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    Improve the wallet system, please.

    1. Allow characters to remove items from the barter wallet.
    2. Add to the barter wallet a crafting one, where critical success items and ingredients can be stored and used without the need to hit the vault first.
    3. Further streamline barter currencies, such that you can convert them to Marks and Medallions and back, as desired.
    4. Adjust stack sizes for common items (50, 100, 200) and fix certain recipes to be stackable, similar to how the single-use ones can be stacked.

    I believe that this would allow the regular inventory to be streamlined for performance and, maybe, allow the schema to be rationalized such that disk space could also be streamlined for performance.
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    Three words: "DESTROY ALL BUTTON!" on the loot window.
    Nothing is more irritating for me then taking a lower level through an instance like The Grand Stair, and getting a bag full of junk!
    (Aside from maybe falling off my mount on land, with no water in sight.)

    After said instance, I get to waste my time destroying 50 items in my loot window, 1 by 1 by 1 by 1 by 1 by 1 (annoying isn't it?).

    I know, you can see it now!! All the tickets exclaiming, "I deleted something I wanted in my loot window!!!!". The same can be said about the single destroy button on it.

    IMO, less junk, less inventory and storage needed! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuralDeliveryRouteGrams View Post
    If you Alt-click (Option-click on the Mac) on an item/stack in one of your bags it will be selected, then CTRL-T will lock/unlock that item/stack.
    Lovely! I never would've guessed this. Thank you!

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    Make all task items the same item and make them scale with the level character you are currently on. This would save a lot of headache in inventories and make it less of an annoyance having a lot of task items you out-leveled or can't use on alts.

    I also think it is worth having a look at a separate crafting vault or inventory bag (perhaps something like the wallet). Crafting materials consume a lot of vault space for certain/all vocations.

    Personally, most of my vault space is used on cosmetic items. If that could somehow be done smarter, that would make life much easier for me and a lot of other people I imagine. Something like a cosmetic wardrobe (where you put the physical item) in housing would be awesome. But it will have to be more than just 60 or 100 slots to make a difference. I currently have something like 700+ cosmetic items on one server for comparison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oaceen View Post
    I would also like less varied task items overall, so there's not so much clutter, but simply being able to make bigger stacks would go a long way
    Less varied and also fewer in number. I have a task limit of 10, and one gaming session typically leaves me with two days' worth of task turn-ins. I'd also like it if task items could stack up to 100 instead of only 50.

    While I do have some storage and inventory issues around jewelry and armour sets, that's a matter of me being a packrat as much as anything else. But the task items are creating a genuine problem that I think can and should be solved on the system end of things.
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    I'd say remove the 6 bags and make it one big bag and you unlock 15 spaces in that one bag instead of just another bag; create an interface similar to how the wallet looks like, where you have different drop downs for different types of items or categories in the bag itself that you can place things into:

    -LI associated stuff
    -crafting mats
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    I requested this on the MEO boards and it was nix'd so I would like to present it again now. I would like to be able to print out what is in my accounts inventory. I don't want a plug-in for this because I would prefer the game to do it. I would like for it is to be an button option on the log in screen so that I can print out the account's inventory on all chars without logging any of the chars into the game. If it could read out in an Xcel form hurrah but I won't go there because I would like this given serious consideration. This would help me, having 3 accounts, to find out which char has what and in what quantity. It would also help me to maintain a decent level of those things I give away at random, like crafted foodstuffs or scrolls. If I had a print out I could plan my crafting days and resource hunting times better and not find out I had forgotten to grow carrots or look for opals. It would be a much better benefit that playing in window mode and filling out an Xcel sheet, which is boring as hell and just gave up on that long ago. Now when somebody asks for something unless it is on the char I am playing on I don't respond. I know that is wrong but I don't want to be logging off and one trying to find what think I have only to get and give them a /t only to have them say "Oh, thanks, but so-n-so gave me 3 stacks." I know I meet more people when I help out in this way, but the search is stems the effort now.

    I understand that there is a small icon for each bag and each bag looks different. So why doesn't the background color for each bag reflect the exterior color? It would be a nice touch if it was not too difficult to achieve.

    Things that we use or get by the thousands should stack to at least 500 please.

