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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyaha View Post
    Please stop handing out ridiculous exp rewards for festival quests.
    My lvl 89 loremaster just handed in a single quest and was awarded >23k exp + LI exp (causing a levelup there).

    This is far too high!

    I personally would prefer that festivals are festivals and do not mingle with your character development at all. They should only be funny to do.

    I agree...

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    Probably something along the lines of a grand hunt. Considering how many hunting quests there are in LOTRO it could fit in with lore. The kings of Rohan also hunted wild animals.

    Hunt creatures of nature in a for drops (like barter tokens during the anniversary event). Drops across Middle-Earth.Quests in different locations such as esteldin, adso's camp, thrasi's lodge, thorenhad, forochel, hrimbarg, dolven-view, lorien, mirk-eaves, galrev, camp saeradan (?), forlaw, or harwick. Warband-like packs of wolves, wargs, lynxes, and bears could be spawned, as well as herds of moose, aurochs, mammoths, and elk could be spawned to make quick events in an area to make the event more interesting. Supply larders, provide warm clothes for the cold, kill threatening creatures for quest ideas. It would be a nice way to get people to explore middle-earth and see the good landscape as well as level up in different regions and not have to go out of their way to a town for a festival. Baterables such as meat, hides, trophies, etc. could be traded for rewards. Updated taxidermists will accept rare barterables to make decorations specific to festival. Increases chances for taxidermy barter drops in certain instances ( e.g. little turtle-shell from filikul). Could also run supplies. Rewards would be things like a furniture (glow-fly candlestand , drakeling mobile , meat rack) , unique food items (Rohirric boar bacon, Fried avanc tail), and cosmetics (Winter-tusk fur coat, drake-helm).

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    How about you fix the fact that Inn League and Ale Association badges cannot be bartered for Yule Festival tokens?

    This was broken when you implemented Festival Tokens as the singular festival currency, or were going to, and then never did, and that was what, two years ago now? and still broken?

    Yeah. How about you fix what you broke before you add anything new? I realize you can't charge mithril coins for fixing what you broke, but it'd be a good way of pretending that it isn't all about the money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyaha View Post
    Please stop handing out ridiculous exp rewards for festival quests.
    My lvl 89 loremaster just handed in a single quest and was awarded >23k exp + LI exp (causing a levelup there).

    This is far too high!

    I personally would prefer that festivals are festivals and do not mingle with your character development at all. They should only be funny to do.
    I disagree with this. I like the fact that I don't lose character advancement any more by participating in festivals. Cut the xp? Ok, I can go for that. None whatsoever? I'll end up skipping the fests like I used to before they added character experience.
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    New Fests

    I am trying to think in more festival to do, it's kinda hard you know. Maybe something like vacations or thanks giving... or the Royal Festival, with cosmetics like for kings and queens and about the old festivals, add more new items every year... that would be nice

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    Most of what others have said I agree with.

    Most of all, festivals should be fun with minimal grind. Agreed we should put in a bit of effort to get the rewards, but they still need to be fairly achievable. Single tokens would go part-way towards that perhaps, as well as reducing the size of the gated deeds for the Frostbluff barter items.

    The return of dresses, please, please, please. I realise that robes are easier since both males and females wear them, but the lack of dresses was a real disappointment this year. The tunics could do with a revamp too, I'm not keen on the 3/4 pants look (on tall folk at least).

    More dances for each of the races. Men have a 3rd one, which is rep gated, but would be great if we could have more for each other races.

    More seasonal circlets, like holly for the yule and Autumn leaves for Autumn. The Harvest-brew circlet is great, but wish it was dyeable!

    The Spooky Bat gear, while I essentially liked it, didn't really live up to being 'spooky' (unless you count sitting on a bat while wearing the robe!). A bat-type mask would have been awesome. Some Autumn-fest spooky masks would be great, more than the goblin and bucket-head we already have.

    Complete sets of housing items for each season, such as the welcome mats, walls, perhaps even floors.

    The look of steeds could do with a change of direction too. As many others have said, enough with the blankets, or at least provide an option. Would be cool if we could get past fest steeds as warsteed gear (I guess that's even less likely than for rep steeds).

