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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronIU View Post
    Don't feel like reading 3 pages of material/advice.. so not sure if it's been said already..

    Allow me to view my alt's inventory that isn't in shared storage. I'm not asking for access to it, just simply be able to see what my alt has so I don't have to alt over and then realize he doesn't have it.
    HugeBag plugin does this. http://www.lotrointerface.com/downlo...4-HugeBag.html

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    Forward non-quest loot to pending loot chest.

    Some sort of invisible slave magically takes all of our loot back to a chest at the vault keeper or at player houses! The same ones that deliver hobbit presents, I imagine.

    No putting items in and using it for storage, take them out of the pendingverse or destroy them. It has a high limit to the number of pending items in it and no time limit. This would allow us to adventure for longer periods of time, as long as we aren't changing regions and loot tables often, without having to stop to organize/sell/trash items.

    When done adventuring around the land and whatnot, we can conveniently take the items we want out of the pending storage and put them into our vault, sell them at the nearby vendors, or destroy the items we don't want quickly. Quickly means not one at a time.

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    I would like the ability to sell items in my bags via the in game store so that I dont have to go back to town every time my bags get filled up.

    Also the ability to send crafting items from my bags to vault (if there is space) remotely from any where in the world would save lots of space.

    I know these ideas are currently in other games but they are very useful and would be great here.

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    I certainly agree with the request for larger stacks. If I have 150 ore, or 300 clumps of blackberries, why do they need more than one inventory slot? This is especially relevant for my farmer/cook, who currently has three bags of raw farmed foods, plus another half bag of flours (about 50-55 slots in total), but only about half that number of distinct types of items (I'm guessing around 25).

    I do *not* want the inventory bags to be changed to the vault interface. There are a number of reasons for this:
    1) I want to see everything in my inventory at a glance. I don't want to have to scroll or click, particularly if I'm opening the inventory to quickly access a consumable item. This is actually one of the things I like least about vaults, and I would not be happy if inventory was dragged down that path.
    2) Screen real estate. While the bags aren't exactly small, they are, even with all six bags open, still smaller than the vault interface. Keeping them on the smaller side is important for two reasons: 1. I frequently manage inventory and pending loot as I'm running/riding from point A to point B. As such, being able to see where I'm going, to make sure that I don't run off a cliff or into a corner or through a group of 10 mobs or etc is rather important to me. 2. Handling selling or shifting of items from one place to another. It's not uncommon for me to have inventory, plus pending loot, plus vendor open all at the same time, and I want to be able to see all three of them. Similarly, fitting vault plus inventory onto the same screen is important.
    3) The ability to put things where I want them in the order I want them. Inventory bags allow you to sort, arrange, and order items as you prefer. Vaults do not; you're stuck with the order that is automatically assigned, barring using the sub-vaults. And even the subvaults sort automatically within themselves, plus require clicking to navigate between them efficiently (see point 1 above). I do not want to lose the flexibility of being able to sort my stuff in a way that makes sense to me.

    I also really like the idea to put the LI XP items into a single pool that you can then pull out of. Having to juggle a dozen different types of LI XP items each with their own value takes a lot of space and is rather irritating.

    Another idea I like is to stop having some quest items--letters, instructions, etc.--go into your inventory, or at least having to leave them in your inventory once you've started the quest. It's really irritating to have perfectly good space being taken up by worthless quest items which you can't do anything with (not even transfer to your vault) or you lose the quest. Currently, the mechanics of when a letter or item will or will not be deposited into your inventory versus into the invisible bag that holds other quest items seems to be very random. It would be nice if everything could be standardized so that quest items never take inventory space.

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    I haven't had a lot to say here, but I was pointed out this thread, and this is a topic I have to put my two cents into.