    I second the idea that allows crafters make larger bags even though that may not be possible. But would it be possible for each vocation to be able to craft either a family seal emblem or a coat of arms emblem or battle ribbons and then the receiving char could attach it to the bag allowing the bag to make larger stacks of the family of items they represent? This way you could use it as a boon for the crafters and you may be able to revitalize some of those mostly unused items in crafting to make the emblems.


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    - Give us something to merge all XP runes together, a pool of item XP which you can directly use to level up legendary items (or to create an xp rune of your choice that you will then use), or something equivalent to the wallet for coins and tokens. This will free a lot of storage space.
    - Make the Settings, Gems and Runes shared between character. They are shared between characters before being deconstructed from relics, so why are they bound to a character after deconstruction when you see them at the relic master. This would free some storage space because as of now we cannot deconstruct relics if we want to be able to decide later which character will use them.
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    I'd like to second (or third, fourth, etc...) some suggestions posted above:
    - Allow higher stack limits and make more items stackable
    - Use a barter item for third-age LI drops. (If you want to preserve the randomness, could barter for a random LI in a 5-level range specified by the token.)
    - Better management for store-type consumables and LIXPs (which are often very similar and take up a huge portion of my vault/inventory).

    Someone mentioned the carpal tunnel associated with stacks of rep items. There is a partial solution: Alt-click on the stack to select it, and then hit 'u' repeatedly to use the items. Slightly easier than mashing the mouse button.
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    Perhaps a shortcut way to move items between storage spaces? e.g. Shift + Right Click item moves an item(s) from the bag into another storage space e.g. Trade Window, Vault, Shared Vault, etc. If you wanted to make it more advanced then something like Shift + Scroll Wheel over the item(s) to move 1 item at a time or Shift + Middle Mouse to move a stack, along with Ctrl + Shift + Right Click to move all items of the same category e.g. task items / crafting items which may involve ensuring the correct item categories are used / refined.

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    Bigger stacks!

    LIXP pills need a completely new system:
    The XP value should be added to an account wide stack
    In your LI panel there should be an LIXP pill icon.
    When you click on it you can type in a target level for your LI.
    It will pop up a warning like:
    This will consume 23,859 stored LIXP! (You currently have 5,846,274 stored LIXP) click yes or cancel

    Special bags with infinite space but can only hold a certain kind of item:
    Consumable item bag
    Task Item Bag (if not, then Less variety of task items would be good)
    Non-equipped LI bag (but switching to a barter based system would be better)
    Equipable item bag (slotted LI's would go here)
    Crafting bag (If not, then at least Cooks should get a special Pantry - I wouldn't want this craft to be dumbed down)
    If we had these kinds of bags then it would be ok to combine the rest of our normal bags into one big interface, otherwise we need a way to separate items, and to be able to keep only some open in combat. If we had to keep a giant interface open during combat that would be annoying.
    It would be nice if the size and shapes of our regular bags could be changed

    Display cases in our houses to contain items that are obsolete but were epic when we worked hard to get them. Items like first age LI's; Draig cloaks; Barter armour sets; etc.

    The ability to re-aquire non-sellable versions of past quest rewards. I currently hold on to a lot of equipment I would probably never use, Just In Case I might need it someday. I could get rid of these if I knew I could always get them back.

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    Add a read-only way to access all a character/account's auto granted (anniversary gifts, pre-purchase rewards, ect) and store / market purchased cosmetics in once place.

    This would even add an extra bit of value to these cosmetics (free storage).

    Perhaps it could be a new pane in the wardrobe window or a new openable storage location in addition to bank, shared, wardrobe. (Owned?

  13. A lot of bag space could be saved with the implementation of a new kind of wallet for crafting mats since they take up the majority of most crafter's bags.

    I've also long wanted a separate storage system for clothing, the wardrobe is good for sharing with alts and customising but it still means you have to keep the items in case you remove them from the wardrobe and all that.
    Maybe a wardrobe upgrade to keep cosmetics in.
    As a cosmetic collector with a whole kinhouse full of cosmetics this could be a huge help.
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    When I complete a quest and turn it in at the NPC, please allow me to 'select NONE' from the list of reward choices. Why are quest rewards forced upon me? Allow me to choose what I want to go into my inventory. And since quest rewards usually don't stack (armor, jewelry, etc.), I find myself deleting these instead of running to a vendor.
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    Sometimes less is more

    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    “We think it’s time to take a new look at inventory in LOTRO and see where we can make improvements. Please share any thoughts you have on what works or what doesn’t work for you regarding inventory here.” - Kate Paiz, Executive Producer, The Lord of the Rings Online
    I think that the real issue is the number of different vendor trash drops from mobs. Do we really need 12-20 different drops per level area? Instead of more bag space or bigger stacks or more storage, how about some type of token system that could be used. Something nice and simple like a coin of each realm/area...that goes into your wallet.

