Last night a few brave souls went out to the Ettenmoors to give it one last look before the patch. What we saw was just deplorable. I could clearly see from our past months absence you guys have put on a tremendous amount of excess weight. I had no idea OP ment Overweight Players. I'd really like to help you guys in shedding some of that excess weight. So if you'd like some assistance be sure to meet me just outside of GV for my crash course diet. The cost of the course is free of charge, alls I ask is that you follow her into GV for the 1st assessment of your new diet. We will not discriminate all are welcome be it Orc, Beast or Uruk. So if you see Nymp flipping one of your Outposts or Keeps please know its for your own good in helping you to loose some of that offending weight. Anyway just doing what I can to help you guys on your road to recovery.

Yours Truly