    As for festivals in general, I think any new ones need to be short term ones (2-5 days), and it would be great if there was one for each of the races. Hobbits have Bilbo (& Frodo's) birthday, could perhaps count the Treasure Hunt for Dwarves (though Durin's Day would be great), there's also been good suggestions for Elves. The Summer fest needs something special too, perhaps swimming races as one or two others have suggested (similar to the horse races). Would also be great to have a cycle of the fests getting future revamps, like there seemed to be in the past. That would help keep it fresh for those of us who have been doing them for a number of years now, but also give some time for new people or alts to get rewards and titles etc. One fest a year that has some new stuff (after they all get a little bit of new stuff next year, Summer being the main one hopefully) I think would be a good way to go.
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    Additional new quests each year for the existing festivals. Particularly good are new mechanics. Fancy like Frostbluff Theater or a little simpler like the eating contest, both are good. The chicken-egg game at Sanderson's was a nice one, too. Shrew-stomping.
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    Halloween night

    My earlier post about letting creeps out on Halloween got some people saying they would like that and people saying they wouldn't

    how about this

    On Halloween night from 8-12 (or something idk) creeps are let out ect ect like i said before but every freep from that time is upscaled to 95? that way it would still be a a scare but not a zerg fest

    just ideas to add to my earlier post

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormshadowking View Post
    My earlier post about letting creeps out on Halloween got some people saying they would like that and people saying they wouldn't

    how about this

    On Halloween night from 8-12 (or something idk) creeps are let out ect ect like i said before but every freep from that time is upscaled to 95? that way it would still be a a scare but not a zerg fest

    just ideas to add to my earlier post
    Apart form the fact it would make no sense in game? (I believe this was mentioned earlier) With nothing to gain from it, what is the point? (No XP, Infamy etc.) it would just be a mindless exercise.

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    My 87 Mini got nearly 32k for accepting and completing the 'get the map for the festival put into your bag' quest.

    Why is this?.. its a festival... and I literally did nothing but push two buttons for it while standing in Galtrev.
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    I'd like to see a Wild Hunt added to the Yule festival. To those who are not familiar with it, the Wild Hunt was a mythological event associated often with Yule in Northern Europe where at night Odin/other god etc would be seen at night hunting on his horse with a number of other riders and dogs sweeping though the forest. There were lots of different versions of this myth depending on the place, including ones where the Hunt's dogs were hell hounds that sweeped hapless people who were out at night off to hell. The Hunt is typified by being preceded by the howling of the dogs.

    This website explains the myth better and far more eloquently than I: http://bit.ly/19g7qaw

    My idea for LOTRO's Wild Hunt could be that at night, in-game during December, the Wild Hunt can pop up anywhere in Middle-earth. Instead of Odin, the hunt could be lead by Oromë (or someone who looks like him if rights do not allow) who is hunting perhaps a huge fast moving elite that runs across the map as fast as a warsteed. The Hunt would have mist around it making it look more ethereal and it could start snowing when it appears. Players can join in the hunt on their warsteeds and help take down the huge evil beast. If it is too difficult to add warsteed abilities in older areas this could just spawn in Rohan.

    There could be a version of this that only spawns in the Ettenmoors that is instead lead by one of Sauron's Lieutenants, with hounds (hellhound looking) that kill anyone in their path. The creeps could join this hunt and their objective would be to take out as many freeps as they can. The freeps would have to group up and try to take the hunt down.

    All players would get tokens for taking part which could be exchanged for cool cosmetics.

    A gift exchange event would be nice too. Perhaps tokens could drop at Yule like they do at the Anniversary Festival, but the difference being, you can not spend them on yourself or alts - you have to use them to purchase gifts for other players/kinmates.

    During Harvest Festival/Halloween it would be good if special ghost warbands could appear randomly at night and drop special ghooly and ghastly items in their boxes. During this festival we could also have some new quests in the Barrow Downs. Perhaps a hapless group of Hobbits get captured whilst on a ghost tour and we have to rescue them. They could be in any of the barrows which would be random each time.

    During Spring Festival we could have an event where we have to collect seeds from across Middle-earth and then plant them in the shire. If enough seeds are planted based on the entire server, in summer a beautiful flower display blooms and perhaps a new tree begins to grow. The tree would grow steadily with each season and there could be specific quests to help nurture it that enough people on the server would need to perform for the tree to continue growing.