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    Thumbs up

    Ingredient Bags like other MMO's as used for spell components and Craft materials. They hold so much and fit in the other bags or placed in the bank vault. DDO and Ever Quest has it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorwynn View Post
    Bigger stacks!

    LIXP pills need a completely new system:
    The XP value should be added to an account wide stack
    I like this idea, an ixp bank for LI. It goes into what I really want, a more unified currency.

    Unified Currency:
    Target: item exp runes space, extra LI space, relics space.
    Bonus: LI revamp.

    Instead of dropping 3rd age LIs everywhere why not make mobs drop shards instead.
    The landscape token and other things should be converted if possible to shard values. Just on my alt I have 16 different types of currency, most likely never to be used again.

    We have coins Coppers, silver and gold.
    We also have Marks, medallions and seals.
    We should have Shards, Legendary shards, and legendary fragments. They should also be account wide and in the wallet.

    All these being shared account wide, and the new bank for item xp currency can lead to an easier revamp of the LI interface to be personally crafted at the forge.
    Combine those types of currency into whatever cost and that should clean up the wallet, and free up a lot of inventory space.
    Just increase cost of currency for more personalization.

    I go to my Ixp bank to grab enough for level 10, then so many shards plus other currency to purchase the legacies I want. It might cost 2 or 3 times as much but at least we can finally customize a weapon and stop being random, even more so with random trash will, morale regen, agi on my champ 2h sword.

    relics aren't that big a problem but instead of winning them could had out shards more of them equally to people in instances. And add an option to craft relics with shards only instead of required a tier 9 and 5k shards for a relic of your choice. Maybe up the price but it should be an option.
    Another good idea by Leonydoc - "Make the Settings, Gems and Runes shared between character"
    I agree, after they have been crafted this would cut down the overwhelming grind it has become.

    Other currency would include fest tokens, commedations and Mithril Coins. well fest token could use work too.

    Rep items:
    I sort of love/hate them. Nicer than task cuz you can buy them but take up so much room and clicking 100 at a time, ugh maybe stacks of 100s.
    I'd like to see them worked in with task in higher lvl areas or just have tasks removed. This item xp bank for LI idea could be applied to rep items.
    Instead of so many of them just one per faction that acts as the bank. A npc that lets you cash out for rep or for something to put up on auction.
    Maybe add rep to kills in the region. Instance/Dungeon only? Its a passive way to do it and a more fun way to grind it.

    Having rep items and kill rep would maybe eliminate task, seeing as you wont need 20 types of trash money drops if you use for turn ins. = more inventory space/clean and smooth
    You could change task to those mini bosses like the esteldin quest for the item xp. They trigger when someone shows up with the proper task so they don't wander around messing with other questers.

    Now all i have left are 2 bags of crafting items 1bag store bought items, 1 bag potions class items and maybe alternate weapon/classitem. and maybe a Li scroll or related drops. 5th bag could have rep banks, and then all the new gear thats dropping fills the 6th
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    Task items but especially **Taskless** task items

    I will always have space issues. but the most senselessly annoying thing for me is task items without tasks. (BTW, item level in HD tooltip was useful for task items.)
    Remove them from game is first choice, 2nd is rename them so they don't have task in the name/tooltip, 3rd is an auto-sell button on vendors.

    Anything you could do on task items would be greatly appreciated. Managing my slots for ore or farming seems more satisfying than fighting the slot monster for task items. Since I am an untreated altoholic I tend to save task items for the next alt.

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    Give us specific slots for an aleternate weapon set, so we can easily switch between S&B and 2H weapons (and possibly the ranged slot) but completely forbid any items from changing slots while in combat).

    Part of the stream lining for the inventory also needsto occur witb the crafting system, as the older tiers should take a lot of the ideas of rhe newer tiers and implement them retroactively. This will help reduce some of the inventory clutter, and also give the older crafting tiers some much needed TLC
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    It's been mentioned before, but not that I could find in this thread-give us an option on quest rewards to just take the coin value of the best item otherwise on the list. This would cut down on the space used a bit.

