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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    “We think it’s time to take a new look at inventory in LOTRO and see where we can make improvements. Please share any thoughts you have on what works or what doesn’t work for you regarding inventory here.” - Kate Paiz, Executive Producer, The Lord of the Rings Online
    like what kind of improvements? lol bc i would love to have more space for f2p

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    How about the ability to lock/unlock items directly inside your inventory bag, without having an active vendor window open. I often find myself holding on to loot for a task that I've out-leveled, so it's no use for me to keep the stack locked. When I remember it's there, I find it troublesome to look through the locked items in the vendor window to unlock that loot. It'd be easier to unlock directly in my bag.

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    I think a separate shared vault for crafting materials would be a great idea (I always thought an account-wide shared crafting material warehouse would be cool). Then when one character picks up something that another one can use it can just get dropped into the shared crafting vault rather than having to mail it to the one who needs it, who would then have to pick it up from the mail and go put it in the vault.

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    I'll go with bigger stacks, especially for crafting ingredients.

    Also, it would be nice if items that do the exact same thing, but come from different sources, could be stacked. I would even be OK with having the option to bind unbound items if they could stack together. Annoying winding up with multiple stacks of say, run speed scrolls, that all do the same thing for the same amount of time, but since they came from different sources, and are bound different, now take up 3 or 4 bag spaces while only having a few items in the stack.

    LI drops are a huge burden on bags. Lets be honest, The vast majority of LI types probably don't even get used. How many captains out there are really using daggers, as an example? I'd rather LIs be converted to some kind of Third Age fragment, similar to how we have Symbols of Celebrimbor and Ancient Kings, have one for the Third Age that a NPC can craft into a LI the player actually wants, or converted straight to relics like the LIs can be now.

    The new overflow bag is a huge help, but it doesn't take quest rewards, it would be nice if that could be addressed as well, or at least it allows us to toss junk in there. Or maybe trash/task loot can just always go into that bag for us to get later.

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    I think that items should be able to be unstackable. stacks should be made larger for some items but when trading you dont always want to give all 100 light hides that you have for a measly 20 bronze ingots, being able to unstack them so you can choose how many to give would make the trading system alot smoother and easier to use.

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    Add separate containers within the bags as in Baldurs Gate. Potion bag, scroll case, food bag, to name 3 off the top of my head. Those 3 alone would free up a lot of space!
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    - Allow the same items with different attibutes to stack (ie, the same stuff but one from hobbit presents, others from lootboxes, others from store etc.). In case you want to stack non-bound items with bound items, make the complete stack bound (but provide a warning message).
    - Allow quest rewards etc. of stackable items to stack immediately when you acquire it (it's so stupid if you have 20 tokens from something and a quest awards 3 tokens, and your bags are full that you need to make a free space, even though it can just be added to that stack).
    - Allow slotted LIs to be put in the vault.\
    - Increase stack sizes.
    - Stop spamming the pending loot with non-stacking quest-awarding items.

    And more general, allow bag windows and also lots of other windows to be re-sizable. A lot of stuff takes up a huge part of the screen for no good reason.
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    Please don't monetise this for VIPs

    In principle, this is a good idea, and the producer's letter was very encouraging. However, the moment I saw this, I was worried that while Turbine would increase the space available for use, they would also lock this behind a payment, like has been done with the trait lines, and making us pay for the 3rd setup. So essentially, I think this is a good idea, and extra space is always good, but please don't reduce the free space (for VIPs) that we already have by hiding it behind a TP payment, and for those premium/f2p people who've bought bags, make sure that you let them keep the same amount of storage space.
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    this is related but not exactly, can we please fix how the reputation items are interacted with. I have broken a mouse clicking all the reputation items I need for a character. perhaps ctrl click so that it uses all the rep items in a stack or something. Talk about carpal tunnel. Please.

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    1) 3rd Age LI Drops: These are the number one thing that fill up my bags. I like the suggestion made above to use a barter system, like the Rusted Dwarf Tools from Moria, in place of 3rd Age drops.

    2) Arbitrary Stack Size Limits: Increase the stack size limits or at least standardize them at 100 for most things.

    3) IXP Pills: Let me combine my small IXP pills into bigger ones!

    4) Store/Non-Store items: Items that are otherwise identical (even in binding type) do not stack with items bought from the store. For example, Scrolls of Extraordinary Experience from Hobbit Presents (Bound to Account) do not stack with that same item from the store (Bound to Account, Bought from Store). Why not allow them to stack?

    5) Near-Duplicate Items: We have +25% Mark Acquisition Tomes of 30, 45, 60, and 90 minute duration from various sources. Do we need that much variety in +25% Mark Acquisition Tomes? We have a couple of different items that give +25% IXP boosts (again of different duration), and a couple of different Item-Wear Reduction items. That is just off the top of my head. How to improve? - Manage the item lists. Make one, and only one, Mark Tome, one IXP Boost Tome, etc.