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    What about some kind of festival on Tolkein's birthday? Could say it's a festival for the first king of Men or something. I dunno. :P But why not have a festival for the man who created the world we all love?
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    I would quite like a zone similar to Frostbluff in Yule for every season event e.g spring,summer and autumn.

    I would also like festivals to expand into higher areas such as Rivendell,Rohan,Dunland,Lorien ,North Downs,Evendim,Forochel etc

    Perhaps also warsteed cosmetics of older festival steeds?
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    Festival ideas

    So many good ideas and it is clear that like housing, some people like festivals, some people do not. I really like them for the respite from questing. For my own part I would ask...
    * Don't add more, enrich what we have; don't extend duration, it's right-sized.
    * Do add new areas for festivals (like Winterhome). Gladden fields for Spring? Belfalas in southern Gondor for summer? Create new places
    * For the 2 festivals that did create new places (winterhome, haunted burrow), expand them in size.
    * Make it a rule to always add a new quest type or two while dropping a few others. Too static and I've seen that same play too many times!
    * What a great idea to think of more group-based events like the theatre and my personal favorite...clubbing.

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    Consolidate all past festival tokens
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    I used to really enjoy festivals- they were a nice, fun break from my normal gameplay. However, I have stopped bothering now. Why?

    1) Too much grind. I have to grind for just about everything at level cap already- I want the festivals to be fun, not just ANOTHER grind. The Yule deeds last year were the final straw. Needing to grind a ridiculous number of quests for a festival reward was terrible, and it was made worse by the fact that after having done the quests quite a bit the year before, no credit was given for the past completions.

    2) TP/Mithril Coin corruption. Designing new events in a way that practically forces you to spend TP/MC is aggravating, especially since everything in game is being monetized. I don't want a hard sell environment at something that is supposed to be fun and festive.

    3) Lackluster rewards. How one feels about the look of the horses and cosmetics is certainly subjective, but I feel the past few batches have been a bit lackluster. Beyond cosmetics and horses, there is very little to entice me to join the festivities despite #'s 1 and 2. Star Trek Online's Winter and Summer Festivals offered SHIPS as the big festival draw (on top of special foods, cosmetics, pets and snowball weapons). They could be acquired by doing one specific quest per day for the bulk of the festival period. And the ships were really good ships for gameplay as well- not just a shiny vanity item that was useless in real gameplay.

    4) Special Events within the festivals. You kind of did this with the Theater in Frostbluff, but it could be expanded more. In Q's Winter Wonderland over in STO, periodically an army of snowmen invade the festival area, requiring players to work together to stop it with snowballs and special weapons earned from the festival. You can also team up with other players to defend a gingerbread man colony from a snowmen attack. Its fun, festive, and a wildly Q-like experience. LOTRO doesn't have Q to really go crazy with festival stuff, but would it be so terrible for the fall festival to have a special team-based thematic PVP battleground to pit a team of freeps vs a team of creeps? Or have a PVP foodfight between teams of freeps? Or a PVE event were people have to work together to for a bit- like having the Sackville-Bagginses decide they want to ruin the festival and they send some hobbits to steal food from the party area and the players need to slap them or chuck apples at them to drive them off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    “We’ll continue to develop our festivals, new and old, and add more events for you to participate in throughout the year. If there are any festivals or events you’d really like to see us build, please let us know!” – Kate Paiz, Executive Producer, The Lord of the Rings Online
    Add a scavenger hunt that takes place in the area's player housing neighborhood. A list of clues could indicate the address where something needs to be put down or picked up. The reward for the scavenger hunt should always be housing related or perhaps -- as a second option to give players a choice if they don't want the housing item -- festival tokens.
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    Something in the housing areas

    Im thinking something in the housing areas when it hits festival times. Youd think in the middle of a celebratory festival the hobbits etc would be there celebrating - instead its....dead. In fact what ever is there a point in the housing area aside occasionally looking at your house, and using the storage.

    Have on where you have to run around the neighbourhood. Maybe deliver gifts to your neighbours, or race around. You know actually see around the place, have a reason to go there, and so something - see something happening there....

    Also def do something with resources you already have - the tag game being one, its so out the way im sure half the population dont even know about it, have it smack bang in the middle of the festival, there would be lots playing. Bring back hobnanigans! And probably some more use of the chickens.

