with the other. It would be of great help if they would all be altered to stack together so you don't have Stack X from presents, Stack Y from Store and they are really the exact same item but are now eating up 2 inventory/bag/vault/shared storage spaces.

    Crafting Items
    Another of the largest space eaters are crafting resources. These all eat up a ton of space. You have your Crit and normal resource for Wood, Ore, Scholar. Then you have Hides and the crit items for Farming and Cooking. That is 9 bag spots per tier of crafting, 10 if you count the shard/sigil/flake/crest and as we all know those first few levels in a new zone have their drops mixed together so that makes for level ranges like 85 to 87ish 20 bag spots that are now being claimed. This isn't even touching the nightmare that is farming/cooking for bag space
    It would be very nice to have a crafting exclusive pack that would hold our crafting resources until it is full and only then transition over into normal bag space.

    IXP Runes
    Some ability to take these to a Relic Master to merge them together into higher quantity runes. This would save people a lot of space.

    LI Legacy Scrolls

    Scrolls of the same maximum application level and legacy should be allowed to stack together.

    Leveling/Slotted LIs
    It would be nice to have an LI bag/belt/satchel where our leveling LIs could sit and not eat up 4 to 7 inventory slots
    I forgot about Housing Items and Cosmetic Items

    Housing Items
    There is no reason that these items should not stack together. You have multiple copies of a Seasonal Banner so lets have these stack instead of being separate items. You just have to make the Housing UI smart enough to only use 1 of the stack when we are placing it. This should apply to all housing items for furniture, yard items, music, wall paper, wall dyes and floors.

    Cosmetic Items
    These items have no durability so why is it that they can't stack? Ok yes we have different color versions so lets use the color to designate which ones will stack together. The question then will be brought up about how can we dye these items when they are stacked together? Ok so for dying require us to unstack one item.

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    I think an Inventory revamp should also include a loot revamp to reduce item clutter.

    My opinion here is, that especially landscape mobs from levelrange 1-60 drop a lot of unessesary items.

    Why not remove the folowing from the lootable:

    - Crafting Crit Items (Sideeffect: grants them more value)
    - Grey and yellow gear drop from enemies. (Grey is still purchasable at vendors and yellow is granted as questrewards)
    - lvl 45/50 Class Quest items. They should only drop if you have the quest active.
    - small Rep Items. Focus on big ones that grants 700 rep each or more.
    - Combine all recipe drops to 1 scroll that gives a random recipe. The scroll can be exchanged into a profession specific scroll ratio 2:1. Mybe the skirmish vendor, who's also selling these scrolls for marks, is willing to do that.
    - Remove unpolished gems and ores from enemy loot. There are enough ways to get out of lodes. Scholar mats form humanoids is still neccesary, because of the small number of sources at ruins.
    - Remove different legendary items from loottable and add shards in exchange. Don't forget to give the option to exchange shards in Third Age items of a desired level. Not just every 10 levels.
    - tiny IXP Runes (1,000-10,000) from mobs.
    - and all the specific relict containers. Just one of the universal relict per tier is sufficent enough. Especially in Boss chests.

    And adjust the following:

    - Reduce the task item drop to only 1 per type. So only one Skin for Bears, Wargs, Worms and Wolfes etc, Claws for Crebain, Insects and Eagles, a Weapon for humanoids/orcs and Dust for undead, unseen or ancinent evil) Makes 4 task items per region/levelrange. And increase the stack size of task items to 100.
    - Revamp purple random loot from landscape mobs and make it more appealing/rewarding.
    - Remove debuff healing potions and salves from the game. Imho with the latest changes there seems to be sufficiant ways the get rid of them with player skills. Although some of them need improvements to go head to head with the others. If that is too much, why not combine them into one.
    - Remove the off combat trail food (30min) and crit variants of icr trail food. Add double output to trail food and increase the duration to 15 min.
    - A change with a big impact on unecessary item clutter would be to combine all legacy replacement scrolls into one universal replacement scroll. This scroll should be a rare drop when deconstructing legendary items. Old scrolls are transfered into shards after this update.
    - reduce the amount of different IXP Runes.

    A Crafting Vault located at the housing would be great. All Items in that vault should serve as an additional, account bound inventory for all charactes when they try to craft items. At the crafting window there should be an option to define which ressources should be used first.

    If all of this, or even some things got changed, there will be less Inventory/Bag space problems for a lot of players.
    I made an example screenshot of my temporary bag after running 19 minutes around in west angmar. Look how many unecessary items got in there, almost 75%:
    Last edited by Schinderhannes; Dec 19 2013 at 07:18 AM.

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    I'd like to have the possibility to swap bags between vault and inventory, so we can quickly have all our crafting stuff at hand, switch solo, fellowship or skirmish inventroies, etc.

    Also, I think the balance between vault and shared vault should shift towards shared. Most of us have multiple alts, and it would be nice to be able to keep things needed by multiple alts in the shared vault. Currently the shared vault is too small and too expensive to do that.

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    I suggest extra allotment slots (like weapons, class items, armour and jewellery) for each type of food (cooked, trail, fortifying, +1 free maybe? for multiple types of stat booster) and pots. When the aforementioned items are equipped into their respective slots they won't take up space in the inventory.

    I also wholeheartedly support the bigger maximum stack size idea.
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    Landroval: Kibilturg (Watchers of Elendil); Taurunion, Erohtar (Taters and Traders)
    Crickhollow: Kibilturg (Tarciryan Knights), Zigilturg (Forever Notorious), Birnavor (The Northern Kingdom), Nuncle (Casual Wanderers)

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    Don't forget the API

    1) In a better world, you would have everything in the base UI. But in a world of finite developer resources, I would rather they be spent on things I can't now accomplish. E.g., I think you should be able to see everything as one big bag, sort, merge and also to see the inventory across all my alts. but I can already do these things so I would prefer the efforts be spent on getting me additional functionality.

    2) Some extra efforts in the API side might be high leverage for Turbine - some API additions that allow additional functionality to be achieved with addons. E.g. the current task mess would be less if an addon could add a "sell all task items without a task" button so an extra click at the vendor gets rid of them.

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    Dynamic size bags (like vault, more total size purchaseable). For each bag you can choose one or more predefined categories: LIs, craft ingredients, armor, weapons, task items... You can also create your own categories (drag items to a create category dialog and press create category).

    Each drop goes to the bag with assigned category. One bag is misc for items not accepted by any other bag. Categories rule auto-incoming (drops/quest rewards...) only. Otherwise player can move items between bags any way he/she chooses.

    Buttons for bags:
    - sell whole bag
    - merge stacks
    - sort
    - maybe also "add selected item to this bag"-button (overrules the categories)


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