    6) Interface: It seems to me one logical direction would be to make the interface similar to that of the vault and housing chest. This would be fine, but it appears that the cost of making the interface change to the housing chest was a MASSIVE boost in capacity cost. "Double-plus un-good".

    7) Slotted, but unequipped LI's: Is there a compelling reason for these to show up in your inventory bags at all once they are slotted? That is, once they are slotted, as long as you can do everything you need to do with them from the LI interface, why should they stay in your bags?
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    Some great ideas here and I'm not going to argue with any.

    It's not just improving the management that is the issue, the creation of items needs to be addressed. We've had mention of too many different types of task item loot but let's look at quests too. I just did a quest in Rohan that ended with me carrying (I think) 8 letters, each taking a slot. Surely that wasn't necessary? Let the quest developers have a good hard think before creating quest items that sit in our bags.
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    Here is a list of things I would do.

    1. Allow all items to stack to 100.
    2. Right now I have items that are the same (scrolls of max morale and power, etc.) that are not bound, bound to account, bound to account purchased from store. As a result, I have three of the same item taking up space. Change all of these to bound to account so they can be stacked.
    3. The shear number of relic variations that drop are ridiculous. Change all of the relic drops to two variations of tier relic; fused, and non-fused. Right now I have 8 versions of tier 5 (non-fused) relics in my shared storage.
    4. Minimize variations of IXP runes. 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 250K, 500K, 750K, 1M. (8) Allow to stack to 100.

    On a side note, I applaud the crafting changes as it cleared up some vault space. That being said, I would really like to see the scholar and cook cleaned up in the same way. Cook has WAAAAY too many variations. I use probably 3-4X as much space on my cooks for storage than any other crafting.

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    The way to sell items could really be improved, I usually know what I want to sell and where it is in my bags, but I have to look for them in the strangely sorted sell window. Maybe simply right-clicking on my inventory while a vendor is open, or drag and dropping items on the vendor window.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eruecco View Post
    How about the ability to lock/unlock items directly inside your inventory bag, without having an active vendor window open. I often find myself holding on to loot for a task that I've out-leveled, so it's no use for me to keep the stack locked. When I remember it's there, I find it troublesome to look through the locked items in the vendor window to unlock that loot. It'd be easier to unlock directly in my bag.
    If you Alt-click (Option-click on the Mac) on an item/stack in one of your bags it will be selected, then CTRL-T will lock/unlock that item/stack.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrjiggles View Post
    I think that items should be able to be unstackable. stacks should be made larger for some items but when trading you dont always want to give all 100 light hides that you have for a measly 20 bronze ingots, being able to unstack them so you can choose how many to give would make the trading system alot smoother and easier to use.
    I you hold down the SHIFT key while dragging a stack of items to a new location (bank, trade window, open slot in your bag, ect) when you release the mouse button you will be presented with a popup dialog allowing you to select how much of the stack to move there.

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    Some ideas:

    - Separate inventory for crafting items.
    This worked great for Warhammer that also had the standard MMO lack of storage space.
    - As before mentioned, the number of TA LI drops is way over the top.
    Separate "Wallet" for it or something. Or make it barter drops only.
    - Crafted bags sounds excellent. Bags for tailors, chests for woodworkers.
    - Ability to mail more than 1 item.
    This would help a lot on the management bit and passing crafting mats between chars.

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    1. I think the biggest help would be to convert the bag system to the same interface as the vault and storage space. A single window with the ability to view all or view custom categories. Extra bag space could be purchased through the store just as we currently purchase extra bags, but it opens up the possibility of more than six bags worth. It would let us have our full inventory on screen (with scrolling) rather than cluttering our screen with multiple small windows. The custom categories would allow us to keep things organized like we do with our individual bags.

    2. Bigger stacks, or at least a uniform stack size. It makes no sense to me why some items can stack in 5s and others in 100s.

    3. I've been trying to work on tasks, and it annoys me that I can't tell if an item is task related or not if I have more than 10 of the item. I have to hunt through the task list in the quest log to see if it appears so that I know whether I can unlock it and sell it.

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    Most of the suggestions were written there, but one really obtrusive thing when low on space in bags - the new item arriving into bags which fits some already present stack now needs an extra empty space in bags, then it is immediately stacked. It should be added directly into respective stack instead, without any additional space requirement.
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    Bigger bags, larger stacks, and LI management tweaks

    Thank you for tackling this issue! My suggestions:

    - Now that LI XP Runes are shared account-wide, it's time to take the final step and reduce them to an account-based currency (like gold, LI shards, marks, medallions, etc.). Doing so would free up a massive amount of shared vault space for many players and vastly simplify LI management. As an interim measure, consider a mechanic to consolidate existing XP Runes into fewer denominations which stack to 100: 5K, 10K, 50K, 250K, & 500K.
    - Consider reverting to the Moria-style barter system for LIs. Doing so would eliminate the inventory-crushing flow of unidentified (and class inappropriate) LIs acquired while questing.
    - As has already been stated, consider increasing stack sizes wherever possible.
    - Consider an increase to bag sizes, perhaps also incorporating crafted bags/bag expansions as suggested.