    --I am 100% serious when I say that inventory management is the number one reason I stop playing MMOs, particularly free-to-play MMOs.--

    It's largely a subconscious thing, so I'm sure it affects people that don't even realize it, but I am not kidding. When your inventory is full, you can't play. You can't loot, you can't find new gear, you can craft... And you can't always just drop things. Between crafting materials, cosmetics, alternate gear, upcoming gear, consumables, task items, and more, it's very likely that your inventory will be close to bursting, and if you're a free player, it definitely will be. Knowing that the next time I log in I'll have to resolve the full inventory before being able to play means I just don't log back in, because that minigame is not the game I'm interested in playing. I've actually made it a rule for myself in several games to never log out without dealing with my inventory, but even that drains my excitement over time until a point where I stop playing altogether.

    Why is that a problem? Why can't you just drop, for instance, your cosmetics?

    Because Lord of the Rings Online is a game, and games are meant to be fun. People choose to collect cosmetics, generally, out of fun. If I'm dropping fun out of "necessity," then my enjoyment of the game has taken a hit and I'm one step closer to dropping the game. I can guarantee that the number of people who enjoy the challenge of what is safe to discard or to not take from loot is a very small minority.

    Being able to buy inventory expansions is a bandage, not a solution, and it's not even a very good one. A free-to-play business model is best when it makes people want to give you money, not need to give you money. When I start playing a game and it's obvious that I will be frustrated if I don't buy a bunch of bags or whatever, it stops being a free-to-play game. I'm not saying free-to-play means no money should ever change hands (otherwise no company would ever be able to support one), but when you need to pay $5 for each little quality of life bit, the game becomes more expensive than a subscription MMO (assuming you don't want to be frustrated every time you log in, which defeats the purpose of entertainment).

    But, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to criticize Turbine's business model here, I'm just trying to give set up for my Inventory and Bag Space Revamp Suggestions.

    I'm an extremely casual player at the moment, so there are things I know I'm missing, but I'll talk about what I know.
    1) Like I saw while going through the thread: Find a way to add a separate inventory for crafting materials. I guess it can be limited somewhat, so one person can't just circumvent the economy, but the average player should reasonably be able to grind out their craft skills without having to drop stuff so often it stops being worth trading with other players.
    2) Be more generous with cosmetics. The wardrobe should be more lenient, and I think free players should get a few slots by default (honestly, if it wasn't for my brother, who's a loyal subscriber, I'm not sure I'd even realize the wardrobe exists).
    3) Perhaps an auction house revamp. It's not really encouraging to shift items around when I haven't had good luck finding what I want or selling what I have. I'm not really exactly sure the technical side of auction houses in this game or what the back-end allows, but I'd suggest making auction houses cross-server and introduce the ability to put in buy orders just to start.

    My main point is simply that, inventory is important, more so than I think the average person realizes. Whatever you do, Turbine, I just hope you commit to it. Introducing a solution, only to hide it in the cash shop is a bad idea. The money that the feature gives you will be offset by the people who are frustrated and are never drawn in enough to ever put money in to begin with.

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    Remove trash items from the game !!! convert trash directly into cash held by monsters, Revamp the taskboards to use the new Quest pop up system remote UI thingy for reptable quests content for Free players....

    A sell ALL button on the pending loot screen ?

    Have a separate inventory for crafting items

    have a seperate inventory for third age legendary weapons.

    have a seperate House wardrobe to store houseing items.... placeing items in this house wardrobe will bind any furnatre to account for easy house keeping ?

    change the legendary item rune system and replace it with a "bank" of heritage that can be withdrawn onto an item.

    an option to have quest rewards be turned into coin/ marks / shards

    revamp the wardrobe system please actually make it worth purchasing or useing i have one character with a vault full of clothes !! also make the wardrobe system and shared storage systems more more economical to use for instance a charcter slot is currently priced as of 17/12/13 at 595 TP meaning that i can aquire 120 slots worth of vault space + bagspace before spending any TP. while 10 wardrove space cost you guessed it 595 TP with shared storage 10 slot upgrade costing 595 TP now lets be sensable which one am i going to choose to purchase ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oj009 View Post
    The one thing that annoys me about inventory and bags is when there are no free slots, but you have a quest reward or harvest material or something of that ilk to be added to a current stack in the bags. It won't let you complete the quest or harvest the item unless there is a free slot. You run around to sell/ vault or throw away something to get a free slot only to have the item added to the stack leaving you with a free slot when you didn't need to free it up in the first place. Please can you have items add to a stack within a bag without having to free up unnecessary space.
    ^^^This SOO much!

