Dear Turbine,

I'm not upset at you guys for going back on your promise to keep Epic free. I get it. But I am a little disappointed and here's why:

~ I subscribed for over a year and I paid for current and prior expansions (for two people, not just me), during which time the Epic quests (at least the ones I participated in) went from following the fellowship in some cool and interesting way, to that whole huge Nora thing that didn't really have anything to do with the books, the fellowship, the major characters in the game (okay, peripherally sometimes Galadriel would make a brief appearance, or Gandalf) etc. So, while Epic was free, I was VIP and playing Epic quests that weren't really Epic, in terms of being germane to the LOTR story.

~ Now I'm not VIP, and opted out of HD, and first thing Turbine does is try to make me pay for Epic. Now, many of the major characters from the story are involved in the Epic part of the HD expansion. Great!

~ I loved this game because I could always come to LOTRO and feel like I was part of the story (whether I paid, or not) even if the Epic was just filler Epic. I kept thinking just right around the corner the story will bring me back to why I'm dealing with Nora and her friends and tie it in to the actual LOTR story. Here and there it did that, but I was tired of waiting for Epics to be Epic again...

Now that HD is out, I was tempted to resub and buy the expansion, but I'm 95 now and when I go exploring the new lands all I see are mobs with COINS ON THEIR HEADS. Now I kill them simply because they should not have COINS on their heads! I can't even get inside Edoras and SEE Grima and Theoden, etc. What game am I playing again? Even DDO isn't this generic....

I have to wonder, are you guys actually TRYING to make me feel left out? Punish me for not buying the expansion? I still could you know, but I fail to see why I would want to. To feel like I'm a part of the story again?? Forget it. With my luck, I'd sub up and buy up HD and the next Epic will be about the bunnies and the bees. I'll just stick with the free thing, thanks

Synniseth, of Crickhollow

PS. I understand why you guys felt it was necessary to make us pay for Epic, just pointing out one of the side effects is all...

PPS. Speaking of bunnies, can I PLEASE get a new pet someday that is super cool like a mini Smaug or Draigoch type dragon? Mini-Shelob?? Or an Orc? Or a little Gollum type twisted hobbit? That I would gladly pay for. We practically have mastered the art of nuclear fusion, so why can't us LMs be a little bad is all I'm sayin