    Er... Hide n seek in bree, a npc sends you on a hunt for another that spawns somewhere random.
    Races that are actually races, I remember when you had horse racing against other players - dont have to force people to but it would be an added bonus to be able to do that if you so wished, even more so that we have the slowdown areas now.

    How about one akin to the horse quest with the session play at the farm (the one with ordering Riders of Rohan - an epic one avoiding mud pits) or the dwarf/hobbit races but one where you can actually join in, eating the wrong thing slows you down/speeds you up.

    Im sure we could have something similar to the bounders tokens mechanic - but something smaller like building the biggest cake/party, everyone contributes. Time limit = length of festival, something good for all if completed.

    Dont drop quests, just add 1 or 2 more a year, oh and whats up with the elf festival area, is it ever actually used apart from 1 festival? And i know ive been dissapointed going to thorins hall hoping for something like the clubbing to find it empty. The only thing being able to do is the miniscule amount of things in the pub downstairs. (dance,geode and ale I think was all that was there, wasnt worth leaving the shire)

    And more beer related ones, beer is always good.

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    Don't you guys think that people in Middle Earth should focus more on DEFENDING rather than celebrating the rise of Sauron? There are too many festivals already and I'd like to see more important improvements in the game, and addition of EXPLORATION instead of pure old-fashioned running in circles to deliver beer for lazy Dwarves or Hobbits!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BosDragon View Post
    Don't you guys think that people in Middle Earth should focus more on DEFENDING rather than celebrating the rise of Sauron? There are too many festivals already and I'd like to see more important improvements in the game, and addition of EXPLORATION instead of pure old-fashioned running in circles to deliver beer for lazy Dwarves or Hobbits!
    Which festival celebrates the rise of Sauron?

    One could argue that the festivals are what we're defending. The 'normal' people and their way of life include festivals, and Sauron would take that away.

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    I think it would be a great idea to make a Trade Fair (for example in Bree) where players of different professions(for the most part) or just players that can offer something special will be able to open there little wooden store. And there also could be a special ability (like the 'calling buyers' and 'yells' to make a feeling of fuss and business). But there is an auction hall some of you may say but what do you think about the real feeling of skilful crafting and trading in Middle-Earth. It is kind of roleplay event when all players can easily sell off different items they've made or found at good price (because it is difficult to compare prices in such fuss) and may be win some exlusive recipes in festival's competitions (why there isn't a toymaker profession or such recipes for jeweler, tailor, woodworker or scholar) (there should be some unusual recipes, may be even useless). And so there could be some things like apple- or mushroom-collecting to make a feeling of prepairings to the Trade Fair.
    I think the event should come to Middle-Earth when the snow starts melting. It will be the symbol of re-borning of nature. So it is.

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    experience gains & graveyards

    I am currently running all my avatars with the stone of the tortoise having levelled up far to quickly due to earning experience points at festivals (the 1 month double up pre HD did not help), I have level 30 characters that are only just completing the quests in the Northern Barrow Down's. Could the amount of experience awarded be reduced? Or is the idea to get us all levelled up quicker so that we need to buy the expansions!

    What about a day of the dead as part of halloween. The old graveyard outside Bree would be an ideal location, quests could revolve around finding candles/ flowers to lay on gravestones, cleaning old moss of head stones, replacing the old gate, tracing down a particular grave from the register at the town hall etc. The area does exist and after 10 months of play I haven't seen it used for anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BosDragon View Post
    Don't you guys think that people in Middle Earth should focus more on DEFENDING rather than celebrating the rise of Sauron? There are too many festivals already and I'd like to see more important improvements in the game, and addition of EXPLORATION instead of pure old-fashioned running in circles to deliver beer for lazy Dwarves or Hobbits!
    I was trying to be sarcastic there. I'm a bit tired of festivals and celebrations in Middle-Earth especially because as Rohan is now under full attack and people in Middle-Earth should focus more on war and less on celebrations because celebrations aren't going to help the Free-Peoples to defend against Sauron.

    My comment is hiding a deeper message. We need more focus on game mechanics development and more focus on improving the game instead of adding more pointless festivals to LOTRO.

  24. My take is that Turbine is already working on other improvements to the game, and that a call for suggestions re festivals/events is separate from that. The festivals/events are a valuable part of the game; it doesn't necessarily need to be expanded, but it could definitely be improved.