    Can I leave my slotted LI's in the vault?
    An interface to store sets of gear for different specs that won't take up bags slots.
    Bigger bags don't really solve anything, just delay it.
    I want to vote AGAINST bags for specific types of mats..tailor bag or prospectors bag...unless it can hold other things too.
    Can I craft directly with mats in the vault w/o having to pull them out for each job?

    That's all I can think of right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faengalith View Post
    No, please no. I must disagree with many of the suggestions here, and I don't believe these would enrich the game. Making things "easier" isn't always a good move, especially if something else is sacrificed. You can hear plenty of people complaining about many ways the game has become too easy and it has lost appeal.


    I know everyone wishes things were easier, and stuff like actually going to a vault keeper is a pain, but it's part of the game. Remember what you need to do... plan to make a stop at a certain outpost... plan what you carry like a real adventurer would. If you start to make too many things instant, mechanized and 'easy', you will abandon the Middle Earth experience for a science fiction game, and eventually regret that.
    I can see where you're coming from -- good points. I was actually a little disappointed when they moved away from the manual looting system. That seemed to add a level of realism where you had to stop to pick things up from the mobs. I'll concede the vault interface suggestion for the sake of realism, though it means having to remember which bag I put my gazebo, statues and Shire oak in to bring to my house

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    Inventory / housing combo suggestion - armour set gallery

    I'd like to see reuse of the excellent cosmetic manikin technology in a combo inventory/housing revamp.

    Give us a "gallery" room in our houses, perhaps in an added basement or attic, where we can hang armour sets for display as well as removing them from our inventory.

    Gloimli @ Windfola

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghaniwyn View Post
    A huge quality of life improvement for me would be automatic drawing of items from vault when crafting, no more back and forward to the vault for the onions I forgot to pick up, or the wood I didn't realise I had come without.
    My crafting panel would open and show me all the possible items I can craft from the stocks I have already in my vault.
    Absolutely! I would love this.

    I also agree with a unified stack size. Some items (e.g food and potions) still have small stack sizes which is annoying.
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    1. The One Bag plugin. Combine all our bags into one big bag, or let us view them as one bag or many separate bags. Include auto-sorting.

    2. Crafting item vault. Copy GW2, basically, but have the stack sizes higher.

    3. Craftable bags. I like this about other games. Not only does it add realism, it adds a way to expand bag size in-game, enhancing crafting in general. For the lazy, you can sell the bags directly in the Store, but please let us get them in-game. Have rare larger bags in lotteries, in raid loot (unbound, so they can be put on the AH), and perhaps rewarded from the Epic line, etc. Better yet, have raids reward a rare crafting item that can be turned into an extra large bag, so that the crafting element is not ignored.

    4. Stack sizes need to be looked at. 100 should be the minimum for all stackable items. 500 or even 1000 is much better, especially for those of us who farm for the cook profession.

    5. We need a Sell All Trash Items button, and even a way to sell trash items remotely. Perhaps we can do a quest chain to acquire a whistle to summon a trader.

    6. Housing item storage. I sometimes refuse to accept housing items as rewards, because my house is full. There are no pegs to hang anything on, and no housing storage to store the items either. This would be a good addition with the housing revamp. It could be implemented into a cellar or attic, where everyone stores their junk.

    7. Sell more shared storage and shared wardrobe space. I have money to part with, and nothing to spend it on. Hint hint.

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    I would like to see the Third Age LIs that drop be changed into barter items across the board. This would actually give me a chance to equip a TA because I'd be guaranteed to get a level appropriate/class appropriate item instead of just giving up on them and trashing them for inventory space. This pretty much exists already, but only for Moria. I'd like to see those same barter people either in each major town offering all levels of TAs and relics (perhaps the forge/relic master can get a third job), or specific levels of equipment/relics at barterers in each region.