    I would like a crafting wallet accessible account wide. This would probably have to be a purchase separate from the barter wallet, and there would probably need to be some way of extracting stuff from the wallet so it can be put on the auction house (I always have a few extra bits from a tier that other people can make use of). However, I think my shared storage would go largely unused as a result.

    I would like the same thing for task items, but I'm not sure it's feasible at this point, as it would only be useful if it only collected those that can be turned in for tasks somewhere (and told me where as I'm likely to forget). This would also need an extraction feature as, at some point, you've turned in enough task items.

    Regarding other suggestions in this thread, I'm not sure I want to replace the bag interface with another vault. When I interact with the vault, I tend to keep shared open on top, to my left, with the character vault just wide enough so I can see the tabs to drag things onto, and then my bags (well 5 of them) against the right side of the screen. I guess I'd figure something out if the interface was changed, I'm just pretty comfortable with where it is at the moment. I'm not sure that much would be gained by giving the inventory a vault interface unless there were some way to automate how drops get assigned to the tabs. Also on the bigger bags, I seem to recall being told repeatedly that it wasn't possible to get any more space, but if it were possible, I think it's more likely we'd get a seventh and eighth bag (in the store) than +5 slots to the existing six. And yes, I would totally buy those.

    Edti: After reading Ansury's post, another idea strikes me. How about an account wide reputation wallet? There are currently rep items that give 700, 30, and 50 rep, mobs that give 1-10 rep (no item), and a wide variety of rep rewards from quests (and 300 a pop from most tasks). Convert all these awards to two sizes (700 and 30, i guess), so that a quest giving 1200 rep instead gives one 700 and sixteen 30 items, and a mob giving 6 rep instead has a 6/30 chance of dropping a 30 item, and slap the items in the wallet. If you need that rep, then immediately consume it. If the character is already at max rep, then the items sit in the wallet for another alt to use, like the items currently sit in my vault. With a little more work, convert to a system of 1000 and 10 rep items (in the wallet, 100 10 rep items could then be counted instead as a 1000, the same way coin is treated). To use on other characters, I propose a couple buttons on the rep screen for each non-maxed faction: Add 700 (or 1000) and Add 30 (or 10). Again some folk will want a way to extract items from the wallet to put on the auction house. While I would prefer to use multiples of 10, I consider sticking with the current values because some faction will barter the 30s for stuff.
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    I can talk about bags and space for Hours....

    Temporary bag is a perfect thought wich helps a lot but in the end its only temporary...
    there are al ot of problems and let me explain.
    1)craft Items...
    Wel there is a huge problem there... Relic crests, Crafted items, stacks of ingots... and other item... and then what you create... for sure something must be done there.. either a special warehouse or bigger stacks for certain... like at 500
    2) Bound, Bound to account And where each allowed to go. You have to rethink what items must have those titles and restictions.
    3)House Decoration.... and especially bound type.. No reason to be bound there... and there must be at the house an inventory.. especially for all these items... we cant have a half warehouse with house deco...
    4) Cosmetics.... the same with 3.
    5) Warehouses, shared storage and stuff... I dont know how many people use it but i am not particulary fond to pay for space in this game... I still havent got the 6th bag...If it works for you ok, but if not revisit that thought maybe?
    6) Expand warehouses with in game currency!!

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    I'd like to see two changes to vaults,

    1. crafting stack sizes increased to 500.

    2. A new turbine policy of 80+ new wardrobe slots each year. (purchasable is fine). I have characters who have 80+ cosmetic items from dunland/great river in their vault because wardrobe is so tiny and I won't be questing there anymore.
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    More Wallets: NPC-crafting and task

    NPC-crafting: Similar to the currency wallet, have things sold in unlimited quantity by NPCs show up as entries in my wallet rather than items. It would be great if there were large crafting bags. But managing my ilex wood feels like much more compelling gameplay than managing my scoops of lard and pinches of spice. So a wallet would let the minutia be stored outside the inventory system.

    task wallet:
    store task items FOR WHICH THERE IS A TASK IN GAME in a wallet. Although I guess there would need to be a way to convert them to currency. But a single vendor in Bree could sell bags of silvers for them.