    To that end, please put in a new play for the G.L.O.B.E. theater each year. Keep the same three parts (villain, etc.), same rewards/titles, but PLEASE make it a different play each time. Once you have a few of them, then you could alternate them by the week to add variety.

    I like the above suggestion re a Wild Hunt. A warsteed version for Eastern Rohan and a regular-steed version for lower-level areas would be nice. There are already rare/elites around the lower-level areas, and warbands in Rohan -- just bring in Orome and grab players for the ride (allowing option to pass/opt-out just like the appearance of warbands in the regular game). But do add some intense atmospherics for it -- thunderstorm in Rohan, blizzard in snowy areas, etc.

    Every time I visit the theater in Frostbluff ... every time I go backstage ... I want a theater like that for players to use in the regular game! Layered/Instanced/Whatever so that the audience is in one place, and the performers are on the stage -- and the griefers cannot come up on stage during the show. The backstage layout in Frostbluff is great -- with NPCs and little rooms etc. I want that for musical performances in-game. Have one in the Shire, Thorins, Celondim/Duillond, and a big one in Bree, each with their own decorative style. Once the bugs/dynamics are worked out, add one in Rivendell, Moria, Lothlorien, and Edoras. Perhaps have some decorating options that players can choose from (furniture options for the stage, like decorating a house), and some wardrobe and held-item options also (can copy them to a special outfit slot, which disappears when you leave the theater), and a bard with musical instruments if you need them. Perhaps have a generic performance put on by NPCs whenever a player-group isn't using it. The kicker is to figure out how to arrange usage -- how to allow reservations in advance, without allowing one person to grab all the sign-ups. Perhaps allow one signup per account per week? Have a merit/demerit system? Perhaps allow kins to signup based on size/longevity/something? There has to be a way to make it work; the Frostbluff Theater is already most of the way there.
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    There have already been some fantastic responses in this thread.

    I agree that we've seen enough blankets on horses for a while. I pick those horses up for the sake of completion, but wouldn't be caught riding one.

    Please remove the mithril coin unlock for quest refresh and put it back on a timer of 1 hr or even 30 min. Why penalize someone who is truly enjoying your festival? Let them have as much fun as they'd like; it will only populate the festival and make it seem more enticing for other festival goers. Wouldn't it be great if people hung around Winterhome long enough that the snowball fights were actually of good size? If you really need to monetize festivals, you could put all of the reward behind MC as an option for those who don't want to quest to earn them.

    I'm fine with the current system where only this year and last year's mounts are available for barter. Long past steeds available for TP is ok, but I'd prefer it mean something to have been at the past event. If you are going to sell past steeds in the store, make the war steed cosmetic for it and either port it to those characters with the base steed or offer it at a discounted rate if you have the base steed skill.

    Please unify all festival tokens. This was supposed to be accomplished long ago.

    Beyond that, I agree with everything below:

    Quote Originally Posted by PKCrichton View Post
    Here are some thoughts for festival additions and alterations.

    Trick/Festival Skills and Items
    One general idea for all festival that have 'skill items' like the Anniversary Fireworks, Tomato or Pedal items take these and turn them into festival skills.
    For all the trick deed items make these all Bound to Account please. This way if for instance you finish the deed on one char and have another who needs the items you can send it over to them to use.

    If it is possible for Housing to have an environmental season theme added to the exterior of our houses it would be great to have one for each major season.
    Stop making housing items or cosmetic bind. These are fluff items we should be able to move them around, lend them out as we want instead of having them bound to a specific character.

    Expand each Festival to a different Region of the Map
    Use Festival horses to send players to instanced versions of Rivendell, Caras Galadhon, Snowbourn, Edoras at different festivals. Each would be fitted to a specific festival and theme. Snowbourn would be perfect for Farmer's Fair or Harvestmath. Rivendell would be good for Harvestmath. Caras Galadhon fits good for Spring or Summer and has its own vineyard for wine.


    Fil Gasha gave us this great armor disguise that many of us love. It would be really great to have a couple more housing items like this. One for a Cargul disguise for example would be great! Another option would be the dream state coloring as a temporary effect from Tomb of the Forsaken.