    I like the idea of a separate bag that only holds potions. I very rarely carry them around because of the inventory space they take up. I'd like it even more if a bag like this would also hold every kind of store-bought potion as well as any other store bought perk item. Making this bag shared across characters on the same server would be even better.

    I also support thewordofzod's idea of streamlining the task items. Have the same several task items drop throughout the entire game but at different tiers, and as you progress they can be upgraded into the next tier item. For instance 5 skins for a task at level 7 could become one tier 2 skin for a task at level 11... This idea is a great one.

    I do not like the idea to make the inventory bags look like the vaults and now the housing storage. Those interfaces take up tons of space, and I often run around the world with my inventory open. I see no reason to change the style, you can search using the magnifying glass so the only option inventories are missing is the ability to list the full names of every item. I believe this is why the vaults take up so much screen space...

    A separate shared vault that holds crafted crafting items would also be a welcome addition.

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    not having to pull items out of the vault when crafting something would be a huge plus in my opinion heck i even extend it to shared storage also

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    For me, I realize that the company has to make money and that they way they are going to do that outside of VIP is from store purchases.

    This could go for a ton of things in the LOTRO store but just a decreased cost for some items in TP would be greatly appreciated. As it stands now, I have only bought Shared Storage I/II I believe and would like to buy more but I can never justify the cost. This same feeling happened when I saw the cost to expand my housing storage. I'm not saying it has to be half off but quit trying to do the 19.99 pricing trick to making me think it's under $20 like Walmart does (IE 595 TP for something). If vault storage and shared storage was 400-450TP I'd actually be spending my TP, unlike now. Waiting around for a sale on a certain item sucks.

    Also, why are you gouging people 100 more TP for the higher end storage? Feels like they should be getting a discount if anything for buying/spending that much. http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Shared_Storage (click show)

    TL;DR, I'd be more than happy to spend $/TP on storage if it was reasonably priced.

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    Wardrobe enhancements:

    1) Add filters to show only items worn (used in one or more cosmetic slots) by each character on an account and to show all items currently not used on any character's cosmetic slots.

    2) Add a pop up (shift-click?) on individual items in the wardrobe showing which characters are 'wearing' that item and in which cosmetic slots in which color.

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    (1) Please consider that having certain items in specific places in bags is critical to ongoing game play.
    (1a) I don't want bags auto-sorted and then have a salve all of a sudden move and be replaced by a Tome of Extraordinary Experience and randomly spend a valuable store-bought item when I meant to remove a wound from a compatriot.
    (1b) Making the bags like a vault would take up a tremendous amount of screen real estate. Please don't do this.
    (1c) Some of us (also see: @andrasy) LIKE the 6 bags, as they are open while we adventure and are in different locations on the screen, not just packed together emulating one big bag. If you're going to re-implement what others can do in plugins (um, why?) then give us options, not requirements that break existing styles of play.

    (2) Account-wide crafting container. Make it so that when we are in range of a crafting station, we can pull from it automatically. Nothing is worse then getting to the forges and then realizing you forgot the "crit bit" and have to make a run back to a distant vault. I'm ok if this is the housing chests, but just having another bag in the vault that I have to pull from misses the point.

    (3) Allow mining and finishing quest items to go into pending loot

    (4) Please do NOT bind or autoconsume any more items that are not currently acting in that way. The separate reputation items for the
    (5) Please carefully consider any limitations to bag contents. I don't want something that is relegated to carrying metal when I'm a Yeoman. Same for things that would only hold potions, or whatever. Don't assume you know my play style - keep things as generic as possible in storage.

