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Well, I'll post some suggestions that most at this point may not remember like the random attacks by Amarthiel, as well as the server-wide Ring-Lore event(I know the bounder's thing was kinda like that) or the random attacks on Trestlebridge by GM controlled Orcs way back when. Anything that could make the game more dynamic, OR give the players on a server something to work towards. Random spawns, or Random Bounties could be very cool. Given what I saw the GM's do in HD Beta, it's not a matter of programming code, etc, but maybe a matter of player interest to have a couple GM's attack Aughaire or someplace.

Not to be negative though, this thread will probably be mostly "more ponies more dresses more fluff"
Why let the GM's have all the fun? You could do more of this kind of thing by recruiting "normal" players to play a limited number of creeps.

Thinking out loud here:

A limited number of creep session play slots are available per region.
The level of the creep matches the level of the mobs in that region, but the creep may be "signature".
A player signs on as a creep and visits an NPC in Gramsfoot (ring over head if slots are available).
Player selects an open session play slot and becomes a level-appropriate creep in the selected region of the world.
Alternatively, the player could take over control of an existing NPC mob in the area.

The idea is to inject some intelligence and creativity without drastically altering the character of the area.

The plus side is the surprises and ingenuity of a few player controlled creeps.

The down sides are the work it would take to implement this and some players don't like PVP.