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    Following my awesome post about Halloween night *hint hint check it out above* the freeze tag game is one of the funniest things I've done with a raid of 24. If that could be moved closer to Bree so more people would know it's there would be cool

    Just learned about it like a year ago and been here like 5. So yeah so more people would know about it not many people do

    Also what about seasons through at every zone not just mountains but in real life winter it would snow and build up on houses in Bree.

    Another thing maybe snowball fights are super fun at Yule but no point except hit somebody x amount of times like I think they should be 0cd but like a 2 second induction so people could hide behind a tree/house if somebody is aiming to throw one. And maybe don't make it just at festivals have snow piles in towns when it's winter in real life that you can collect an maybe max 5 at a time and you can go around town hitting people. And maybe an affect would be placed on you maybe if you get hit you get knocked down for 1 second or something with a 1 minute immunity or something afterword.

    So yeah a 2 second induction with 0cd and like. 1 second animation so after they get knocked down they can have time to hide somewhere before you get them again or something I don't know.

    Also some more minor games added to festivals would be cool like freeze tag

    I would love any of these to happen especially the Ettenmoors one above
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