    (6) At least correct labels on items that can be turned in for tasks (vs not)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eruecco View Post
    How about the ability to lock/unlock items directly inside your inventory bag, without having an active vendor window open. I often find myself holding on to loot for a task that I've out-leveled, so it's no use for me to keep the stack locked. When I remember it's there, I find it troublesome to look through the locked items in the vendor window to unlock that loot. It'd be easier to unlock directly in my bag.
    To un/lock items in your inventory, simply alt-left-click the item, then hit ctrl-t.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vanya1 View Post
    this is related but not exactly, can we please fix how the reputation items are interacted with. I have broken a mouse clicking all the reputation items I need for a character. perhaps ctrl click so that it uses all the rep items in a stack or something. Talk about carpal tunnel. Please.
    I just temporarily throw the stacks on my main quickbar so that I can just cycle through a few number keys repeatedly to burn through them, but I'd prefer to see those convertable to larger denominations for greater ease of use.

    Quote Originally Posted by Harlinator View Post
    When I complete a quest and turn it in at the NPC, please allow me to 'select NONE' from the list of reward choices. Why are quest rewards forced upon me? Allow me to choose what I want to go into my inventory. And since quest rewards usually don't stack (armor, jewelry, etc.), I find myself deleting these instead of running to a vendor.
    Or just always give us the option for barter currency instead of items.

    Quote Originally Posted by RuralDeliveryRouteGrams View Post
    Add a read-only way to access all a character/account's auto granted (anniversary gifts, pre-purchase rewards, ect) and store / market purchased cosmetics in once place.
    This would even add an extra bit of value to these cosmetics (free storage).
    Perhaps it could be a new pane in the wardrobe window or a new openable storage location in addition to bank, shared, wardrobe. (Owned?
    I love this idea. I find that all these sets and items are a huge pain to manage. For example, every new toon of mine gets:
    Hauberk of the Mithril Guard
    Festive Azure cloak
    Festive Azure Tunic and Trousers
    Festive Azure Party Dress
    Armour of the Eastemnet set
    Armour of the Helminglas set
    Armour of the Westfold set
    Armour of the Eorlingas set
    Cloak of the Helminglas
    Cloak of the Westfold
    Cloak of the Eorlingas
    Hauberk of the Hammerhand
    Armour of the Hammerhand
    Steely Dawn Armour set

    That is, for those keeping count, 38 items per character! And that's just the cosmetics, that doesn't count the items with stats! Ideally I would like the ability to add these to a character-only premium cosmetics wardrobe (one that doesn't cost extra to access). That way I will always have access to them without having to add them to my main wardrobe, which is a LOT OF ITEMS! I don't always use them on every character, but I would like to have that option to add dye colors to them, etc. within a character-only wardrobe. Also, on a separate note, they should ALL be dyeable. Some are not. And the Steely Dawn set is not /reclaim-able, which it should be IMNSHO.

    As for inventory issues in general, here are a few changes I would like to see:

    • More wardrobe space!!! I can't understand why we didn't get any new space with Helm's Deep. I will simply not be satisfied with anything less than 250 slots, but really the more the better. I pay money for these - revenue guys!! Keep in mind that some of us have upwards of 14 toons on one server!!
    • A shared crafting inventory that is accessible from any crafting facility. This is simply a must-have, as far as I am concerned. A massive amount of my storage space on all toons is taken up with crafting items, and some crafters have it worse than others (cooks, anyone?). Alternately, please please please fix the cook. The number of ingredients they need is crazy. And not just ingredients to make items, but ingredients to make ingredients! Gahhh.
    • Similarly, I'd love to see a housing item shed that can be shared between characters, which is accessible when in decorate mode. STACKABLE and dyeable/paintable furniture items, too, please!!
    • Someone mentioned a trading overflow bag - GENIUS. I would love to see that happen.
    • Task items are a NIGHTMARE. We shouldn't have to use plugins to coherently mangage the insane numbers of task items. Please, either greatly reduce the number of items, or else at the very least add the tasks they're usable in to their tooltips. Even just the levels of the tasks they're usable for would be a huge help.
    • IXP runes and reputation items are a chore to deal with. I would love to see these be convertable into higher denominations for easier use.
    • Please, I would love to see a "return to owner" button added to bound items that are in shared storage.
    • I would love to see mark acquisition tomes work the same way that landscape soldier tokens work - so that when you use a mark acquisition tome, it adds to your mark acquisition counter, which you can then make active when you're in a skirm, and deactivate when you're out. Even better would be if we activated it manually, but if it deactivated automatically upon leaving an area/instance where marks are gained.
    • I would love to be able to customize the interface for my inventory a bit. For example, I like multiple bags rather than one big bag, but I would like to be able to choose which bag "loot" goes into, and I'd like to be able to set that to have, say, 45 of my available 90 inventory spaces.
    • I know a person can dream, but I would love a war-steed wardrobe. I would pay money for that. All this character-bound war-steed stuff is annoying as heck. I have 14 toons on Landroval alone, and there's no way I'm spending upwards of a couple thousand TP per toon to have the bare basics of a cool steed (hide, cosmetic or two, dye or two). There has to be some compromise where war-steed cosmetics can be shared, but for a price.

