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    Celebration of Life for Kerrisa!

    It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I am announcing the passing of one of our own, Kerrisa Dakini. Minstrel and Muffin extraordinaire!

    For those that knew Kerrisa, she was always full of life, laughter, and love. She enjoyed nothing more than going out to the moors to blow up creeps and have a blast with her Tater family which she lead with passion for 2 awesome years.

    In memory, I would like to hold a celebration of Life for Kerrisa on Saturday December 21st at 6pm PST.

    The celebration will be held in the Ettenmoors and we will meet at the base of the GV stairs. We will make our way to the cows to blow them up in her name and follow up with fireworks and pipe smoking and some words from friends. Freeps and creeps alike are encouraged to join the celebration. Please remember to be respectful in our time of memorial.

    I would like to dedicate this post in keeping her memory alive, please shareyour screen shots and fun stories here!

    Gone but never forgotten, we love you Muffin!!!

    <3 Elainos

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    Our little love muffin. Godspeed.

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    To all who really knew Kerrisa this is a unbelievable loss and to the rest it is just tragic they will not get to know this woman. I hope she is finally free of her pain and can be at peace. You will truelly be missed and our heart and prayers for those who pray will be with your family. Love you Kerrisa!!

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    Thats such a loss to our community and a sad time for her friends and family. Thoughts and condolences for Kerrisa's family and friends.
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    I didn't really know Kerrisa, we only ever fought in the moors, I never got the chance to speak to her.

    It saddens me deeply though, to know shes gone, and I'll certainly be attending her memorial.

    - Kittysniper/Neotoxic

    P.S. This song just happened to come on Pandora while I read this post, I thought it was quite fitting and beautiful.

    "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." -George Carlin

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    Cool Meeting In West Bree

    It has come to my attention as I was almost certain it would, that some creeps are planning on ganking our Celebration for Kerrisa on Saturday Dec 21st.
    There are also others who would like to join us who are not able to enter the moors due to lack of membership.

    In light of this we will be moving our meeting spot to west bree at 6pm pst. We will make our way through the town instead with 2 stops along the way. There will be fireworks and pipeweed for everyone to join in the celebration however, if you have any Fireworks to donate please bring them along to pass around.

    After our Celebration of Life in Bree, we will head out to the moors and commence blowing up creeps in Kerrisa's memory!!!


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    I'm actually not going to be able to make it, as I'm going out of town on the 20th now.

    Send extra love for me Min, or maybe project one of those force-ghost thingies from episode 6.

    "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." -George Carlin

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    She is gone but will never be forgotten, you will be missed Kerissa!
    Xcelion / Nucleus (Firefoot Server)
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    In memory of a fellow gamer, a friend, and an all around amazing person!

    This was so amazing to be a part of, the community really came together like nothing I've seen before on Firefoot! A HUGE shout out to everyone who came out and made this Celebration for Kerrisa a memory many of us will cherish forever. To Grooviana, Vorrtex, Avalea and Gwawl who spent hours with me tirelessly to perfect our tribute band the Purple Muffins! To Xcelion who captured the entire Celebration in bree. Everyone who helped to hand out fireworks and pipeweed and anyone I might have forgotten!!! THANK YOU Was a hell of a party Honorable mention to the creeps as well that stayed out in the moors even though their numbers were severely crippled to ours. You were great and she woulda f****n LOVED it! Rock on firefoot...FOR THE MUFFIN!!!!



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