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    Unhappy Attachments, How do I change posting permissions

    I've been trying to upload some images into the cosmetics forum. All I see when I option for a new post is the simple text editor screen. The list of permissions at the end says I'm not allowed to post attachments. Tried doing it as a cut & paste into the text box, but that didn't work.

    Cn anyone tell me how to chage the permissions setting (I'm subscribed to the forum I'm trying to upload/reply to).
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    Unless it has changed, no members are permitted to attach files to their posts. I assume you wanted to show some pictures of cosmetics? Your only option would be to upload to a 3rd party site (flickr or photobucket, for example) and then post the image over here.
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    Depends on which game I'm in :)
    The only ones that can change the forum permissions would be the forum Administrators (those with administrative privileges). Think Sapience or higher. They have the permissions set as they are with good reason. They are not going to be changed without good reason, either.

    What you need to do is upload your images to an image-hosting website and then link to it. Click on the IMG in the IMG code is On in the Posting Permissions section below to find out how to use the tag.
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