    Free is always good. Or free to VP. But an account wide 995 like currency would be fine. And 995 TP one-time, account wide with it being 300-500 for VIPs would seem a reasonable compromise.

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    1.Homogenize stack sizes.

    It's a major pain in the behind when you have items that stack differently.

    Rep items, craft mats, etc stack to 100
    Food, task items, etc. stack to 50
    Some items you'd think would stack don't, such as loot boxes.

    2. Put a monetary reward on quest rewards, equal to the most expensive item available. If you have a choice between a light (2S), medium (3S) and heavy helm (4S), the heavy helm will always be worth more so I'll pick it to sell later. Offer 4S, for that example, as a quest reward.

    3. Nip LI drops in the butt. LIs take up so much space. Drop barter items such as Khuzdul tablets to use at LI barterers. Being able to make LI EXP runes a wallet item would be nice. Perhaps remove those items entirely or change their usage to add to a "currency" like Destiny Points.

    4. Stop putting the higher tier recipes in two scroll cases. One per profession is enough.
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    I don't think the problem is as much space as it is clutter. Timing on effect, Name and Binding to player or account sometimes seems pretty arbitrary, often creating many versions of what essentially is the same thing. For example, I probably have five different versions of scrolls that add a 5% buff to out of combat run speed, and at least just as many different stacks of Restoration Potions and other minor buff potions and scrolls. We have too many types of items that do the same thing all taking up too many inventory slots. So much of the clutter could be reduced if we simplified the type of items used for these purposes. It seems to me that all of the various buff items in the game could just be food for buffs and potions for restorative purposes, all selected from the crafted items and all freely tradeable. If my Lore-Master never ate his blueberry muffins and wants to give them away to a random stranger, a lower level kinmate or an alt, binding doesn't stand in the way. This is not the case with the bound lower level Battle Pots of Restoration and assorted buff scrolls he received in starter gift boxes and never used. Because of binding, many of those just clutter up the bank until they become vendor trash.

    As far as that goes, I suggest you look critically at the gifts you give to us. It's very nice of you guys to give new players seemingly never-ending boxes in boxes of presents, and of course it is the thought that counts, but if you are truly concerned with storage space, maybe you could only give out class and level appropriate starter gifts and hobbit presents people can actually use. Instead of being the well meaning aunt that always sends the same flannel shirts for Christmas, maybe just be the well meaning uncle that sends a gift card, awarding some sort of barter token instead. You can limit the number of times any particular gift can be bartered for if you want, but please stop binding every little thing on acquire.

    Which brings me to my last point. I think the most bang for your development buck will come from re-evaluating binding. I suggest that if you do away with it altogether, the world will not actually end, but if you only removed it everywhere you comfortably could it would have a very positive effect on the economy in the game. I understand binding exists to take gold out of the game, which is important, but it is an unrealistic mechanism that also removes immersion. There is no reason an adventurer in Middle Earth wouldn't be able to sell an item found on the battlefield, though it is also unrealistic that she could severely damage her armor over and over in battle and have it repaired to tip top shape infinitely. All players eventually end up at cap with a ton of essentially useless gold sitting around, so does it really matter if people sell more stuff on the AH?

    After suggesting things I believe you should change, I'd like to offer a method by which you could go about affecting these changes. Think like a hobbit or an elf or someone that lives inside the game. To my first point, it is unrealistic to receive stat bonuses from consumable tomes or scrolls, though believable to get those sort of benefits from food or potions. It is similarly more immersive to replace old, worn out gear that can no longer be repaired, though I'd appreciate it if i could still equip the other wise unusable armor pieces cosmetically. It doesn't make sense for a random NPC on the side of a road to reward an adventuring Minstrel with a Warden's Shield, but what if instead the Mini was given a token to be exchanged for an appropriate gift at the NPC's uncle's junk shop back in town, or some rep followed by something nice sent in the mail later? I understand Turbine's need to control the game economy, but we players want an imminently believable game experience. I believe its also true that players want a thriving economy and that Turbine's developers have paid a lot of attention to the details that make for a wonderfully immersive game world. We can and should have both.

    The question was about inventory and vault space. I believe you guys can solve the problem by eliminating clutter by condensing item types, reducing the flow of trash items, getting rid of binding and re-imagining your economic controls, all with an eye on a richer and more immersive game experience.


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