    Make the White Skeleton Steed quest/deed bound to account so that if you obtained it on 1. a char who already has it or 2. a char you don't want it on you can send it to the character you really want it on

    New Quest Ideas
    Leaf Jumping
    So its fall the leaves are falling so why not gather up a bunch of leaves and then either have us or children npcs jumping in them.

    Yule Festival
    Snowball fights are one of the most enjoyable aspects of this festival it would be nice to have these quests put back to their original timer allowing them to be redone any time the festival is up.
    Similarly it would be very nice to have a 'pile of snow' yard item that would let you pick up snowballs for use in housing zones for snowball fights.

    New Quest Ideas
    Toys for the Tots
    Get the quest from one of the people working on the wood. You have to go out and gather some wood from the forest areas. Then you have to craft toys out of the wood. It could work like the spears in Galtrev quest. Then you run around town handing them out to new children npcs placed around town.

    A Giving Spirit

    You convince one of the wealthy members of town to donate food or cloths to the less fortunate in town. You then either gather food or clothing and hand them out to the phased beggar npcs.

    Snowball Fighting Kids

    Add some Children to the Snowball Fighting Field. Add a new quest similar to Brigand Bashing and the Tag game in Langhold and Harwick. This time you are simply throwing snowballs at the children.

    A New Play

    Add another play to the theater making it so the plays alternate between one another. Exactly what the plot would be I'm not sure... maybe something around Frodo's leaving the Shire using the mysterious Black Rider who was looking for Baggins/Shire.

    Freeze Tag

    Why not bring the Freeze Tag game that exists by the Bree festival grounds and add a new section for use over in Winter Home?

    Ice Fishing
    WIldermore dailies introduced ice fishing into the game. Why not reuse this mechanic. It coudl be done with or without a mount.

    Spring Festival
    Add a Tag game into the Hedge Maze.

    Anniversary Festival
    Bring back and fix Game of Hobnanigan for the Anniversary

    Summer Festival
    New Quest Ideas
    Over Heated
    Why not have a quest where different npcs are over heated and need to be cooled off. Put in a couple different methods for cooling them off. Fanning them with big fans or getting them a drink like lemonade or dousing them with a bucket of water.

    Water Races
    Its summer and 'hot' out so why not use the lakes and rivers to our advantage and put in some swimming races.

    Farmer's Fair
    This festival currently feels very solid to me. Not sure what else I would add to it.

    Treasure Hunt Event
    The only real changes I would make here as follows.
    Make the mounts obtained from chests Bound to Account so you can trade them to alts.
    Put in a barter npc to trade the chest obtained mounts so if you got the Treasure Goat but want the Caveclaw Horse/Pony you can exchange them.

    Rohan Daily Style Quests
    With the Rohan and the Hytbold Dailies we've seen a number of new mechanics come into the game that would translate very well to game festivals. Here are a few ideas based on things I've seen in the game.

    Brigand Bashing
    We already have this in the form of the Ale Hall Arena when it comes to player verse player but a player verse npc version would be a nice change of pace and make it so you can always take part in the game regardless of however many people are online.

    We've had the freeze tag arena in existence forever and people use it sporadically but with the Hytbold Dailies we have the game of tag changing the children around Harwick. This mechanic could translate very well to an area like Frostbluffs. You're given a task to catch the rowdy kids or something like that.

    Burning the Banners
    With one of the Cliving dailies we got introduced this mechanic of throwing javelins/spears at banners as we ride up to them. This I think is something everyone would enjoy a lot if added to something like the Spring or Summer festivals. If the mechanic requires a war-steed then maybe there could be a special arena with a game steed similar to how we use special mounts for the festival horse races.

    Similar to the banners javelin quest maybe it would be possible to have a jousting arena setup like the center of the Harwick Horse Stables where you either go against an npc or a player depending on how well it would work out.

    Climbing the Beacon
    Ok a lot of people don't like this quest as they tend to over move as they are jumping up. That said a lot of people in the game have always liked to challenge ourselves and the game environment by seeing what we can reach. We used to do this by climbing up to the top of the Bree Auction House before the on ramp to that was removed. People have since continued to test the bounds of each environment. So why not use this challenge to the games advantage and build it into an event location for peoples option of taking part in it?

    Resupplying the Lines
    Ok so a carrying quest isn't exactly fun but the the running the ropes and dodging the craban actually is something I liked with this quest. It could translate well to fun games similar to us walking the bullroarer's fence.


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