    And another thing I would like to see is a centralized donations box in each major hub, where I can drop items of some value to donate to other players. I do a lot of crafting and so forth, and I do a lot of donating to people through mail, but it would be great to see this formalized in the game somehow. I know it could get spammy really fast, but if you limited it to items of a certain item level and above (i.e. no junk), and you limited the number of times someone can donate per week, it could work.

    EDIT: I forgot the glaring one: Please do something about the outrageous, obscene cost of housing slots. It's just insultingly, stupidly expensive, and shouldn't rely on mithril coins.

    EDIT 2: As I said elsewhere in the forums, I am so sick of the LI system. It's the one system in LotRO that I truly despise. There is nothing legendary about something that drops like candy everywhere in-game, and which becomes junk after a certain time period. Let us have ONE item that levels with us, but which needs extra ingredients (symbols, crests) to be reforged from level 75 up to level 85, or 85 up to level 95, and so forth. One item that is mine and that I can customize to my heart's content. There has to be a way to monetize this without making us dismantle items that are supposedly legendary. A revamp of the LI system would automatically fix a huge percentage of the inventory problems we currently have. Heck, give us the ability to buy a "Scroll of Major Reforge" in the store which gives us the capability to do keep our LI but reforge it into the next tier of LI. I don't know, I'm sure there's got to be a solution that doesn't keep us discarding our LI every 10 levels. With how quickly leveling happens these days, it's just getting absurd.
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    As several has stated - simply adding more inventory space is not the way to go. 2 reasons for that: First - it's really just a band-aid rather than a sollution; Second - I understand from around the time the 6th bag was added that there are server side issues with increasing the amount of stuff we carry with us, since there's more data to transfer when we move across "sub-servers".

    So - the key is decrease the space that is taken up while questing.

    In no particular order:
    • LI's - switch completely to a bartered system
    • IXP-pills - Fewer different sizes please
    • Crafting materials - either a sort of wallet/special bag for it, or at least streamline lower-tier Scholar and Cook. The unified crit items from t7-9 is also a good idea.
    • Always have a currency option for quest rewards, equal to the vendor-value of the most expensive item selectable (or the sum of all items in cases where there are more than one item)
    • Fewer different Task Items
      • On that note - Items that don't have a corresponding task should not say that they do!
    • If possible (there might be technical limitations here) check for existing stack first so if the stackable item I'm picking up already exists in my inventory I don't need an empty slot to pick it up
    • Always draw items from smallest stack

    And the kicker:
    • Unify stack sizes! I came to LOTRO from GW1 - there an item either stacked (to 250) or didn't stack. No other sizes. The exact size is less important (as long as it's at least 100), but not different sizes for different stuff. Some barter items seem to have unlimited stack size, I love this!

    For stuff not really about direct inventory while Questing:
    • No Housing Decorations should be Bound to Characters - make them Bind to Account
    • Overall, more stuff Bind to Account, period.
    • Maybe even make it possible to move Bound-to-Character items around to different characters on the account. No other character than the "owner" can actually use it, but anyone on the account can hold it - Hello Mule Characters
    • Ability to show more items in our houses and yards (I very much hope that's coming in the housing revamp!)
    • More Vault-keepers, do not have an area without one, preferable one vault-keeper for each proper "settlement"
    • A small number of Wardrobe Slots for everyone (I'm pretty sure that would actually drive sales), and of course more for VIP's
    • More storage purchasable for in-game currency, and more reasonable costs for Housing Storage.