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    Given the music system and the popularity of it and speaking as a member of one of the bands in LOTRO, I'd love to see a separate storage system for musical instrument. Running to and from the vault between adventuring and playing music can become a problem if you forget to do it.

    I also would prefer slotted legendary items not to use up inventory space. I understand that this means you have to use a different interface to switch weapons, but if you have all legendary item slots opened up, that's 2/3 of an entire inventory bag!

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    More space is always a good thing...but especially for houses. I'm carrying more in my bags than I can store in my house.

    Would be nice if legendary relics (created from deconstructing weapons or forging), are put in the wallet for all your characters to use (unless slotted, of course).

    Ability to mail more than one item to a toon.

    Overflow bag for trading...pain to get that 'not enough space' when trying to trade items.

    Ability to get more vault space with money vs turbine points.

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    I understand the need to keep the character inventory limited in both number and size of stacks, but I'd still like to see stack sizes increased and more inventory slots (aka. bigger bags).

    A change I'd like to see would be to have much larger stack sizes for vaults. I'd even go so far as to "eliminate" vault stack sizes (i.e. if the count is stored in a 16 bit number, 65535 is the vault stack size).

    A way to combine / split IXP runes and other similar items would save space. Could IXP be converted to an (account-wide?) currency?

    I don't think a separate crafting materials vault is necessary as there is shared storage and housing storage that can be shared across an account (and beyond). Just make each of these storage spaces larger, perhaps with a reduction in the cost per upgrade.

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    Please allow us to remove items from the Barter Wallet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andracy View Post

    What I would want to have is:

    - bags for vocations. Cook is what worries me. Currently my cook have almost all 6 bags full just to be able to craft the guild symbol for each tier and some lousy relics.
    I'll second that. Bags for crafting/profession/vocation. Doesn't matter to me which way it's split or if at all but having something just for this would be immensely helpful.

    I imagine something like the shared wallet for all characters on a server from which you can extract, pack into a crate so to say, the amount of items you choose (maybe even for a small silver fee). THis way we'd still be able to share and trade crafting items but we don't need the vault space or bag space to keep all the crafting/crafted items. Put into this crafting wallet all the resources and processed items.
    Finished product as with the cook of course need to stay out of the crafting bag because we need to use em.

    My biggest problem crafters are also my cook and my scholar.

    Also a IXP Rune bag would be useful...those take up huge amounts of space in any vault.
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    Here are the issues that I can currently think of for bag/inventory/vault/shared storage

    Stack Sizes
    Increase the stack sizes on everything to 100.

    Trash/Task Items
    One of the things that eats up a lot of our bag space are the wide variety of trash/task items that exist. Something that would be great is to consolidate these items even more than they have been. Make it so each mob type has 1 classification of trash/task items that it will drop.
    Insects - Filth
    Animals - Skin
    Humanoids - Weapon
    Dead - Piles
    From these then make up one type of reward for each task tier that will drop from the appropriate level mobs.
    All other trash items should be condensed into two items.

    Bound to Account Items
    As it stands there are different versions of Bound to Account items for things like potions/buffs/boosts/etc. We have Hobbit Present items, Store bought items and one other I cannot think of. Each of these is considered unique and will not stack with the other. It would be of great help if they would all be altered to stack together so you don't have Stack X from presents, Stack Y from Store and they are really the exact same item but are now eating up 2 inventory/bag/vault/shared storage spaces.

    Crafting Items
    Another of the largest space eaters are crafting resources. These all eat up a ton of space. You have your Crit and normal resource for Wood, Ore, Scholar. Then you have Hides and the crit items for Farming and Cooking. That is 9 bag spots per tier of crafting, 10 if you count the shard/sigil/flake/crest and as we all know those first few levels in a new zone have their drops mixed together so that makes for level ranges like 85 to 87ish 20 bag spots that are now being claimed. This isn't even touching the nightmare that is farming/cooking for bag space
    It would be very nice to have a crafting exclusive pack that would hold our crafting resources until it is full and only then transition over into normal bag space.

    IXP Runes
    Some ability to take these to a Relic Master to merge them together into higher quantity runes. This would save people a lot of space.

    LI Legacy Scrolls

    Scrolls of the same maximum application level and legacy should be allowed to stack together.

    Leveling/Slotted LIs
    It would be nice to have an LI bag/belt/satchel where our leveling LIs could sit and not eat up 4 to 7 inventory slots

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    I'd like to see the bag system from DDO ported over - a collectibles/tasks bag, a crafting bag being the two biggies.

    I'd like to see larger stack sizes.

    I'd like to see task items actually correctly flagged. Every item says it 'may' be turned in for tasks - I'd like to see those updated so only the ones that are actually tasks items are marked - then I can sell the other ones without having to check the task boards on every item.

    I'd like more wardrobe space


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