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    there are things that take up space and one must always carry.
    Legendary Items for later deconstruction. You might create a space only for them and remove them from the bags.
    Potions. you might make a potion belt for morale, power and the clasic pots (fear, wound, disease, etc)
    You might even make a serape space for class items (like banners for captains, or marbles for burglars).

    In this way you wont necessarily increase bag size, but would have more free space once this "you must always carry this" things are moved somewhere else.

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    Copy GW2.

    To wit:

    1. Craft straight out of your vault
    2. Vault is account shared (so all your alts also can craft out of your vault)
    3. Deposit crafting items to your vault from anywhere (need to visit vault guy to withdraw still)

    These 3 things will save on bag space, save on travel time from crafting station to vault, and save time having to send stuff to alts through mail/shared storage.

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    +1 for LI and craft from vault

    Everything stack larger

    Tokens for LI, LIXP - currency or fewer with larger stack (or make only 1000 XP tokens that stack to 1000 and then drop multiple when you want to reward more than 1000)

    craft at least from personal vault. better is also from shared; best is also from new wallet. (This is getting quite common in MMOs.)

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    Nothing new to add just adding my agreement with many others

    My biggest storage gripes

    1 - reduce number of different task items

    2- Get rid of IXP thingies, make it a wallet resource

    3 - Standardize stack size on at least 100

    Things that would be really nice

    4 - Craftable bigger or extra bags.

    5 - Always use smallest stack first

    6 - Reduce the price for additional vault space

    7 - Give us more wardrobe space or make it much much cheaper

    Please don't

    Introduce weapons racks, or mannequins for armour sets for our houses - I had to trash all my armour sets and lovely pre-LI weapons to make room for all the new clutter so I'd be really upset if you introduced stuff we'd been asking for more than 5 years for now
    Wal's Army on Evernight - Walred (Champ), Walmur (RK), Walbert-2 (Cappy), Walori (Guard), Walrandir (LM), Walora (Warden), Walmo (Burg)

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    I guess I'd like to add one more thing. Since we don't have a system where IXP runes go into a shared pool, I am under the assumption that it is difficult for some reason. Therefore, I'd like to point out that many of the LI and IXP based items in this thread can be handled by one change that (to my naive eye) doesn't create any new game mechanics:

    This can be summed as: use a new legendary currency to recognize and rapidly accelerate existing legendary equivalence.

    Let's create a new "currency" called "Legendary Essence" (LE)
    Put Legendary Essence in the barter wallet (helps inventory!!)

    Things to change:
    a) All world loot that drops IXP runes now drop Legendary Essence at a rate of 500:1 (500 IXP = 1 Legendary Essence)
    Reason: Less Loot/Inventory (and addresses folks that hate the small runes)

    b) Add a barterer that allows us to barter N LE for the appropriate IXP runes (and vice versa)
    Reason: Also saves vault space on the large IXP runes, lets us address those that currently exist, and by going into/out of LE, allows us to "trade up" to larger runes (and thus less times applying to weapons)... all by using existing and well-known game mechanics (barter) without changing the mechanics of how runes are applied to LIs (assuming that is the problem with simply a account-wide pool)

    c) Add a barterer that allows us to barter N LE for (account-bound) sealed relics (of varying tier based on different values of N)
    Reason: Assuming that LE=IXP, this process already exists in the form of leveling up and cracking a LI. The appropriate trade ratio can be calculated very simply by Turbine (who knows the expected relic outputs of each LI)
    Has to be account-bound since the equivalent of leveling up produces account (technically character, but I'm assuming character/account is not material here) bound relics.

    d) Add a barterer that allows us to barter N LE for shards
    Reason: Since shards can purchase a weapon, and since IXP in a weapon yields relics, which can be refined for shards, this is also a well known equivalence. A simple barter allows us to drop the "rune on weapon" and "combine and refine shard" repetitive stress injuries from the process

    e) Add a barterer that allows us to barter N LE for an legendary weapon (of different level based on different values of N)
    Reason: (d) showed IXP/LE->shards, and this just extends that to IXP/LE->shards->weapon (the second half being possible at the relic master today)
    Big debate here is whether the weapon should be account bound (it is in the equivalence I state, but see (f) below. I also don't think it would make anything imbalanced to not have it bound, though I am interested in hearing any concerns on that front.

    f) Replace all world drops of 3rd age items with N LE (of different value of N based on the region and probably based on the values in (e) above)
    Reason: (e) showed LE->weapon, might as well make LE the barter item that is dropped to get weapons, and simplify that too and save some inventory in the process.

    g) Allow a LI legendary scroll + N LE to provide a LI legendary scroll of the next higher level cap
    Reason: If you apply the LI scroll to a sufficiently leveled weapon, level that up to 31, and then crack it, you can get the next level scroll. This just takes out the grind from the process (assuming you don't want to drop the level requirements altogether as has been suggested above)

    Optional Additions:
    h) Allow a barter of N LE for Legendary Shards/Legendary Fragments. They are rather prolific now, but occasionally folks are posting something like "can someone PLEASE send me 5 legendary fragments??" to GLFF...
    Reason: technically, an equivalence exists here as well, though more tenuous because the primary output from leveling/cracking LIs is shards, but none-the-less, it is a reasonable item

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    Here is what I'd like to see:
    1) Beefy bags! More like 80 or even 160 slots!
    2) Make stack sizes at least 1000. Better yet, remove the stack limits altogether. Why put off the problem for later on by doubling or quadrupling an arbitrary limit?
    3) Legacy Items take goo-gobs of bag space after every quest run! Yes, mobs should drop Tokens of the Third Age or some such, which go into one limitless stack instead of a single random Legacy Item.
    4) Move bound regional tokens to the wallet. I have leftover assorted silver and gold cow heads, stars, leaves, twigs, frog legs, and whatall in tiny stacks in tiny bags from armor quests in Lothlorien, Mirkwood, Enedwaith, Dunland, and so on.

    "We know you can never have enough bag space when you’re out adventuring and inventory management and control can almost be its own mini-game at times." - Kate Paiz, Executive Producer, The Lord of the Rings Online
    Thank you so much for acknowledging this, Ms. Paiz, and for taking our suggestions! Personally, I think managing full bags is more like work than play. I've often thought that I have subscribed to a service where can I spend a considerable amount of time 'working' instead of 'playing' this awesome game.

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    I'll go through the types of items that take up a lot of room in my bags.

    Legendary items and accessories.

    These are, by far, the worst. In all my characters over level 60, I have piles of: IXP runes, junk 3rd age weapons and class items to be farmed for legacies, legacy replacement scrolls, and obsolete scrolls of empowerment and delving.

    The best way to fix this mess would be to revamp the Legendary Item system so that none of it is necessary. Barring that, I have a couple suggestions:

    1. Convert the account-bound IXP runes into an account-bound IXP value stored in the player's wallet. Let the player spend these points in any arbitrary amount in the Legendary Item panel at the player's discretion.
    2. Store the player-bound Legacy Replacement Scrolls in the Legendary Item Panel in the same way that Relics are stored. Allow the player to apply these from within the Legendary Item Panel.

    Crafting Items.

    Some sort of crafting wallet with higher storage would help here. Look at what they are doing in Guild Wars 2 for inspiration.


    I have a bunch of Athelas Essences and Celebrant Salves of varying potency. They cannot be combined into the same stack. Perhaps, it could be made possible for crafters to combine a larger number lower-potency potions into a smaller number of higher-potency potions.

    Old Armour Sets.

    I have some old armour sets I have kept for sentimental reasons. Perhaps each under-leveled armour set could be stacked onto a single vault space.
    I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend. ~ Faramir

    Undo the U12 class changes. The trait trees were, are, and will always be a bad idea.
    Maedhric 105 Captain, Nunion 110 Champion, Taraviel 85 Minstrel, etc...


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